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How to convert visitors to customers on Faire

August 12, 2022 | Published by Faire

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In our continued effort to help our community of global brands achieve success, we’ve been offering advice on how to increase sales and grow your wholesale network. Recently, we detailed five tips for increasing your brand’s visibility and getting discovered on Faire. Today, we’re providing insights on improving your conversion rate and increasing product sell-through.

Increasing the number of visitors to your shop page that ultimately make a purchase is not only good for your brand’s success overall, but also can help determine your product ranking. One of the key factors that contribute to your ranking on the Faire marketplace is your brand performance, which includes your conversion rate. Therefore, when you increase your conversion rate, you’re also increasing your ranking on Faire. 

Many of the factors that can help you increase your brand’s visibility—like paying attention to product descriptions and names and keeping your catalog up-to-date—are also good practices for converting visitors to customers. Here, we’ll go into more detail on additional practices you can implement to convert visitors to customers on Faire, including: 

Optimize your shop for conversion 

Paying close attention to your product names, descriptions, and imagery are good practices for converting visitors to customers. By offering thorough product descriptions and high-resolution imagery, you’ll allow retailers to get a better sense of what they can expect when they buy from your brand, making it more likely they’ll make a purchase. 

There are a few additional pieces of your shop page you’ll want to pay attention to when trying to convert visitors to customers on Faire. 

Brand story

Oftentimes, a potential buyer won’t see your brand story until they’ve already decided to click through to your page. This means that your brand story can be used as another tool to further demonstrate why they should buy from your brand. 

Once on your shop page, your brand story is one of the first opportunities to make a further impression on a retailer. This is a great place to share more about what sets you and your products apart. It should cover basic information like your location, year established, social media links, and brand values. You may also include publications you’ve been featured in and images or videos that show how your products are made. Your brand story is a powerful tool for demonstrating what makes your brand unique and for capturing a buyer’s attention.

Brand story by Faire brand Tea Drops


Short videos can add a layer of depth and color to your shop page. You can use videos to take retailers behind the scenes of how your product is made, demonstrate how your products work, talk about your founding story, or illustrate how retailers can display your products in their stores. These extra details can give potential customers the confidence and security they need to make their first purchase from your brand.  

Videos from Mixology (top) and Slow North

To learn more about creating compelling videos and adding them to your shop page, visit our help center article.

Run promotions

Promotions are a great way to increase conversion by encouraging retailers who’ve visited your shop in the past to follow through on a purchase. On Faire, you can offer shop-wide promotions or product-specific promotions. There are several types of shop-wide promotions to consider:

  • An individual promotion offers a single promotion for all retailers, like 5% off orders over $300.
  • A multiple benefit promotion that offers a price or percentage discount and free shipping at the time, such as 5% off and free shipping on orders over $300.
  • A tiered promotion that offers different levels of promotions when certain price points are reached by the retailer. For example: 5% off orders over $300, 10% orders over $400, or 15% off orders over $500 + free shipping.

Store-wide promotions can encourage retailers to make a larger purchase or finally try new productsIt’s important to note that you can only have one active shop-wide promotion running at a time. 

You can also run product-specific promotions. This type of promotion is great for giving more visibility to seasonal products, driving traffic to products you’re having trouble selling, or clearing out old inventory.

If you have a large number of visitors to your page but a low conversion rate, try promotions to encourage those visitors to follow through on a purchase. 

Finally, consider running promotions during Faire’s dedicated virtual trade show events like Faire Summer Market or Faire Fashion Week, where Faire will match brand promotions to help you offer the best deals to customers.

For more information on offering and setting promotions, visit our help center article.

Send segmented emails 

Sending dedicated emails to segmented groups of your customers can help you increase your conversion rate on Faire. For example, you can offer a nudge to potential new retailers by sending an email to a list of customers who are in your contacts but have never placed an order. The Customer’s tab in your brand portal allows you to create your own custom email lists using a variety of filters. 

