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Convert leads and delight customers with promo codes

24 March 2023 | Published by Faire

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A custom promo code shown in Faire

This spring, based on requests and feedback from brands like yours, we’re introducing promo codes – a new way for you to create and share custom discount codes with customers and leads on an individual basis. 

Faire brands have long had the ability to set up shop-wide or product-level promotions on our platform but weren’t able to offer promotions at the customer level. With this new tool, brands can now create specific promotions and use the codes to drive sales, reward loyal customers and remedy customer service dilemmas. As always, we’ll be introducing this new feature to brands in waves, so if you don’t see them in your dashboard yet, you will soon.

Why should brands use custom promo codes?

There are lots of reasons why a brand might want to offer a tailored promotional discount. In speaking with Faire brands, the top benefits we heard about were:  

  • Increase sales. Promo codes offer a unique opportunity to target promotions, celebrate special occasions, or drive urgency around seasonal shopping and events like trade shows. Codes can also help to convert leads by offering first-purchase discounts.
  • Build brand loyalty: You can create lifelong customers by rewarding your high-value buyers and giving them unique incentives to keep buying. Consider celebrating your most valuable customers and driving reorders with a special discount on their next purchase.
  • Elevate your customer service: Mistakes happen in retail, and when they do, promo codes can be a great way to remedy tough customer service moments or assure your customers that you have their back when things go wrong. 

We would love to send discount codes to folks we missed at the trade shows this year to extend our show specials to them in particular.

Matt Butler, Pretty Alright Goods

How to get started with promo codes

The promotions tab inside the Faire brand portal

Creating and sharing a custom promo code is easy. Simply head to the Promotions or Customers page in your brand portal to get started once you know your desired promo name, relevant dates and specific details of the discount. You can then share your promo code with current customers or leads through an individual email or email campaign, on social media or in person at trade shows. Visit our Help Centre for more information, restrictions and detailed ways to share custom promo codes. 

Other ways to set promotions on Faire

In addition to our new promo codes, we still give brands the ability to offer shop-wide and product-specific promotions. You can also take advantage of Faire-matched promotions during any of our Faire Markets

Shop-wide promotions encourage retailers to make larger purchases or try new products. You can offer shop-wide promotions to all customers, new customers, returning customers or customers in specific locations (you just can’t offer more than one shop-wide promo at a time). In addition to percentage-off or pound-off deals, you can offer tiered discounts where customers get a bigger discount when they spend more or multi-benefit promos where a percentage/price discount is combined with free shipping.

Product-specific promotions are a great way to increase the visibility of seasonal products, drive traffic to products you’re having trouble selling or clear out old inventory. Whether you’re running a shop-wide or product-wide promotion, you’ll start by clicking on Promotions under the Marketing tab on the left menu of your web portal. Then select the Create New Promotion button at the top right of the page and choose which type of promotion to offer. Visit our Help Centre to learn more about all the types of promotions we offer on Faire.  

We’re always looking for new ways to help our brands succeed and improve the selling experience on Faire, so we value your feedback. Request to join our Faire Brand Community on Facebook today to share your thoughts so we can keep improving!

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