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Everything to Know About Selling in the United Kingdom

February 7, 2021 | Published by Faire

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At Faire, one of our primary goals is to connect brands with local retailers in new markets. That’s why we’re excited to expand the Faire marketplace to serve independent retailers across Europe in 2021 and beyond. Our first stop is the United Kingdom.

A limited number of U.K. retailers can now shop on Faire. Over the coming weeks, we’ll slowly move buyers off the waitlist to provide the best experience. Additionally, to best serve our customers long-term, we’re hiring a team with local expertise based in London. 

We’re here to equip you with the information and tools you need to sell successfully in the U.K., no matter where your brand is based. Read on for details about our expansion and how you can reach U.K retailers on Faire.

We have been approached by lots of similar marketplaces [in the U.K.], but we’ve been holding out for Faire!

Kelly Stevens-McLaughlan, FabFunky Ltd

Faire’s vision for Europe

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs chase their dreams, from the artisan candlemaker growing her business to the enterprising shopkeeper stocking his shelves with unique goods for his community. We want to empower independent brands and retailers around the world.

In 2019, we kicked off international expansion by opening the Faire marketplace to Canadian retailers. We were thrilled by the reception, so we built tools to help brands maximize their success in international markets. We updated the Faire experience to support country-specific pricing as well as product-level tariff codes, which our system predicts based on the category of a product. Plus, we updated our Ship with Faire feature to support international shipping.

Now, after extensive research into European markets, we’re excited to offer Faire brands the opportunity to connect with thousands more independent retailers. The U.K. and European Union, home to over 500 million people, are among the largest economies in the world. Faire’s expansion into these markets will enable our brands to share their products and grow their businesses globally. 

As we launch in the U.K., know that we’ll be closely monitoring local restrictions related to COVID-19. Faire will initially be available to a small number of U.K. retailers. Then, we’ll slowly open the marketplace to more buyers to ensure the best experience. We’re committed to supporting our global community throughout the pandemic and into recovery, and we’ll react accordingly as circumstances change.

Steps for selling in the U.K.

It’s easy to sell internationally with Faire. We’ll make products available to retailers in the United Kingdom, and you can take steps to optimize your shop page. If you aren’t ready to sell in the U.K., you can simply opt out

First, you can set specific order minimums for the U.K. Next, set your U.K. product pricing. This feature is helpful if your products wholesale or retail at different prices in different markets. If you don’t set custom minimums and pricing, your shop page will convert to GBP (£) automatically at the daily exchange rate.

At this time, because Faire’s financial services are located in the U.S., payments to brands will continue to be made in USD ($).

Please note, brands are responsible for ensuring their products meet all laws, rules, and regulations to be sold in the U.K. If you’re uncertain, please consult a customs broker or legal professional.

Shipping and customs

Brands don’t pay for shipping when they sell on Faire, and this includes international shipping. We’ve made updates to our Ship with Faire program so that you have seamless access to the customs paperwork you’ll need.

If your orders ship to the U.K. from the U.S., you’ll use our Ship with Faire feature, designed to help you prepare for customs. We’ll automatically generate the three commercial invoices required for shipments to enter the U.K.

If your orders ship from the U.K. or another international location, you’ll use a carrier of your choice and we’ll reimburse you for the cost of shipping.

Value-added tax

Orders by U.K. retailers may be subject to value-added tax, known as VAT. U.K. retailers will be charged the standard 20% VAT when applicable. Faire will remit the tax to any brands with a VAT number, a requirement for businesses with a warehouse, shop, or office in the U.K.

Most brands won’t take any action related to VAT. Unless your brand has a physical presence in the U.K., you don’t need to obtain or provide a VAT registration number.

Our European expansion wouldn’t be possible without the Faire community. We’re thrilled to continue our ongoing partnership with independent brands and retailers across the globe. To optimize your Faire account for selling in the U.K., login now.

New to Faire? Sign up to shop, or apply to sell.

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