To increase your conversion rate, try creating custom email lists of customers, such as:

  • Customers who’ve never placed an order
  • Customers who have products in their cart but haven’t checked out
  • Customers with unused Faire Direct Credit. 

You can also curate a smaller group of retailers who you feel would be a perfect fit for your products and create targeted email campaigns to send them. We suggest sending between 3-5 email campaigns a month to different segments of your Customer’s tab. 

Visit our help center article to learn how to create custom email lists. 

Email contacts who’ve never placed an order

To create an email list of contacts who’ve never placed an order, filter your customers by “Last Ordered” and select “Never.” Once you’ve created a new email list from this group, you can craft your email campaign.

This email is an opportunity to highlight any new products or collections you may have added recently, emphasize your unique brand story or brand values, or communicate any promotions you may be running. This can also be a good place to include snippets from positive customer reviews, more details about the products you offer, and any additional photos.

Email retailers with your products in their cart

To create an email list of contacts who’ve abandoned items in their cart, filter your customers by “Amount in Cart,” select “Greater Than,” then type in “0”. Emails to this group of customers can be short and sweet and say something like “get these products before they’re gone!” This is also a good place to highlight any promotions you may be running. 

Email customers with unused Faire Direct Credit

To create an email list of contacts who have unused Faire Direct credit, filter customers by “Faire Direct Credit,” select “Greater Than,” and type in “0”. If this email list is small enough, consider sending individual, personalized emails to each retailer to let them know exactly how much credit they have left.

German brand JOJO Geschenke has seen a direct lift in new sales from this very segmentation strategy. Specifically, the brand has seen success by targeting customers who’ve redeemed their Faire Direct credit by signing up to shop on Faire, but have yet to place an order. Filtering customers this way is a quick and easy opportunity to encourage retailers who’ve already expressed interest to shop your line. 

To filter customers by those who’ve redeemed their free credit offer but have not yet placed an order, filter by “Faire Direct Credit,” select “Greater Than,” and type in “0”. Then, add another filter, selecting “Last Ordered” then “Never”. 

Finally, you can send an email to customers whose Faire Direct credit is about to expire to encourage them to use the money they have left at your store. To create this custom customer list, filter by “Faire Direct Credit Expiry” then select your preferred time frame or input a custom date range. 

For more information on sending email campaigns on Faire visit our help center article, and head to the blog for 8 tips to master email marketing for your business.

Encourage positive reviews

Positive reviews on Faire not only build your credibility with potential buyers, but also impact your overall brand performance, which is one of the key factors in increasing your search ranking on the Faire marketplace. 

All retailers who’ve placed an order with you will receive a reminder to leave a review after their order is delivered. However, it’s beneficial to follow up with retailers—especially those who order from your store often—with a personal email after their product has been delivered to encourage them to leave you a review. Similarly, when a buyer does leave you a positive review, you can send them an email thanking them. Reviews can be submitted and edited for up to 90 days after an order has been delivered.

If you receive a negative review, you can reach out directly to the retailer through your brand portal with questions about their experience. If you’re able to reach an understanding with the retailer, they may edit or remove their review. Alternatively, you can respond publicly to the review to offer future visitors more context on the specific issue to help ease any doubts and improve the perception of your brand.  

To learn more about reviews on Faire, visit the help center

Set realistic lead times and keep order minimums low

Retailers will see your lead time displayed on your shop page
Example from Well Told shop page

Setting realistic lead times is key to a positive customer experience. If you don’t follow through on your lead time, retailers may not be as willing to buy from you again in the future. Creating repeat customers can help you achieve positive reviews and increase the perception of your brand, thereby increasing your conversion rates. 

In addition, as discussed in our previous article, it’s wise to keep order minimums low—around $150 or below—when you’re hoping to convert new visitors to buyers. This reduces the risk for a retailer making a first-time purchase and makes them more likely to try something new from your brand.

Read more about increasing your visibility on Faire on the blog

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