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Big ideas in womenswear autumn/winter 2022—a summary of the WGSN x Faire trend report

February 25, 2022 | Published by Faire

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Ahead of this year’s Faire Fashion Week—our online preorder trade show event for the apparel & footwear community— we partnered with global forecasting agency WGSN for an exclusive look at what’s trending in womenswear for the Fall/Winter ‘22 season. Using extensive consumer data, WGSN provided a comprehensive report on the latest in consumer apparel and lifestyle trends. 

Here, we’ll give you an overview of the Fall/Winter ‘22 trending fashion themes identified by WGSN—Rerooted in Nature, Collegiate Classic, and Digital Wonder.

For more information, download the full report here, and watch the WGSN x Faire webinar recording here.

Rerooted in Nature

Key colours

Nature’s hues of green and brown speak to a sense of earth consciousness and wellness, as well as consumers’ newfound need for balance and connection with the outdoors. According to WGSN e-commerce data, brown shows a continuous growth with a rate of 40% in both the U.S. and U.K.; while greens are driving growth at 30% and 70% respectively.

Key colours from Rerooted in Nature include:

  • Greens, from Dark Ivy to Tropical Green and Dark Citron
  • Complementary colours like Fresh Salmon and Amber Yellow
  • Earthy and natural hues like Rhubarb and Irish Cream
  • Deeper, woodsy tones like Copper and Oak

Key styles

Rugged and organic textures and patterns showcase nature’s imperfect perfection through intricate details such as mossy felts, delicate collars, capes and all-weather dresses. From layered looks to quilted separates, this theme is all about being outdoor-proof while still connecting with nature. 

“Fair Isle” knit continues to grow in the statement knitwear category as consumers are becoming more familiar with the pattern. In the U.K, the style has grown more than 50%, followed by 40% growth in Germany and 22% in the United States. 

Key styles from Rerooted in Nature include:

  • Packable puffer jackets
  • Shift dresses
  • Turtlenecks
  • Peasant blouses
  • Textured knits
  • Velour/plush coats 
  • Workwear overalls

Other fundamental styles from this trend include cozy hoodies and soft teddy-like textures, handcrafted trims and embroidery online that add a personal touch to any garment. These elements focus on emphasizing individuality and craft in fashion, reflecting a growing interest in unique and customizable pieces.

Key footwear

Multi-function, multi-purpose footwear will be key as consumers look for elevated outdoor looks that can be worn in the city, on hikes, walks with the dog, and with athleisure and smart casual apparel. Rerooted in Nature will continue to see the lines between leisure and casual-wear increasingly blurred.

Key footwear from Rerooted in Nature include:

  • Pull-on or slip-on shoes like laceless sneakers, slippers and Birkenstocks
  • Hiking-inspired boots and trainers 
  • Shoes made with sustainably-friendly materials like recycled leather
  • Lugged, tracked soles that offer traction 

Prints and graphics

Consumers continue to look for inspiration for faraway adventures and nature-based activities. Combine colour and texture to create intricate details that emulate the spontaneous designs and camouflage of nature; and consider calming patterns and imperfect symmetry inspired by the innate geometry of flora, fauna and natural landscapes.

Key prints and graphics from Rerooted in Nature include:

  • Earthy textures
  • Camouflage and tie-dye prints
  • Calm, scenic prints 
  • Photographic prints 
  • Tiled and kaleidoscopic floral patterns
  • Watercolour patterns

Collegiate Classic

As societies across the world resume a new normal, consumers have regained hope and optimism. A sense of ‘back to school’ excitement and anticipation will be in the air, as consumers return to work, school, and old routines. In fact, according to WGSN, students are planning to spend as much as 32% more for back-to-school shopping in the U.S. alone.

Collegiate Classic embodies preppy pep, optimism, adaptability, and quality as consumers seek new life-enriching and self-development-promoting experiences that enable fluidity between new and old routines.

Key colours

Through a mixture of neutrals, bright accents and toned-down, darker hues, Collegiate Classic demonstrates the traditional and restorative properties of colour to be used in an intelligent and uplifting manner to signify growth, focus and timeless versatility.

Key colours from this trend include:

  • Maize, Vallarta Blue, and Molten Lava to provide a sense of connection and calm
  • Timeless shades like Loden Frost, Amber Yellow, and Ashley Blue
  • Darker colours like Aztec and Moonlight Ocean for pairing
  • Sophisticated hues like Windsor Wine and Rhubarb for uplifting contrasts

Key styles

Home, work, and school life will become even more seamlessly integrated as consumers seek essential items that can be worn in a versatile number of ways for all functions, whether for comfort or formality. Consumers seek to streamline their activities and lifestyles via items that combine style and convenience, as well as multipurpose usage. Hybrid sport-casual and leisurewear styles will be areas of focus.

