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How to Plan Your Show Special for Faire Summer Market

August 6, 2020 | Published by Faire

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Faire Summer Market is coming up on August 26 and 27. To participate, all you need to do is run a promotion on your shop. With strategic market specials, you can both encourage first-time buyers and reward loyal customers alike. Plus, Faire is matching show specials during Faire Summer Market up to 10%.

Before running a show special, ask yourself a few questions to maximize your success. What can you afford to offer based on your profit margin? How much will you require buyers to spend to be eligible for a promotion? Are you targeting all retailers, or a particular audience? For example, maybe you determine it’s most cost effective to offer a larger discount to only new buyers.

Next, you’ll need to decide what kind of promotion to run. There are a few different types of specials you can offer through Faire. Here, we’re reviewing the options.

Free shipping

Free shipping can be a very enticing promotion for independent retailers. We’ve heard from our buyers time and time again that they’re always conscious of freight costs. A free shipping promotion is sure to be noticed by your retailers.

During Faire Summer Market, free shipping promotions will be matched with an additional 5% off. Free shipping specials will become free shipping plus 5% off the order total.


Offering a discount is a simple and classic way to increase your order volume. On Faire, you can offer both percentage-based and dollar-value discounts. All discounts apply to the entire value of a retailer’s order. 

We’ll be matching percentage-off promotions up to 10% during Faire Summer Market. For example, if you offer a 15% off discount, buyers will receive 25% off in total.

Note that dollar-value promotions will not be matched during this event, but they’ll still qualify you as a participant.

Tiered promotions

Invite your retailers to buy more, save more! A tiered promotion allows you to offer discounts that increase with order value. For example, you can give 5% off orders over $300, 10% off orders over $400, and 15% off orders over $500. This way, you’ll incentivize larger orders and reward buyers for spending more.

Discounts at each tier will be matched up to 10% by Faire during the August event.

Combined promotions

You also have the ability to combine multiple promotion options to create a unique and enticing show special! For example, try offering both a discount and free shipping simultaneously. Or, add free shipping onto the top tier of your tiered promotion. Experiment with what delights your customers and brings in the most orders for your brand.

Combined promotions will also be matched up to 10%, with free shipping being equal to a 5% discount match.

For help setting up a promotion, you can read more in our Help Center

If you haven’t created a promotion yet for August 26 and 27, you can do so by visiting the Marketing tab in your Faire portal and selecting the Promotions option. The sooner you set your promotion, the more likely it is that you’ll be featured in our pre-event marketing!

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