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3 UK-based brands on how they’ve grown their businesses with Faire 

9 August 2022 | Published by Faire

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Image courtesy of Tabitha Eve

How do you grow a small business? It’s all about your customers. 

But unfortunately, anybody who’s ever run a business knows it’s not as simple as it sounds. 

Small business owners have to juggle existing customer relationships, order fulfilment and logistics, business planning, and marketing efforts all at once, often with a limited budget. 

So, how can you attract new buyers in a cost-effective way? At Faire, we’ve helped plenty of brands right here in the UK grow their businesses.

Today, we’re sharing the stories of three UK brands—Paper Mirchi, Huski Home, and Tabitha Eve—that have used Faire to expand into new markets and reach new customers, saving time and money along the way.

How this paper brand found the right independent retailers  

Members of the Paper Mirchi team. Image courtesy of Paper Mirchi.

Rani Moochala is the owner and director of novelty stationery brand Paper Mirchi. Rani knew she had a great product when she started the brand in 2017. But before long, she wanted to find customers for her handcrafted and recycled paper products much further afield. To do that, she turned to Faire. 

After joining, Rani invited her existing network of retailers to join Faire—and most of them did. This meant she was able to manage all existing orders in one place and save resources. The big game-changer, however, was that she found a whole host of new retailers that were also buying through Faire, and was able to grow her business as a result. 

Rani said her total customer base has nearly doubled since using Faire. And what’s more, most of the new retailers are similar to her existing customer base of luxury home and lifestyle retailers, gift shops, and art shops. It was a great fit. 

“We’re on a few other platforms, but the sheer rate at which I’m getting new customers through Faire is quite stunning,” said Rani. “It started with a couple of new orders a week, now it’s usually four or five, sometimes several in the same day.” 

Much of this comes down to Faire’s algorithms and ability to match buyers and sellers in the online marketplace. But it’s also the fantastic quality and personality of Rani’s brand that keeps those customers coming back for more.

How this home decor brand found an alternative to trade fairs

Huski Home co-founders Luke and Lisa. Image courtesy of Huski Home.

Brands often find trade shows and retail events a great way to get their brand seen by potential buyers. It’s a pretty good way to network, but comes at a cost: time. 

This was exactly the situation for family-run, eco-friendly brand, Huski Home. Trade shows were a huge part of their business strategy, but when COVID-19 hit, founders Lisa and Luke had to rethink their strategy. Which is why they were excited to discover Faire. 

Once Huski Home started selling using the Faire marketplace, the buyers began rolling in. The new channel brought on a lot of customers that otherwise wouldn’t have known about the brand. 

Faire Direct started playing a massive role in sales right away. With targeted marketing, offers, and incentives helping to convince customers who may have been reluctant to order during the pandemic, to part with their cash once again. 

But it’s not just about finding new customers. Faire has also helped Lisa and Luke expand the type of customer they’re attracting. A big help here, says Lisa, was the fact that she can now offer new buyers free credit towards her products, all because of the Faire marketplace. For Huski Home this has made all the difference. 

“Maybe the B2B marketplace is the new trade fair,” she said. “It’s the new way to work.”

How this brand grew sales after Brexit  

Image courtesy of Tabitha Eve.

When Brexit became official in 2020, eco-friendly brand Tabitha Eve lost European buyers overnight. Debbie Rees needed to find a new way to attract customers for handmade, reusable, vegan, and cruelty-free products. That’s why in May 2021, she decided to join Faire.

Faire gave Debbie the support she needed to rebuild her European customer base. The fact that Faire covers the cost of duties on European orders was a big help here—because it meant Debbie could cut out a lot of new Brexit-related costs and red tape.  

She could now contact retailers on the continent about restocking again, replacing her old customer base.

Sales have grown as a result of Faire Direct’s retailer benefits: 60-day payment terms, free shipping promotions, and free credit on first orders. “Our customers think we must be missing out if they’re getting all this for free, and I have to convince them we’re not,” Debbie said with a laugh. “It’s great.”

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