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WGSN x Faire: What’s trending in womenswear for Spring/Summer 2023

September 16, 2022 | Published by Faire

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 Images courtesy of The Knotty Ones, Lanhtropy, and Alohas

Faire has teamed up with global forecasting agency WGSN to provide our fashion community with an exclusive look at top trends for the Spring/Summer 2023 season. Using extensive consumer data, WGSN has created a trend toolkit that serves as a comprehensive guide for navigating the silhouettes, colors, details, and patterns emerging in womenswear for Spring/Summer 2023. 

This data-driven report serves as a guide for our independent retailer community as they look to stock their stores with up-and-coming styles during one of the more crucial buying periods for the fashion industry. 

Here, we’ll provide a summary of the trend toolkit and give you an overview of the five big ideas identified by WGSN—Reclaimed Romance, Sunset Desert, Crafted Bohemia, New Prep, and New Workleisure. We’ll also include key insights gained from our Instagram Live with WGSN Senior Consultant Danny Kim. Tune in for our next Instagram Live on @faire_wholesale to hear more from industry experts, taking place September 22 at 9 AM PT/12 PM EST.

Finally, you can shop these trends and more at Faire Fashion Week—our dedicated preorder event for the fashion community—taking place September 18–24, 2022. Learn more about the event here.

5 big ideas for Spring/Summer 2023

1. Reclaimed Romance

In response to the popularity of Bridgerton and the regency-core aesthetic ecosystem, #coquettecore emerged as a reinterpreted hyperfeminine look. A blend of European historical references and contemporary trends, the look exudes innocence with soft pastels. “Reclaimed Romance has a lot of elements of romance and fantasy, using softer pastel hues,” Danny Kim said during our recent Instagram Live session. “This trend also has a lot of texture and dimensions, especially when you look at some of the key items.” 

Key styles from Reclaimed Romance include the classic 90’s camisole, satin blouses, slip dresses, lace skirts, cut-out tops, and matching sleep sets.

Key colors:

Gentle, mindful tones of washed pinks update the everyday-wear category. Softer hues play into the new femininity trends. Tinted neutrals can be used as solids or print bases.

Key details, prints, and patterns:

  • Watercolor painting
  • Abstract fluidity
  • Soft-focus florals
  • Intricate lace
  • Ruching and soft pleating
  • Decorative smock
  • Pearls


  • Heeled Sandals
  • Embellished Slingbacks
  • Pointy-Toe Pumps
  • Mule Sandal

2. Sunset Desert

An extension of last season’s Rooted in Nature trend, the obsession with nature has no sign of a slowdown. “Sunset Desert is really inspired by the desert landscape,” Danny said. “This trend combines those natural materials and texture with warmer hues.” Natural textures will continue to inspire patterns and textiles, providing a universal direction that could resonate globally and across all markets.

Key styles from Sunset Desert include halter midi dresses, boxy shorts, wrap skirts, patterned jumpsuits, wide-cropped pants, and jersey dresses.

Key colors:

Amplify the vibrancy of sun-kissed color by harnessing a golden hour color palette. Providing a restorative escape, glowing orange is a summer tone that gains modern relevance through the addition of warm browns, neutrals, and terra-cotta.

Key details, prints, and patterns:

  • Openwork knit
  • Washed linen and hemp 
  • Tassels and fringe
  • Handcrafted details
  • Nature etching
  • Hand-dyed botanicals


  • Suede Sandals
  • Padded Slides
  • Braided Sandals
  • Woven Ballet Flats

3. Crafted Bohemia

Printed Shirt Dress from SMF, Tula Short Pajama from Averie, Žemėlapis Short from The Knotty Ones

The astonishing growth of interest in resale and vintage is impacting a new aesthetic narrative, and boho, in its true, free-spirited way, is expected to make a comeback. Crafted Bohemia is a new way of thinking or working out of maximalism through an earthy, craft-driven lens. “This trend is inspired by this vintage and retro movement,” Danny said. “We’re thinking about those traditional crochets and patchworks that are starting to gain a lot of momentum in every region.”

Key styles in Crafted Bohemia include crocheted knit vests, shift dresses, patchwork denim, and relaxed co-ords. 

“I think Crafted Bohemia has the strongest staying power of the trends,” Danny said. “Anything vintage or resale and reworked products seem to get a lot of interest out of consumers. The thrifted trend is continuing globally.”

Key colors:

Natural hues mix with soft summer brights to infer artisanal, healing creations. Mixed-media details are pulled through using vibrant colors, while the homespun look and feel are represented through traditional patterns mixed with aquatic blues, lavender, and sun-kissed yellows.

