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Le Grand Prix des Indépendants: Celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation in Lyon

15 May 2023 | Published by Faire

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Faire participated in the Le Grand Prix des Indépendants organized by Envi, the school for entrepreneurs founded by Catherine Barba, which took place in Lyon on May 3. The event brought together over 200 entrepreneurs from Lyon for a night of conversation and award presentations. In addition to Faire and Envi, it was sponsored by Beager, Indy and BNP Paribas.

The evening provided great opportunities for entrepreneurs in the region, with engaging panel discussions, live presentations and networking opportunities.

Nadia Berais, the founder of the accessory brand Yuko B, took part in a panel discussion that focused on the role of technology, particularly its role in helping small businesses grow. Berais explained how Faire has increased her brand’s visibility since she launched it five years ago: “Faire gives a small brand the opportunity to be recognized and to sell at a national and international level.”

Nadia Berais (right), founder of Yuko B, explains how technology can spur small business growth

Faire also proudly sponsored the Innovation Award, which was given to a local retailer. The winner received Faire credits to stock their shop, as well as sessions with Envi. The decision was a tough one, but MomOut was ultimately selected as the winner. Founded by Joana Jacuzzi, MomOut helps mothers stay active during and after pregnancy. The shop offers specialized sustainable products for pregnant and postpartum women who wish to maintain an active, sporty lifestyle. It provides items such as sports bras, baby carriers and jackets, sold with a repurchase guarantee or available for rent to minimize environmental and financial costs.

“It is with humility and immense gratitude that I receive this award. It means a lot to me as it rewards the hard work and sacrifices I have made to launch and grow my business. Looking back at my journey, I can hardly believe that just three years ago, I hoped someone else would bring my idea to life. Back then, I did not see myself as an entrepreneur, but I knew I had to pursue my passion,” Jacuzzi said. “As I look towards the future, I am excited about the possibilities for me and my company. I am committed to continuing to develop my concept and to make a positive impact by supporting women and mothers like myself. This award has given me the motivation and encouragement needed to continue my project.” 

Ana Seone from Faire presents the Innovation Award to MomOut

Faire also set up a booth to connect with local retailers, brands and active users. The event was both fun and inspiring, and the Faire team is looking forward to meeting more entrepreneurs in other regions. Le Grand Prix des Indépendants was a fantastic opportunity for participants to connect, share experiences and inspire each other to continue their entrepreneurial journey. We are proud to have been part of it! 

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