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Celebrate these 10 Black-owned brands

27 October 2023 | Published by Faire

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Black History Month tote bag from Afropop

We’re proud to champion our wonderful collection of Black-owned businesses throughout the UK. From games and fashion to drinks, food, candles and household accessories, here are some of our favourites to stock your shelves with this month and beyond. 

Inspire a happy home with these accessories and gifts

From jigsaw puzzles and bold plates to elegant candles and quirky umbrella designs, these brands are all bringing a taste of Africa and beyond into shoppers’ homes. 

1. Very Puzzled

Very Puzzled

Founded in 2017 in the heart of Kent, Very Puzzled is a children’s toy manufacturer with a twist. At first glance, it looks like the brand stocks a range of classic puzzles, T-shirts and kids’ activities, but look closer and you’ll see that each item is a learning opportunity. 

Every African Caribbean–themed jigsaw has been designed for children and parents to learn together about rich African, African American and African Caribbean communities. The maps, puzzles and activities spark discussion and provide a fun way to learn, like this Ghana colour-in T-shirt that spotlights cultural snippets from the country.

2. Note and Shine

London-based Note and Shine is all about helping people inject self-care into their daily routines. The brand’s collection of stationery focuses on wellness and productivity to promote a more balanced life. All products are made using luxury, sustainable materials in the UK, including vegetable-based inks and eco-friendly paper, like this daily goals and wellness planner.

3. Soie London

Soie London

Soie London is our second-best-performing Black-owned brand in the UK, and for good reason. It creates sculptural, decorative accessories that will bring elegance and opulence to your digital shelves. Every item is handmade and hand-poured in London using the finest materials, including soy wax and wicks that are 100% natural and vegan-friendly. 

Soie keeps sustainability at the core of its operations, using natural dyes and recyclable, biodegradable packaging. We love these hand-carved charcoal tapered candlesticks in rich, muted tones.

4. Wavey Casa

Launched in the depths of the 2020 lockdown, Wavey Casa aims to bring a pop of colour and fun to your winter inventory. Explore a range of tongue-in-cheek items that are cute, bright and fun, including weird and wonderful candles and household accessories, like this eye-catching “Power to the People” plate.

5. Original Duckhead

The wasteful nature of the umbrella industry led to the foundation of Original Duckhead. One billion umbrellas are discarded every year, so Original Duckhead set out to create products that would stand the test of time. Today, the brand champions sustainability through eco-friendly materials that meet modern design. The end result is a quirky collection of products that elevate the everyday adventure. As well as fun duck-head umbrellas, the brand also sells a line of reusable tote bags in bold designs and colours.

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Fill your digital clothes racks with Black-owned apparel brands

Breathe life into your digital clothes racks this season with the bold prints, vibrant patterns, and traditional designs of these Black-owned brands. 

6. Lu by Lu

Lu by Lu is another brand born in the 2020 lockdown. The Lagos-born atelier creates beautiful pieces that combine sustainable luxury and future wear. Founder Louie Akinwale is on a mission to redefine Nigerian heritage, taking elements of traditional culture like multifaceted beads and vibrant patterns and pairing them with cross-continental influences, such as unconventional designs and distinctive silhouettes. 

We’re big fans of the brand’s cutting-edge handbags inspired by the African diaspora, like this bright, beaded design.

7. Elsie & Fred

Sibling-owned brand Elsie & Fred is dedicated to sustainability, and it develops every fashion item in-house to reduce its carbon footprint. The company doesn’t use single-use plastic. It recycles collections throughout the year and ensures every part of the manufacturing process is fully vegan. The pieces are bright, bold and fun, with a hearty dose of mischief thrown in for good measure, like this striped, open-knit maxi dress—a great way to add a pop of colour to your shelves this season.

8. Afropop

London-based Afropop pays tribute to traditional African art through bold, modern sock designs. Each pair features a unique design with distinctive patterns and motifs that are both fashionable and draw from the rich cultural tapestry of Africa. It offers a great way for people from all walks of life to experience and enjoy African pop culture in the form of wearable art.

9. The Black Farmer

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, a.k.a. the only Black farmer in the UK, has created a media sensation of a company that produces and sells high-quality food and drink items with a difference. The wide selection of free-range British meat, deli treats, bakery goods and Caribbean-inspired flavours bring together the British food scene and Emmanuel-Jones’ heritage. The Black Farmer has had its fair share of media coverage and has an excellent, loyal following on social media. Check out its range of delicious, unique products, like this chicken rillette with lemon oil and cracked black pepper.

10. Biss’

Founded back in 2012, Biss’ “ambiss’sion” is to bring the agri-food treasures of Africa to the UK. The brand’s range of hibiscus drinks is inspired by the thirst-quenching flavours of Africa and is renowned for its antioxidant abilities. Since its humble beginnings of door-to-door sales in the cobbled streets of Paris, Biss has gone on to distribute to an ever-expanding number of markets.

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Support our Black-owned businesses this Black History Month

Bring traditional African patterns, Caribbean flavours and cross-continental colours to your digital shelves this season with our inspiring collection of Black-owned businesses. Whether you’re looking to fill a foodie gap or pack out your digital clothes racks with bold prints and sustainable materials, we’ve got you covered this Black History Month.

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