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7 summer trends to stock for your store

May 9, 2022 | Published by Faire

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Summer is just around the corner, and to help our retailer community stock their shelves for the upcoming season, we’ve been keeping an eye on the latest trends that are emerging for the months to come. With help from search data from the Faire marketplace, we’ve rounded up seven popular and unique summer trends to stock for your store in summer 2022.

Sporty, oversized, and Y2K sunglasses 

Image courtesy of Minue Opticians 

Sunglasses are a timeless staple for the summer months, and in recent weeks, searches for the product have risen on the Faire marketplace. According to StyleCaster and Vogue U.K., this summer’s global eyewear trends include aviator and sporty sunglasses. On Faire, searches for pit viper sunglasses—eyewear used for outdoor sports—are also rising. Faire brands Shark Eyes Inc. offer a range of options in pit viper sunglasses, while Brillies Sunglasses and Established Eyewear have a variety of sporty and aviator sunglasses styles.

Eyewear styles from the 2000s, or “Y2K styles”, are also making a comeback, with rimless, rectangle, oversized, and colored lens sunglasses rising in popularity. Lean into this summer trend by shopping from Powder Design, Shop Neighbors, and YOUZEY.

Father’s Day gifts

Father’s Day is June 19th in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., and consumers are already searching for gifts for their loved ones. Stock up on gifts for Dad from wooden watches—like those from U.K.-based brand Bear Essentials—to gourmet hot sauce and spices from Faire brands Hoff & Pepper and Spiceology. Men’s grooming items like beard oil, specialty soaps, and cologne are also great choices to offer your customers for Father’s Day. Finally, shop unique greeting cards for the occasion from Faire brands like Joy Paper Co., Studio Boketto, and Inkwell Cards.

Shop our Father’s Day Collection for more inspiration.

Beach accessories

Beach accessories like towels and toys are always popular summer items, and this year is no exception. Searches for these products have continued to increase on Faire over the past month, and beach towels, beach bags, and beach hats are all currently trending on Faire. Delight your customers with handcrafted beach bags from Binge Knitting, straw baskets from Scents and Feel, and large beach totes from SOCCO Designs. Fill your shelves with beach visors and wide-brimmed hats handcrafted by local artisans from Bali Harvest and LEAH, and browse a variety of vibrant beach towels from Aelia Anna, Majordome Paris, and East’N Blue

In addition to beach accessories, customers have recently been searching for beach toys, like those from New Zealand-based brand Classical Child and Hawaii-based brand Ava + Oliver. Finally, Beach Powder—the product that removes sand from skin instantly—is becoming increasingly popular, with customers in the U.K. specifically seeking out the brand. 

Anxiety rings and other fidget toys

Anxiety ring from Favor Jewelry

Fidget toys, meant to aid in stress relief and easing restlessness, first made our trending wholesale products list in the winter of 2021, and they’ve only grown in popularity since. Among the many varieties of fidget toys, pop its—brightly colored toys with dozens of pokeable bubbles that offer a similar sensation to popping bubble wrap—and simple dimples—a compact version of the pop it with only two or three larger bumps that can be used as a keychain—are the most popular among Faire customers, according to recent search volume. These toys can encourage tactile stimulation in children and adults alike, as well as assist in relieving anxiety.

Anxiety rings are another type of fidget toy that has been recently trending on social media and the Faire marketplace. These stylish rings also referred to as fidget rings contain small beads that slide back and forth to help with stress and fidgeting. Shop this summer trend from Faire brands Favor Jewelry, Harris Girls & Co., and Adorn 512.

Summer apparel styles like maxi dresses and denim shorts are summer staples that have seen increased search volume over the past few weeks on Faire. Faire brands Storia, Wyatt Wylde, and By Together offer stylish takes on the maxi dress, while Kancan USA and Cello Jeans have a variety of types of denim shorts to fill your shelves. 

In addition to classic warm-weather looks, Harper’s Bazaar and The Editorialist predict that 2022 summer trends in apparel will include colorful suits and blazers—like those from Faire brands Sign with Style, Fore Collection, and Bruna—and garments in hot pinks and greens—like those from Bali ELF and Lush Clothing. Finally, light yellow hues will brighten up summer styles, and according to a report by WGSN, garments with cutout details will continue to trend.

Plants, gardening accessories, and more nature-themed products

We spotted the trend of returning to nature and bringing the outdoors inside earlier in 2022, and consumers’ interest in botanical decor items continues to rise. Searches for items like plants and eye-catching planters, like those available from Capra Designs, Plantii Garden, and Maisy & Lola, have been consistently trending on the Faire marketplace in the past month. Gardening accessories—from simple tools like shovels and weeding forks to whimsical plant labels—have also seen increased search volume on Faire in recent weeks, along with floral accents like dried flowers.

In addition, calming incense in nature-centric scents like Amber & Moss from P.F. Candle and sandalwood from Ten Thousand Villages have become popular on Faire. Finally, searches for soothing incense burners that mimic nature like incense waterfalls have spiked in the past weeks on the Faire marketplace. 

Bright and beaded jewelry

Jewelry has been one of the top searched terms on Faire in the past month, and there are several summer trends in jewelry that your customers will love this year. According to The Editorialist and Cosmopolitan, colorful and beaded layered necklaces and jewelry in bright colors will be popular this summer season. 

Fill your store with vibrant beaded necklaces from The Lucky Collective and Avenue Zoe, and stock up on bold rings, earrings, and bracelets in all colors of the rainbow from ZENZII Jewelry, Night Moves Atelier, and Deustelle Italia.

Browse our Best Sellers and International Best Sellers for more inspiration. 

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