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How to easily get discovered on Faire: A guide for brands

18 June 2024 | Published by Faire

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We know getting your products discovered by the right retailers on Faire is always top of mind – it’s a priority for us, too. That’s why we’ve consulted our search-and-discovery team to understand exactly what drives discovery on Faire. It turns out it’s simple. 

Discovery on Faire is built on top of a straightforward formula comprising a few key variables. By understanding these variables and why they matter for your business, you can better navigate our platform and strategically invest your time to maximise your reach on Faire.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the variables that power Faire’s ranking algorithm and outline the steps you need to take to stand out and grow your sales.

Understanding the basics

To get discovered on Faire, it’s important to understand the key factors that drive your brand’s visibility and success. When determining which brands and products to showcase to a retailer, the ranking algorithm considers the following variables:

  • Number of products
  • Impressions per product
  • Impression-to-order conversion

These three variables form the foundation of the equation that determines your visibility on Faire. Let’s explore each part to understand how you can easily boost your discovery by making simple adjustments to your business on Faire and increase your likelihood of being discovered by our growing retailer customer base.

Number of products

Having a wide range of products on Faire is the first step to maximising your marketplace potential. The more optimised products you upload to Faire, the more likely your brand will appear in a retailer’s search query. And, the more opportunity your brand has to be ranked for easy discovery in the future. However, product quality is more important than product quantity. For example, duplicate products or splitting variants like colour and size into individual products might affect your impression-to-order conversion, hurting your discovery.

Why the “number of products” matters: More well-merchandised, relevant products mean more chances to be seen by discerning shoppers. Retailers are always searching for a range of products to meet their needs, and having a complete and accurate catalogue increases the likelihood of your brand appearing in search results. A full product catalogue signals to retailers that your brand is reliable and well stocked.

Actions to take:

What this could mean for your business: Brands that upload their complete catalogues can see up to three times more sales in their first year on Faire. Additionally, these brands tend to experience 10–15% higher search-to-order conversion rates.

Impressions per product

The next variable driving your brand’s discovery on Faire is something called “impressions per product”. An impression occurs every time a retailer sees your product on Faire. Today, two types of impressions occur on Faire, both of which are important in driving your brand’s discovery on the platform. 

  • Organic impressions: These are impressions from retailers driven by Faire’s search and discovery experience. You can boost your organic impressions by providing a complete, refreshed catalogue with products that are in demand for your category to ensure your brand shows up when a retailer is searching or exploring our hubs. Over 50% of Faire transactions come through search queries, which are considered organic impressions.
  • Boosted or inorganic impressions: These are impressions that brands drive themselves by sending retailers to their shop using Faire’s tools, like Faire Direct. These can quickly boost your visibility and orders.

Why “impressions per product” matter: The more impressions your products receive, the higher your chances of being discovered and purchased. Impressions are the first step in the sales funnel, leading to conversions and loyal customers.

To increase impressions, consider the following:

  • Take advantage of our Faire Direct programme to invite more retailers to order your products at 0% commission and increase organic impressions. Retailers benefit, too! Eligible retailers will get credit on their first order with your brand, one year of free shipping, net terms and free returns. 
  • Use Faire’s CRM tools to drive additional impressions through prospecting and existing customers.
  • Ensure your products are relevant and well-merchandised to your ideal retailers to improve discoverability. Use clear, descriptive product descriptions and high-quality photography to stand out.
  • Explore using Collections, which allows you to highlight new products and bestsellers, curate and merchandise your shop page or group your products by delivery windows.
  • Create Seasonal Collections when relevant to ensure you’re regularly refreshing and merchandising your products.
  • Open your Faire shop to as many territories as possible to maximise visibility.
  • Explore using Faire’s promotional tools.
  • Drive reorders by building strong relationships with retailers through excellent customer service and follow-up.

Impression-to-order conversion

Once you’ve uploaded all relevant products to Faire and ensured your catalogue is best set up to capture the attention of your target customer, the final variable to understand is “impression-to-order conversion”. This ratio indicates how often retailers purchase your products after seeing them. 

Why “impression-to-order conversion” matters: High conversion rates show our search and discovery team that your products are appealing and meeting retailers’ needs. A strong impression-to-order conversion rate boosts your ranking, increases your sales and strengthens your brand’s reputation on Faire.

Actions to take to improve “impression-to-order” conversion rate:

  • Invest in Product Listing Quality. Use accurate and comprehensive product titles and descriptions. Titles should be 35 to 50 characters, including keywords related to colour, style and unique features. Descriptions should be 150 to 300 characters, using bullet points for clarity.
  • Invest in high-quality images. Ensure your product photos are high-resolution, free from watermarks and have clean, white backgrounds.
  • Make sure your pricing is accurate. Maintain consistent pricing across all platforms. Brands that do this build trust with retailers and see increased sales and reorders.
  • Provide reliable fulfilment. Fast and consistent delivery times, minimal damaged or missing items and low cancellation rates are vital for high retailer satisfaction and reorders. Monitor your performance on your Customer Service Analytics page
  • Nurture your relationships with retailers. Respond to customer’s messages promptly, send a thank you note after orders, respond to any reviews and ask for feedback.

Improving your discoverability on Faire involves a combination of having a complete product catalogue, optimising your listings for high conversion rates and actively using Faire’s tools to increase impressions. By investing your time in optimising these areas, you can improve your brand’s visibility, build stronger retailer relationships and drive more sales.

Frequently asked questions

What counts as a conversion? An order attributed to an impression of your brand or products.

  • Why it matters: Understanding conversions helps you measure the effectiveness of your listings and marketing efforts. High conversion rates indicate a strong product-market fit and help improve your overall ranking on Faire.

How does Faire Direct improve ranking? While not directly correlated, using Faire Direct can increase impressions among a prospecting and existing customer base, which drives conversions. Growing your impression-to-conversion rate does boost your ranking.

  • Why it matters: Faire Direct allows you to reach more potential buyers outside the usual search results, driving more traffic to your shop and improving overall performance metrics. Any Faire Direct order with eligible retailers are also at 0% commission. 

Should I use Faire Direct with existing accounts or prospects? Yes! Using Faire Direct with prospects can increase impressions, as these impressions aren’t through search. Conversions from these actions will improve overall performance.Why it matters: Expanding your reach to new prospects through Faire Direct can enhance your brand’s exposure, leading to more impressions, higher conversion rates and, ultimately, better sales performance on Faire.

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