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Offer Customers Flexibility While Increasing Your Reach & Conversion: 3 New Tools from Faire

October 20, 2020 | Published by Faire

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This year, doing business has been about meeting customers where they are. The ability to be flexible while managing your brand and ordering options helps you increase the number of customers that you can reach and convert.

Today at Faire, we’re introducing three new features to help you embrace flexibility so you can grow and simplify your business:

  • Expanded marketing tools that provide better customer segmentation functionality, email deliverability insights, and one-click email drafting.
  • A new order-writing tool so you can invoice customers, whether or not they currently buy on Faire.
  • An option for retailers to order samples from your brand before placing an order.

As we head into the busy holiday season, these features can give you more time to do what you do best — create.

Connect better with your customers

We redesigned our Customers page to help you see all contacts at once, create your own audiences, and understand email deliverability.

The “All Contacts” view lets you see all your customers in one place. You can sort your customers based on a variety of criteria, including the source of the account, your relationship with them, and whether or not they’ve placed an order yet. You can even customize and save your criteria.

The new Customers page

Plus, you can easily select customers you’d like to contact, then initiate an email campaign with a single click. This method of creating custom audiences allows you to send quick follow-ups or targeted campaigns based on specific customer criteria.

Finally, after you send an email blast, you’ll be able to view deliverability insights at a customer level within your campaign. Simply hover over the information icon on a given customer’s email status to find out what happened.

Write orders for your retailers

We know that your customers enjoy having options when it comes to placing orders. We want to offer that flexibility through Faire. Now, you can write an order on a customer’s behalf and send them an invoice — whether or not they have a Faire account. 

The new order-writing experience

Paying an invoice is easy for retailers. Faire buyers can approve the purchase with a single click. Non-Faire customers can check out as a guest. Plus, fulfilling these orders is exactly the same as processing any other Faire order. You can purchase shipping labels through Faire, even if the customer pays as a guest. 

This new feature helps you to streamline your business by processing orders all in one place, while offering Faire’s benefits like net 60 payment terms.

Read more about how order-writing works here. To use the order-writing tool, visit your Orders page, under Drafts.

Offer product samples

You can now offer product samples to help you convert new visitors into customers. Retailers pay for samples up-front, which ultimately can be used as a credit toward their next order with your brand. Note, brands who choose to offer samples will cover the cost of this credit if the retailer places an order. 

The new samples experience for retailers

Samples are a great option for many products, from skincare and cosmetics to home fragrance and candles to food and beverage. Retailers can benefit from the sensory experience of these items before buying.

Read more about how samples work here. To get started listing samples, visit your Products page.

We’re excited to offer these updates. We hope that this flexibility can help you to grow and simplify your business. If you have any questions about how to use these features, contact 

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