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How to Find Unique Wholesale Brands for Your Shop

March 12, 2021 | Published by Faire

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wholesale brands, unique wholesale goods
Photo courtesy of albert L. (punkt).

As an independent retailer, you have an opportunity to delight your customers and community with goods they won’t find anywhere else. To create the best possible experience for your customers—whether they’re shopping in-store or online—you need to source the most unique wholesale products from the most interesting wholesale brands.

There are a lot of wholesale brands out there, so choosing the right options for your store may feel overwhelming. Here, we’re sharing ways you can find the very best goods for your community.

Why are unique wholesale products important?

When you stock a distinctive assortment of wholesale brands in your shop, you can give yourself a competitive edge. Build a deep connection with your customers by curating hand-picked, unique wholesale products. This tells your customers that you’re conscious of their preferences and that your business is for them. Plus, you have an opportunity to help your customers to discover new finds, which makes you the go-to place for both the familiar and the fresh.

So, where should you begin? Read on for simple ways to find the best wholesale brands.

How to find wholesale brands your customers will love

There are plenty of effective ways to approach your buying. Here are four methods to help get you started.

1. Buy from wholesale brands that share your values

wholesale brands, unique wholesale products
Photo courtesy of budgiegoods

Stock products that align with your customers’ values. For example, your community may love to shop goods that are sustainable, charitable, or that can’t be found at big-box stores like Amazon. Popular consumer values include:

2. Buy from international wholesale brands

We know that products made in the USA are popular among U.S.-based consumers—and likewise, products made in Canada do well in Canadian shops. 

However, adding high-quality goods from international markets to your inventory can be just as appealing to your customer base. Stocking wholesale brands from around the world gives your customers exposure to products they won’t find elsewhere. To create an exciting and diverse assortment, buy products from both local and international wholesale brands.

For example, try brands that are based in the United Kingdom, or products that are made in Canada and Europe. A few international brands we love include Kinshipped, Lynn & Liana Serveware, and Polli Pots.

3. Select wholesale brands that are fair-trade certified

wholesale brands, unique wholesale goods
Photo courtesy of Mayan Hands.

The Fair Trade Federation (FTF) is a nonprofit trade association for businesses committed to equitable and sustainable practices that aims to promote a system of fair wages and long-term, direct trading relationships based on dialogue, transparency, equity, and respect.

As part of the global fair trade movement, the Fair Trade Federation shares a vision of a world in which justice, equity, and sustainable development are at the heart of trade structures and practices so that everyone, through their work, can maintain a decent and dignified livelihood.

The Fair Trade Federation traces its roots back to the late 1970s when individual alternative trade organizations began holding yearly conferences for groups working in fair trade. Since then, the FTF has focused on supporting fully committed businesses to expanding markets for artisans and farmers around the world. 

The FTF is a vibrant community of over 250 U.S. and Canadian businesses and organizations, and many members of the federation are wholesale brands. You can buy wholesale products from fair trade brands and delight your customers with worldly, ethical goods. 

A few fair trade wholesale brands we love include Sobremesa by Greenheart, Ten Thousand Villages, and Mayan Hands.

4. Choose unique wholesale products from curated collections

A nudge in the right direction can help you make good choices when it comes to finding wholesale brands. Curated collections, such as those found on Faire, can help guide your buying. A few examples of helpful collections include:

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