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Introducing Showroom, our curated selection of premium apparel and footwear

August 22, 2022 | Published by Faire

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Images courtesy of Showroom brand Lola Jeans

We’re excited to introduce our fashion community to Showroom—the destination to shop a curated selection of Faire’s premium apparel and footwear offerings. Showroom makes it easy for retailers to discover premium contemporary fashion lines for their stores, and gives brands the opportunity to be elevated within Faire’s marketplace in recognition of the quality of their products. All Showroom brands are carefully reviewed by Faire’s editorial team for fabric, fit, and construction.

What makes a Showroom brand

Images courtesy of Showroom brand Ivy Oak

Showroom brands receive an exclusive badge and are showcased alongside other premium apparel and footwear brands. Each Showroom brand is evaluated by Faire’s editorial team to ensure they meet our high standards of quality. Brands are selected for Showroom based on the following criteria:

  • Quality fabrics: We review fabric composition, weight, and texture. We also look for the inclusion of natural fibers like cotton, silk, cashmere, and leather as good indicators of quality.
  • Precise fit: Premium garments are tailored to fit the body and give it shape. We look at darts, seams, topstitching, and how an item drapes to provide movement. 
  • Thoughtful construction: To ensure each item is designed and produced with care, we check everything from zippers and lines to transparent manufacturing methods.

Meet some of our Showroom brands

MATE the Label

MATE the Label is a women-owned, eco-friendly brand based in Los Angeles, California, offering sustainable clothing like linen jumpsuits, loungewear, and activewear created from natural and non-toxic materials. Founded in 2013 by Kayti O’Connell Carr, MATE is on a mission to lead the clean fashion movement. Through their recycling program and use of non-toxic materials, low-impact dyes, recyclable packaging, and plastic-free production, MATE strives to reduce waste every step of the way. As a 1% For the Planet partner, MATE also donates 1% of all proceeds to local nonprofits supporting organic farming, gender equity, clean oceans, and sustainability. 


Founder of Lille, France-based clothing brand Nitah, Elise Dupuy, pays homage to her Moroccan and French roots through her designs. Established in 2021, Nitah’s clothing features clean cuts and fluid lines representing French elegance and details like belts reminiscent of the traditional Moroccan caftan. Nitah’s first products were a series of knitted and crocheted tops, handmade by Elise. Today, the company continues to prioritize careful craftsmanship by working with local craftswomen in the Lille region who create knitted pieces by hand. They also emphasize an eco-friendly approach to production by using organic fibers, dormant stocks of fabrics, and reusable packaging.

The Knotty Ones

The Knotty Ones began in 2014, when three best friends from Lithuania set out on a mission to create the perfect knit while giving back to underprivileged women in their community. Their designs—from knit sweaters to pajamas and loungewear—are inspired by their Baltic heritage, Pagan culture, and their surrounding natural environment. With a focus on fair-trade and sustainability, all of The Knotty Ones’ knits are produced by independent female artisans in rural Lithuania making a living wage in safe working conditions. In addition, The Knotty Ones uses 100% biodegradable yarn sourced from ethical suppliers around the world, and compostable packaging. In 2020, the company was certified Climate Neutral.


Lanhtropy—founded in 2016 in Miami, Florida by Ani Ponce De Leoncreates timeless and sustainable pieces from blouses to dresses for any occasion made entirely of linen fabrics. Drawing inspiration from the beach and natural elements, Lanhtropy’s designs aim to strike a balance between minimal and statement dressing, and to encourage consumers to invest in higher quality, eco-conscious garments. Lanhtropy employs responsible and ethical manufacturing practices, and ensures the use of eco-friendly linen fibers.

Shop these brands and more on Showroom.

Visit the help center to learn more about Showroom.

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