Key styles from Collegiate Classic include:

  • Trench coats
  • A-line skirts
  • Knitted vests
  • Varsity sweatshirts
  • Tracksuits
  • Collegiate cardigans
  • Panelled sweaters

Other essential styles from this trend include turtlenecks, half-zips, and loose trench coats and blazers paired with graphics and vintage accessories. Finally, flattering track pants emerge as the new yoga pants as consumers seek new ways to wear joggers and athleisure bottoms. 

Key footwear

As consumers switch between remote and in-person routines, multipurpose footwear will be a priority as they swap across indoor and outdoor activities. Workleisure and prep-inspired school spirit will be major areas of focus as they look for smartly casual easy-to-match shoes ranging from loafers to classic sneakers and other styles.

Key footwear from Collegiate Classic include:

  • Sophisticated sneakers like court shoes
  • Equestrian and riding-inspired boots
  • Penny loafers in new colors and textures like snakeskin

Prints and graphics

Collegiate Classic’s prints and graphics will be largely inspired by uplifting and timeless and varsity-inspired styles. The dressier side of casual will also make a comeback as consumers celebrate via back to school and back to work “prep” and classic print styles. 

Key prints and graphics from Rerooted in Nature include:

  • College fonts and logos
  • DIY looks and fun patterns like doodles, appliqués, and hand-made techniques
  • Houndstooth, stripes, and commercial checks in clashing colours
  • Empathetic slogans

Digital wonder

Over the past year, the metaverse has expanded as consumers shift much of their offline activities—working, learning, and living—to online. The expansion of the ‘homebody economy’ has seen social media, digital creativity, gaming, and even digitised wellness experiencing major growth and innovation. 

Digital Wonder is at the intersection of future and fantasy. Inspired by aesthetics in both the digital and real worlds, new forms of creativity are emerging that transcend physical boundaries and blur the lines between physical and digital realities. From bold colours, opulent materials and fluid, silky surfaces to luxurious metallics and extravagant embellishments, this trend seeks greater tactility in virtual and real forms. Expect more experimental and outgoing expressions of personal identity.

Key colours

From anime-inspired soft and romantic tones to darker virtual combinations, this palette makes a statement while offering a sense of escapism. Vibrant colours are combined with sumptuous dark tones to highlight exciting new contrasts. 

Key colours from this trend include:

  • Saturated near-neons like Tropical Green and Festival Fuchsia
  • Lazuli Black and Black for balance
  • Warm colours like Rhubarb, Maize, and Shell coral
  • Gem tones such as Deep Lake, Jacaranda, and Delphinium Blue

Key styles

Consumers will be looking for new inspiration in their tech-powered, online-to-offline lifestyles. Think wonder, as well a sense of escapism, as they look for more ways to experiment with styles that are both comfortable yet fun and striking and maybe even a little avant-garde.

Key styles from Digital Wonder include:

  • Tube skirts
  • Patent leather trenches
  • Bodysuits
  • Bombers 
  • Mock-neck jerseys
  • Matching sets
  • Tube dresses
  • Knit trousers

Other essential styles from this trend include cutaway elements, casual bomber jackets, leggings, sleek dresses in metallic finishes, and bodycon dresses in jersey and other elasticated materials. 

Key footwear

Informed by technology and influenced by future and fantasy, consumers will seek style and function. Digital Wonder will see the return of classic autumn-winter styles such as square-toe heels, as well as practical favourites including sneakers and the combat boot. In the U.S., active-ready and outdoor- style shoes saw significant growth in 2021. 

Key footwear from Digital Wonder includes:

  • Combat boots
  • Fantastical sneakers in space-like colour themes like metallics
  • Kitten heels in satin finishes or future-forward colours

Key patterns and graphics

Inspired by tech innovations, digital dress codes, as well as concepts such as personal expression, from digitised aesthetics to sci-fi patterns, Digital Wonder’s prints and graphics are testament to a future of endless creativity and boundless imagination. 

Key patterns and graphics from this trend include:

  • Bright logos and effects inspired by gaming and virtual influencers
  • Anime-inspired prints
  • Graphs and grids
  • Distorted graphics and digital skins inspired by digital identities
  • Virtual texture prints

Watch the WGSN x Faire webinar here.

Download Faire & WGSN’s custom report on Big Ideas in Womenswear: Autumn/Winter 2022 here, and watch the WGSN x Faire webinar recording here.

All content and images are owned, controlled or licensed by or to WGSN or its affiliates, and are protected by intellectual property laws including but not limited to copyright, trademark, trade dress, domain name, patent, trade secret, international treaties and other proprietary rights and unfair competition laws. All rights not expressly granted are reserved. 

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