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Release Notes: A rundown of what’s new for brands

February 13, 2024 | Published by Faire

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New this month: order-writing tool and scannable QR codes in the Faire app for brands.

To help you stay up-to-date on all the new tools and improvements we’re making to the Faire selling and discovery experience, we’ve built this handy running log of releases. Bookmark this page, and check back each month to see what’s new on Faire. Each digest is sorted into two buckets:

  1. New tools to help you save time, deepen relationships, and grow sales
  2. New ways for retailers to discover your products

Monthly recap:

  • December 2023/January 2024: More mobile app features for trade shows, new filtering by Top Shop status, and changes and updates to the site that help get your products in front of retailers more often.
  • November 2023: A new exclusivity program for brands, self-serve messaging, and tools to streamline and simplify the shopping experience for retailers.
  • October 2023: CRM improvements, product level analytics, and a new Shopify integration
  • September 2023: A better bulk editor, Collections-specific promo codes, and automated best-seller tags

December 2023 / January 2024

New tools to help you save time, deepen relationships, and grow sales

New brand app features: order writing & QR codes. (North America only) 
The new order-writing tool in the Faire mobile app lets you finalize orders on the spot for all of your wholesale customers—not just your Faire customers. Also, new scannable QR codes, also in the mobile app, help you capture 0% commission with Faire retailers in person. 

The Faire app for brands is now available on iPad.
In response to requests from brands, we launched an iPad version of the Faire mobile app on iOS, just in time for trade show season.

QR codes on packing slips to solicit more reviews.  
We’ve added a new footer to brands’ packing slips that includes a QR code for retailers to easily leave a review. The new feature is available to brands globally – turn it on in settings to try it now. 

New ways for retailers to discover your products

Top Shop badge filters. 
Retailers now have the ability to filter products by Top Shop status, building additional value into the program for brands and driving more sales for the brands who work hard to get it.

“Now On Faire” nudges. 
For retailers who searched for brands before they joined Faire, we now send an email & push notification informing them that the brand they were looking for is Now on Faire, helping brands close critical early orders and drive sales.

New eco-friendly category pages (Europe only)
To meet the demand for eco-friendly products among European retailers, we launched a series of new eco-friendly category pages throughout the site and more visibly highlighted green product attributes, using an AI-powered scoring system to help determine which products to feature.

More merchandising on your product pages. 
You’ll now find product carousels at the bottom of your product detail pages. These carousels let retailers explore more products from your brand, including recommendations for “Frequently bought together” and “Similar products.”

Search improvements. 
We’ve added “machine learning-based retrieval” – a fancy way of saying that we used machine learning to improve search matching and relevance, ensuring your products show up in as many retailer searches as possible.

Open With Faire Academy. 
We are rolling out a comprehensive set of content guides to help brand-new retailers get their shops set up and first orders placed. Offering education and best practices helps get more retailers launched in their community and purchasing through Faire.

November 2023

New tools to help you save time, deepen relationships, and grow sales

Increase reorders and build customer loyalty with exclusivity
We’re testing a new exclusivity program to help you get more out of the retailer relationships you’ve worked hard to establish on Faire. Once we open the program to retailers, your customers can commit to meeting your required annual spend and get exclusivity on your entire catalog in their local area. You decide if and when you’d like to offer exclusivity by setting the yearly spend amount that makes sense for you. 

Self-serve messaging for customer support
We’ve built a new support flow for brands that helps you more easily answer questions or troubleshoot issues directly with your customers. The new self-serve messaging tool prompts you to start a conversation with a retailer directly, which can often lead to quicker resolution time. We’re also pre-populating these messages with key order info to help save you time.

Improved campaign analytics
We’re giving you even more data on how your campaigns are performing. In addition to engagement and order info, you’ll now get a clearer picture of email deliverability. This breakdown includes how, why and what it means for an email to be “undelivered,” so you can better manage your customer lists and more effectively retarget your campaigns.

New brand page filters
We’ve rolled out new filters to help retailers more easily browse and shop your catalog. New filters include broad categories like scent, material, and style, as well as vertical-specific filters such as aesthetic and occasion (for apparel brands) and shelf-life and diet (for food & beverage brands). 

More syncing features for Shopify integration
When your Faire orders are synced with Shopify, and order syncing is enabled, any order you cancel on Shopify will now sync to your orders on Faire, and vice versa. Also, North American brands who are charged payment processing fees will now find payment processing fee information in the order details passed through to Shopify.

New ways for retailers to discover your products

Improved store type selector
Today, lots of retailers skip through the store-type section by choosing “Other,” even when their store type is listed. We’re now categorizing store types into broader categories with complementary images to help retailers find their store type, so they get a better, more personalized experience when they start on Faire (and start shopping faster too).

Faster retailer verification
We simplified our verification forms on the retailer side to ensure more retailers are verified more quickly. This means more high-quality retailers shopping in general, and a better onboarding flow for your Faire Direct contacts.

Internal linking to brand tags
New internal brand tag links help match your products to logged-in retailers who share your values—like “eco-friendly” or “not on Amazon.” Be sure to update your brand tags today to take advantage of the new feature.

Multi-brand checkout
We’ve enabled new, multi-brand actions in cart so retailers can check out from multiple brands at the same time, simplifying their checkout flow and ensuring they convert faster.

Team member tools for retailers
We’re making it easier for retailers with bigger teams to buy on Faire with a bundle of new reminders and notifications for team members to onboard. We’ve also added the ability to share product and brand pages among team members so teams can more easily collaborate while shopping.

