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7 unique wholesale products to fill your shelves for spring 2022

January 28, 2022 | Published by Faire

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Unique wholesale products to stock your store in spring 2022
Photo courtesy of GK Wall Design

To help ensure that 2022 is filled with success for our Faire community, we’ve been monitoring the biggest shifts and trends that will define the months to come. First, we took a look back at insights and bestsellers from 2021. Then, we rounded up four important shifts in how customers will shop this year. Today, with help from search data from the Faire marketplace, we’ve compiled seven popular and unique wholesale products to stock for your store in spring 2022. 

1. Bath bombs, bath salts, and specialty soap

Unique wholesale products to stock your store in spring 2022
Photo courtesy of Frosting Company

The self-care trend will continue to prevail and expand in 2022 as consumers seek new ways to find calm and relaxation in their lives. In the past few weeks, searches for popular self-care products like bath bombs and bath salts have been trending on the Faire marketplace. Stock your store with a variety of these soothing products for spring, from lavender shower steamers and bath bombs from Lizush LLC, to bunny-shaped vegan bath bombs from Crescent City Swoon Bath Bomb Studio

Specialty soaps have also proved a popular way for consumers to sprinkle a bit of self-care into their everyday life. Faire brands like Steele Family Farms and Frosting Company offer natural soap in a wide array of alluring scents.

2. Botanical decor

Unique wholesale products to stock your store in spring 2022
Photo courtesy of PlantsNsht

Plants have long been a popular staple in many homes, but this year will further elevate the trend as consumers look to bring more of the spirit of the outdoors inside. According to Pinterest’s 2022 predictions, botanical home decor like entire walls dedicated to plants and indoor gardens will be a popular way for consumers to feel more connected to nature. Delight your customers with items that take the nature theme to a new level, like handmade propagation stations from PlantsNsht, plant wall art from Annie Bailey Art and Curious Prints, or leafy wallpaper from GK Wall Design

In addition, searches for dried flowers on Faire have spiked this January, and these delicate decor items—like dried flower bouquets and pampas grassare an excellent addition to any garden-inspired room.

3. Crystals

Unique wholesale products to stock your store in spring 2022
Photo courtesy of Open Heart Apothecary

Crystals and stones have become more and more popular in recent years, and searches for crystals have continued to grow over the past few months on Faire. Whether used as a decorative touch or a spiritual tool, these alluring accessories will charm your customers this spring. Fill your shelves with captivating crystals and stones, from amethysts and quartz worry stones from Open Heart Apothecary to colorful geodes from Mandala Gems

Photo courtesy of Katie Waltman

2022 promises to be the year of pearls, and spring runways are overflowing with the beloved classic jewel. Lean into this trend by stocking your store with a variety of interpretations of the accessory for spring, from delicate and understated earrings and bracelets or the timeless pearl necklace. In addition, bicep bracelets—like those from brands like Bisjoux and Mother Nature Jewelry—along with brightly colored gems will be popular this spring. 

For more inspiration, browse all trending jewelry styles on Faire.

5. Herbal tea

Photo courtesy of Big Heart Tea

Tea has long been a favored beverage for those looking to unwind with soothing herbal flavors, and as a healthy alternative to coffee. Searches for tea have been trending on Faire for several weeks, and this year, according to Pinterest, “afternoon tea is the new happy hour.” Organic tea brands like Aesthete Tea, Big Heart Tea, and Tea Drops—a company featured on Faire’s podcast Brick and Order in 2021—all have flavorful takes on this growing trend.

6. One-of-a-kind greeting cards

Photo courtesy of Luca

In 2022, people are looking for reasons to celebrate—and creating new reasons of their own. Whether it’s Easter, Mother’s Day, Black History Month, or one of the many occasions in between, spring is full of opportunities to reach out to and honor loved ones. Stock your store with unique wholesale greeting cards, handmade by independent artists like those at Pineapple Sundays Design Studios, Amy Zhang, and Luca.  

7. Reusable home goods

Photo courtesy of Zero Waste MVMT

This year, consumers will continue to be eager to shop from businesses that make sustainability a priority. This ever-growing trend will lead shoppers to seek out eco-friendly products in spring of 2022 and beyond. Faire brands like Zero Waste MVMT and GUUD offer a range of these popular items, from reusable makeup removing cloths and snack bags to bamboo cutlery.

Other sustainable products include shampoo bars, eco-friendly cleaning products, and planters made from recycled plastic, like those from U.K.-based brand Boskke

Browse our eco-friendly brands to find unique wholesale products your environmentally conscious customers will love.

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