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The best of both worlds: Why retailers are using Faire and attending trade shows 

25 June 2024 | Published by Faire

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Traditionally, wholesalers and retailers would meet, network and make deals at trade shows, depending heavily on in-person interactions. But today, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, digital platforms and marketplaces like Faire have become invaluable. Now that attending events is possible again, independent businesses everywhere have started to harness the best parts of trade shows and the efficiency of online purchasing. This year, Faire and Autumn Fair are teaming up to bring you the power of in-person connections and the convenience of an online marketplace. 

Here’s a look at why retailers throughout the UK are leveraging both online wholesale buying and in-person trade shows to discover unique products and power their growth.

Benefits of attending a trade show: 

  • In-person networking opportunities: At Autumn Fair, buyers can build meaningful relationships with brands. A friendly face-to-face meeting means both parties can assess their businesses’ compatibility, create clear expectations and set the stage for collaboration. 
  • Direct access to products and services: There’s nothing quite like seeing, touching, and interacting with products firsthand to really get a sense of their qualities. At Autumn Fair, buyers can ask questions of brands and see items for themselves before they commit to purchasing, which can cut down on returns.
  • Comparison: Trade shows like the Autumn Fair are a great way to get an overview of products on the market and compare various options side by side. This setting allows for a thorough evaluation of different products’ features, quality and pricing – all in one place. By providing a platform where a range of brands can showcase their offerings, trade shows make it easier for buyers to make informed decisions.

Benefits of buying with Faire:

  • Risk-free wholesale buying: Faire takes the risk out of trying new brands. You can buy new products for your shop now, and pay 60 days later with zero fees. Faire also provides free, easy returns on first orders from brands, which means that you can try out thousands of brands with minimum order values of £100 or less.
  • Flexibility and wide access: As a retailer on Faire, you have 24/7 access to over 100,000 of the best independent brands close to home and around the world – all in one place. Shop, track orders, message brands directly and get help with Faire’s intuitive and user-friendly platform or app. 
  • Data-driven recommendations: Faire uses data from retailers worldwide to understand your preferences and make personalised recommendations for your store. Better data means better planning … so you can buy new inventory with confidence. 

All together now: Autumn Fair X Faire

Autumn Fair and Faire are partnering up this year to create an all-new buying experience that combines the best of in-person and online shopping. This collaboration makes buying inventory and connecting with brands more efficient, flexible and pleasant than ever. Here’s how: 

  • Easy browsing: Explore the Autumn Fair collection on Faire to see all the exhibitors online. During the show, use Faire to explore brands, browse products, view detailed descriptions and place orders directly – all in one place.
  • Connect and buy: This September, attend Autumn Fair to experience products in person, participate in workshops and network with industry professionals. If you make a connection with a brand that sells on Faire, you can place your order through Faire for a seamless and risk-free process.
  • Meet the team: Visit the Faire team at Autumn Fair to ask questions, get first-hand support and get started with Faire.

Come see how Faire can transform your buying strategy at Autumn Fair X Faire! You can sign up to attend Autumn Fair here, and sign up to buy on Faire here. Join us in person at Autumn Fair from 1 to 4 September and discover your new favourite products at the season’s largest retail trade show. 

New to Faire? Sign up to shop, or apply to sell.

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