October 2023

New tools to help you save time, deepen relationships, and grow sales

A new way to measure product performance
Get deeper insights into how your products are performing, plan your inventory, and find out which products your customers love with new product level analytics. You can view analytics like page views, number of orders, and units sold.

Send more effective emails with purchase history filters 
We’ve added the ability to filter customers based on purchase history and create audiences and campaigns based on this data. You can then use these audience segments to craft messages that encourage new purchases while calling back to a retailer’s past history with your brand.

Improve the accuracy of your shipping estimates at checkout
There’s a helpful new field in the product editor: “Selling method and measurements”. This new field—which asks for information about your product weights, dimensions, and selling method—gives retailers increased confidence when ordering from your brand by offering them a more accurate prediction of their calculated shipping rates at checkout.

A new and improved Shopify integration
We announced a new partnership with Shopify that brings new functionality to our previous integration, and will help to attract thousands of new retailers to Faire from the Shopify merchant community. The new seller app includes new features like fulfillment and cancellation syncing, with more still to come.

New ways for retailers to discover your products

Inspiring new retailers to join Faire
We’ve made it even more compelling for new retailers to join Faire by personalizing landing pages to specific buyer interests (e.g. home decor), as well as for non-traditional retailers, like spas and cafes, that still value stocking unique wholesale items. 

A better product search experience
We’ve rolled out a number of improvements to product search, so that retailers are better positioned to find the best fits for their store. These include:

  • Fine-tuning our retrieval algorithm, which is fancy way of saying we’ve improved the relevance of products that show up in search results
  • Diversifying the range of brands a retailer sees on the search results page
  • Decluttering and simplifying results pages, so your products have more space to shine
  • Machine-learning powered spellcheck, so retailers can find the right products faster

Sorting your products to match retailer interests
To help retailers complete carts and place orders, products on your brand page will now rank based on the viewing retailer’s history and behavior, e.g. geolocation or whether the retailer has ordered from your brand previously.

Help retailers discover your products with new attribute tags
We’ve introduced more descriptive product tags across additional categories on Faire, including Home, Paper & Novelty, Pets, Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, and Kids and Baby. Highlight what makes your products distinct with tags like pink skirt, bohemian throw pillow, paperback book, organic pet food, and more. This additional information improves product discoverability in search and filtered results, and helps retailers confidently make a purchase.

New brand filters help retailers navigate your shop
We’ve also rolled out new filters to help retailers more easily browse and shop your catalog. These new filters include broad categories like scent, material and style as well as vertical-specific filters such as aesthetic and occasion (for apparel brands) and shelf-life and diet (for food & beverage brands). The combination of new tags AND new filters help retailers more easily navigate to what they are looking for, which translates to better customer/product matching and more sales for you!

September 2023

New tools to help you save time, deepen relationships, and grow sales

Offer Collection-specific promotions
We recently introduced a highly requested feature to our Collections tool—the ability to offer a percent-off discount on an entire Collection. These promotions can be created either from your Collections tab or from your Promotions tab.

A simpler way to filter your contacts
We’ve improved our CRM tool to make it less visually cluttered and easier to navigate. Now, when you click “filter” in your Customers tab, a new, dedicated sidebar will appear where you can see an organized list of filters, from “Order History” to “Amount in cart”. This update is the beginning of several improvements we’ll be making in the coming months to make it easier to send targeted email marketing campaigns that convert. 

Save time with the improved bulk editor
We’ve updated your bulk editing tool to make it easier and more effective to use. Quickly create compelling listings that convert to sales by updating categories and attributes to multiple products at once. You can also save time and make updates faster by sorting and searching the editor.

New ways for retailers to discover your products

Data-driven Bestseller tags
Bestseller tags help steer retailers toward products that will perform well in their stores and help brands convert more sales on popular products. Now, we’re making the process of labeling bestsellers less manual and more seamless. Our new automated bestseller tags will be assigned to the top % of your products with the highest repeat sales on Faire. We expect this change will increase the number of impressions on your brand page.

Revamped apparel categorization   
We’ve introduced more specific categories for apparel products to help retailers better discover new brands. You can now tag your products using a clearer, more comprehensive list of product types organized under new and improved subcategories, such as Loungewear, Matching Sets, Costumes and Uniforms, and more. 

Logged-out search experience
Logged-out visitors to now see real-time product rankings on search and category pages, just like logged-in retailers do.. That means it’s more likely these new retailers will find what they’re looking for, sign up for Faire, and shop for that product.

Better SEO on your brand page
We’ve improved how the links on your brand page are surfaced to search engines. This improves the odds a new retailer will discover your Faire shop when searching for products like yours.

Improved product tile design
The product tile is the key building block for the retailer shopping experience. We’ve improved the sizing and layout of key product information to increase the ease of finding the just-right product for them.

Better surfacing of your brand
Retailers search for both brands and products, but previously we treated all searches as a product search. Now if a retailer searches your brand name, we’ll showcase a carousel highlighting just your product’s ahead of any other results.

More convenient checkout options
We’ve made it easier for retailers to explore, build a cart with a variety of products, and then order from your brand when it’s most convenient.

  • Instead of having to check out from all brands in their cart (or just one brand), retailers can simply choose which brands they want to purchase and leave the rest for later.
  • Retailers with multiple buyers can now securely access a shared payment method.

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