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Uplevel your customer communication with smarter, time-saving marketing tips

27 March 2023 | Published by Faire

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Timely, targeted communication with customers and leads is critical to your success as a small business – on Faire or anywhere else. That’s why we at Faire have been expanding our suite of free customer relationship management (or CRM) tools to ensure that you have everything you need to close new leads, nurture your best customers and grow your sales.

To help you easily take advantage of our CRM and email tools, we are rolling out a new set of marketing tips that are placed throughout your Faire brand portal to help you quickly identify what types of campaigns you should send to your retailers and when. This set of expanded and refreshed tips are customised to things we believe will make the biggest bottom-line impact for you and your business and include actions like basket-abandon reminders, deadline-driven reminders for things like credit expirations and invitations for new customers to come and shop.

What are tips and why should I use them?

In a B2B environment, nurturing high-value relationships is vital to maintaining long-term customers. Sending segmented email campaigns is a valuable way to do this, but many brands don’t know where to start. Our data shows that brands that segment their audiences post much higher conversion rates. 

To remind brands like yours to take full advantage of these tools, we’ve expanded the set, placement and design of these tips to help draw attention to the most impactful actions that you can take to land new leads and drive orders. Placed more prominently throughout your brand portal, these dismissible reminders help to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to close a lead or drive a sale.

What do tips help me do?

Our new set of marketing tips are essentially data-informed shortcuts that serve up the most meaningful actions you can take to message customers or send campaigns within the brand portal. For brands that aren’t as familiar with these tools and surfaces:

  • The Customers tab has long been the home of all your customer and potential-customer (leads) data; it’s there that you can easily create unique customer lists that help you to segment your marketing to specific retailer groups and create a more personalised marketing experience.
  • In the Campaigns tab, you can view, create and edit your customer lists. You can then use your lists to make one-time announcements such as new arrivals, discounts, or holiday promotions, or to send one-time nudges toward lifecycle-specific actions like encouraging them to check out or reminding them to reorder. These tools allow you to choose from a variety of templates, include rich content in your messages, automate follow-ups, and review and analyse campaign results.
  • The Marketing tab – the new, permanent home for these tips – provides relevant opportunities, various tools you can use to convert leads and drive reorders and a handful of resources to help you market your shop.

We hope our new set of tips help you to take full advantage of these email tools and that the reminder cards create easy shortcuts for you to grow your business, nurture leads and keep your customers ordering.

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