Key details, prints, and patterns:

  • Patchwork crochet
  • Fabric-blocking
  • Macramé fringing
  • Blanket woven patterns
  • Gingham
  • Paisley


  • Rubberized Clogs
  • Mixed-Media Slides
  • Patterned Slip-on Sneakers

4. New Prep

With comfort and activewear continuing to play a fundamental role in fashion, the trend merges classic, sartorial style with sporty, and functional elements that tap into the aesthetics of tennis. Think performance-inspired brights, accessories designed for on-the-go lifestyles, and versatile silhouettes with a minimalist feel.

“The active category is one of the hottest categories for discussion right now,” Danny said. “It’s no longer just about clothes that you wear to the gym—it’s a lifestyle. It’s important to make activewear items into everyday items, so customers can go to work or the gym and then go out to dinner. That transition element becomes important in this category.”

Key styles in New Prep include the ringer tee, pleated short skirts, active shorts, cropped tees, and relaxed tanks. 

Key colors:

Traditional summer-sport whites are updated with red and navy with pops of greens. Ultra-feminine pinks and pastel lilacs align with the nostalgic ‘90s trend and are pushed further into high-summer when paired with lime greens and yellows as accents.

Key details, prints, and patterns:

  • French terry
  • Pleats
  • Elastic waistbands
  • Toweling
  • Abstract swirls
  • Ombré gradients


  • The Classic Tennis Sneaker
  • Eco Sneakers
  • Pool Sandals

5. New Workleisure

The lines that divided work, leisure, and the pleasure of gathering together have been largely erased due to the shift to hybrid lifestyles. “This new synergy between casual and business attire is becoming more important as we start to see consumers preparing to return to work,” Danny said. “Now that we start to see people go back to in-person meetings, these searches around suits and tailored clothing are actually increasing year over year.” New Workleisure will deliver adaptable layering pieces for the transition from work to home, while still remaining appropriate for virtual meetings. 

Key styles in New Workleisure include oversized tailoring, the short suit set, bandeau tops, relaxed trousers, and the white tee. 

Key colors:

Neutral hues resonate with clean, summer fabrications. Whites, oatmeals, and stone greys can be mixed endlessly to enhance the relaxed feel of the trend. Soft touches of mints and other gentle pastels work best when the assortment is paired with pristine white.

Key details, prints, and patterns:

  • Slouchy and sophisticated
  • Tie wrap blazers
  • Soft pleat detailing
  • Clean pinstripes
  • Subtle checks and plaids
  • Tonal houndstooth 


  • Classic Slingback
  • Kitten Heels
  • Ballerina Flats
  • The Slip-on Sneaker

Extended sizing 

In addition to the five key trends above, two more trends that will be prevalent for Spring/Summer 2023 are extended sizes and sustainable clothing. “Many retailers are now really focusing on inclusive sizing and offering a lot of options for customers,” Danny said. “We’re seeing the expansion in shapewear and intimate apparel, swimwear, and activewear. In the denim category, extended sizing is also very important as we see customers returning to work but wanting something a bit more comfortable than a trouser.” 

Shop extended size fashion on Faire. 


Sustainability is also top of mind in the fashion community. From friendly fabrics to sustainable sourcing, consumers are looking to be more mindful about the clothing they buy and its impact on the environment. This conscious mindset is leading consumers to lean into the power of local shopping. “Customers are gravitating towards buying products from the local community and even thrifting because the products are a bit more unique and contribute less to anything harmful to the environment,” Danny said. 

Shop eco-friendly fashion on Faire. 

How to leverage these trends

Tap into the past for inspiration. Opt for designs that harness happiness, comfort, and healing through reassuring colors and nostalgic patterns to laid-back, bohemian silhouettes, nature-inspired textures, and crafted looks.

Focus on fluid forms and lightweight layering. Explore unexpected layering, mixing natural and performance-led materials in loungewear and outdoor wear. Comfort-driven styles continue to retain a clean and contemporary feel.

Focus on versatility and wearability for higher value. Opt for dual-function styles that can be worn in multiple ways. Occasion-themed fashion can be wasteful if not designed to last beyond the event.

Re-engineer modern classics for the new hybrid-working lifestyle. Curate business casual looks of smart silhouettes and pivot to prioritizing day occasions with day-to-night and comfort dressing options

Shop these trends and more at Faire Fashion Week—Faire’s online preorder trade show for the fashion community—taking place September 18–24, 2022. Preorder the newest and best styles from leading brands around the world for up to 20%, funded by Faire.

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