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10 Trends to Consider for Your 2021 Holiday Wholesale Buying

August 25, 2021 | Published by Faire

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As the summer comes to a close, consumers are already turning their sights to holiday decor and gifts. With the help of search data from the Faire marketplace, we’ve been keeping an eye on new and noteworthy trends emerging for the upcoming holiday season. To help our community plan for the months ahead, we’ve compiled 10 top trends to consider for your 2021 holiday wholesale buying.

1. Personalized gifts

The past few years have shown the importance of expressing gratitude and love for those closest to us, and sentimental gifts have risen in popularity as a result. Consumers continue to seek out products with a personal touch, with initial necklaces and personalized jewelry, in particular, trending on Faire. 

Faire brands like PCB Home and Rustic Marlin offer pillows, prints, and throw blankets with personalized zip codes and cities for those wishing to express love for their home town. Other brands like Well Told specialize in glassware with etchings of city maps from around the U.S. Finally, tote bags and wine carriers printed with individual names—like those from The Cotton & Canvas Co.— are also in high demand. 

2. Candles and wax warmers

Image via Northern Lights

Candles are the ultimate evergreen bestseller, appealing to a variety of consumers no matter the season. In 2020, candles were the second most searched item on Faire, and current data shows the candle craze has yet to die down. Heading into this year’s holiday season, top searches specifically include holiday and Christmas candles. Brands like Queer Candle Co. and Pink Stories offer hand-poured candles in unique aromas and bright colors, while Sweet Water Decor and Heirloomed Collective offer seasonal scents like pumpkin spice, Christmas tree farm, and peppermint stick. Wax warmers—a flameless alternative to candles that use a heat source to melt wax chips and release fragrance—are also trending on Faire. 

No matter the method, soothing and seasonal fragrances are a staple to consider planning your 2021 holiday wholesale buying. 

3. Experiential gifts 

Consumers are eager to create new memories with their loved ones, and experience-based gifts like baking supplies, 3D wooden puzzles, and DIY projects are perfect for bringing the whole family together. In particular, Faire search data shows an increased demand for puzzles, board games, and DIY friendship bracelets. Bread baking packages like those from Faire brand Soberdough and craft cocktail kits like Camp Craft Cocktails continue to be bestsellers. Regardless of the activity, customers are excited about products that bring everyone together this holiday season. 

4. Fidget toys

Recently, some of the top searched products on Faire include various types of fidget toys. These toys exploded in popularity around 2017 when the well-known fidget spinner took center stage. Since then, similar toys have continued to enter the market, from fidget cubes to thinking putty. In the past months, we’ve seen pop fidgets trending on Faire. These brightly colored toys feature pokeable bubbles that offer a sensation similar to popping bubble wrap, and come in a variety of shapes from circles and squares to dinosaurs. Fidget toys are great for energetic children and can serve as stress relief tools for adults, making them a perfect addition to your holiday wholesale buying.

5. Quirky ceramics

Image via Magenta

This year, searches for Rae Dunn—the increasingly popular designer behind minimalist ceramic pieces with words like “yum” or “home” etched on them—have skyrocketed on Faire. Recent search data indicates that pottery in this style will be a popular gift for the holidays. From mugs that say “sip” or “coffee” to plates, bowls, pillows, and kitchen towels featuring various short phrases, these products make for an easy, yet enjoyable holiday gift for all. Rae Dunn inspired pottery is offered through a variety of home decor brands on Faire, including Magenta and Emma and the Bean.

6. Unique greeting cards

Greeting cards, like candles, are a highly sought-after item each holiday season, and this year is no different. More and more, customers are looking for memorable, one-of-a-kind cards with an emphasis on handmade creations. Just as pop culture accessories continue to grow in popularity, greeting cards with pop culture references—like those from Inkwell Cards and The Card Bureau are also gaining traction. Additionally, customers are gravitating towards hand-painted or drawn cards that serve as standalone art, like those from Faire brand Moglea

7. Decor inspired by nature

Image via Lucca

The past year the “cottagecore” aesthetic has seen increasing popularity—decor that evokes the feeling of returning to nature for peace and escape. According to our search data, consumers on Faire are frequently browsing natural decor pieces like dried flowers, plants, and macrame. Additional products with a rustic feel like wooden bowls and cutting boards and handmade wreaths are also popular choices to adorn homes this holiday season. 

8. Cozy loungewear 

All things comfort are in style again this year, with searches for products like throw blankets and socks trending on Faire. Shoppers are looking for anything that will make them feel relaxed and cozy this holiday season, from soft flannels, slippers, and Christmas pajamas to warm tea and hot chocolate. Faire brands like Peking Handcraft and ADORA LA are just a few examples of makers embracing this trend. 

9. Smiley faces everywhere

Image via Katydid

Searches for smiley face products on Faire have been rising rapidly, and as demand rises so does the eclectic array of smiley face goods. While products like smiley face necklaces, earrings, and keychains are the most prevalent, smiley face sweatshirts, phone cases, hats, and stickers are also proving popular. 

Smiley face product searches continue to increase by the day, making this an important trend to consider for your 2021 holiday wholesale buying. 

10. Ethically made goods

In the past few years, consumers have made a conscious shift in their buying behavior to purchase from brands that prioritize fair trade practices. Now more than ever, shoppers are looking to put their money where their values are, and ensuring workers are paid a fair wage and have safe working conditions is increasingly important to today’s consumers. Our Fair Trade Federation collection continues to see high traffic, with products from fair trade brands like Ornaments 4 Orphans and Quilling Card rising in popularity this holiday season

Shop our new holiday collection for more holiday wholesale buying inspiration.

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