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A Recap of WGSN’s Spring/Summer 2022 Womenswear Buyers Briefing

September 8, 2021 | Published by Faire

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As part of our first Faire Fashion Week, we had the pleasure of welcoming Kim Mannino—Director of Trend Curation at global trend intelligence agency WGSN—to present a comprehensive report on trends to look out for in Womenswear Spring and Summer of 2022. Using data compiled by WGSN from consumer reports, social listening, and catwalk trends, Kim coached webinar viewers on what to expect in Womenswear for Spring and Summer of 2022, from colors and prints to key details and silhouettes. 

To help viewers understand the depth of each trend, Kim broke each trend into 1 of 3 categories: invest, test, and protect. The categories are defined as:

  • Invest: seasonal trends to capitalize on in larger volumes
  • Protect: a way to enhance or update your perennial or core items, to buy in moderate volumes
  • Test: emerging or directional trends to buy into in smaller volumes

Here, we’ve highlighted a few important elements to keep in mind for womenswear in Spring and Summer 2022.

Trending colors

According to WGSN, retailers should prepare their stores with mood-boosting colors that will bring joy and optimism in Spring and Summer 2022. Contemporary neutrals that bring calm will also be popular.

Colors to invest in: Contemporary neutrals like shades of butter and midnight brown.

Colors to protect: Restorative pastels and black as a standalone fashion color.

Colors to test: Bold, bright, and joyful colors like mango sorbet

Popular prints and patterns

In Spring and Summer 2022, patterns will be another vehicle to deliver comfort and delight. WGSN recommends that retailers stock their shelves with retro, nostalgic patterns, replace tie-dye with wave patterns, and seek out handcrafted designs. 

Patterns to invest in: Prints inspired by nature and retro patterns

Patterns to protect: Brighter versions of basics like stripes and checks

Patterns to test: Checkerboard prints and wave patterns to replace tie-dye


Retailers should keep an eye on recurring and evolving trends like shirring and cutouts in Spring and Summer 2022, while preparing their stores with new items that feature scalloped edges and delicate straps.

Designs to invest in: Workleisure and decorative shiring like that seen on smock dresses.

Designs to protect: Cutouts and functional utility

Designs to test: Scrunched features that add volume and scalloped edges.

New silhouettes

Finally, WGSN shared that key silhouettes leading the market in Spring and Summer 2022 include vests and a-line styles.

Silhouettes to invest in: A-line dresses and updated loungewear looks that dress up comfortable clothing through color and texture.

Silhouettes to protect: Simple statement shirts and undyed white jeans.

Silhouettes to test: Crochet or lace blouses and vibrant maxi dresses made from soft materials. 

The takeaway

Kim Mannino closed out WGSN’s Womenswear buyers briefing with a few key action points to prepare for the Spring and Summer of 2022. She advised viewers to tap into the pandemic-driven desire for dressing up and going out, always keep longevity top-of-mind, capitalize on the rising sense of nostalgia, and pay attention to new lifestyle shifts.

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