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4 ways to attract even more retailers on Faire

30 October 2023 | Published by Faire

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  • Shop-wide and product-specific promotions help you create unique value for retailers.
  • Segmenting your email outreach can help you attract new customers and encourage positive reviews.

Once you have a great product to sell, becoming a top-selling brand is largely a matter of capturing retailers’ attention and convincing them to give your products a try. This is what leads to profitable, long-lasting relationships between retailers and brands in the Faire community. 

Fortunately, there are tools and resources available on Faire and specific strategies brands can use to help make this happen. Earlier this year we published a piece on how to increase your visibility on Faire and set up your shop for success. For brands looking to go a step further, we’ve gathered four more tips to help you maximise the resources Faire has to offer and reach that next level of growth and success.

1. Master the basics

Ensuring your catalogue is up to date is perhaps the most important step you can take to get your shop page in shape. This means listing all new products as soon as they’re released with current pricing, high-resolution photos and detailed descriptions. If you can use video to bring your products to life and illustrate how to merchandise them, include those too.  

We also recommend uploading your entire wholesale catalogue to Faire. Having a full catalogue also means more visits to your shop page, and the extra variety can make it easier for retailers to reach the order minimum, driving more sales for you. Make sure to update your product catalogue before participating in any Faire Markets

You’ll also want to tick off three to-dos:

  1. If you’re not currently launching any new products, consider creating a seasonal collection that groups together existing products based on bestsellers, upcoming holidays, specific customer groups and more. 
  2. Review your product tags so your items show up in retailer searches and add value tags like Handmade, Eco-friendly, and Not on Amazon so retailers can shop with their values. 
  3. Highlight key features of individual products, and help make them more discoverable, with attribute tags. These might include the fit of an apparel product, scent of a perfume or shelf life of food items.

2. Offer an incentive

Incentives like special promotions and offers will help you acquire new customers and reward your most loyal ones. 

  • Promo codes are custom codes that retailers can apply at checkout. These can help increase sales, build brand loyalty and elevate retailers’ perception of your customer service. 
  • Shop-wide promotions can encourage retailers to try new products or place bigger orders. Participating in Faire Markets is an easy and highly effective way to do this – at our July 2023 market, for example, Faire matched all discounts up to 5%. But in general, you can set shop-wide promos anytime that makes sense for your brand and retail calendar.
  • Product-specific promotions can highlight seasonal products, clear out old inventory, or bring attention to products you’re having trouble selling. There are also collection-specific promotions, which are great for promoting new products, seasonal products, bestsellers and more. 

Retailers also shop Faire Markets for the best deals and discounts of the season – and we match all discounts up to 5% – so it makes sense to participate in our online trade shows by offering a promotion. 

One other option to consider is a Free Shipping Promotion, where you cover the full shipping cost for retailers. Brands have found this especially useful for acquiring new customers who might have otherwise been hesitant to try out your brand. 

3. Up your email game

Email marketing is an essential part of any successful customer relationship management (CRM) strategy, especially when it comes to converting visitors to customers on Faire. Faire offers free CRM tools designed to help you secure first orders, build trust in new buyers and strengthen relationships with the retailers stocking your products. You can use Faire’s pre-populated, suggested customer segments to message subsets of buyers with items in their shopping cart, those who haven’t ordered in 60-plus days, or retailers with unused Faire Direct credits – allowing you to tailor your messaging to each group’s unique circumstance or history with your brand.

From there you can also:

  • Send one-off announcements to targeted groups of customers with similar needs or mindsets
  • Automate reminders to retailers at key moments in the buying journey, such as those with an abandoned shopping cart
  • View data about leads, new customers and longstanding buyers
  • Add existing contacts and invite them to join through Faire Direct
  • Send personalised messages directly to specific customers via Faire Messenger

Learn how to make the most of these tools with this article on CRM best practices.

4. Build a strong reputation with good reviews

Good communication (email or otherwise) is just one part of a top-notch customer experience, and the better the experience you deliver, the more likely retailers are to write positive reviews.

You can even use Faire’s CRM tools to gently encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews. Retailers who have placed an order with you can submit and edit reviews for up to 90 days after that order has been delivered.

Reviews include, at minimum, a one- to five -star rating of their overall experience, and customers have the option to add a short written summary, product images or a private note that only you will see. You can learn more about how to build a positive reputation through reviews here

With these tools and tips in mind, it’s time to get noticed and make new contacts through your Faire brand portal

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  • Shop-wide and product-specific promotions help you create unique value for retailers.
  • Segmenting your email outreach can help you attract new customers and encourage positive reviews.

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