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How to sell to retailers in France and Germany

May 10, 2021 | Published by Faire

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We’re excited to share that Faire is now available in France and Germany, helping you reach thousands of new retailers in the European Union.

After expanding to the United Kingdom and Netherlands earlier this year, we’re thrilled to continue our journey in the E.U. We’re here to support brands as they grow their businesses internationally, no matter where they’re based. Read on for everything you need to know about growing your business in France and Germany.

Why we’re bringing Faire to France and Germany

In 2017, we created Faire with a mission to help independent entrepreneurs chase their dreams. Over the years, we’ve loved helping brands in the U.S. and Canada grow their businesses, while learning how we can best support them along the way.  

Today, the Faire community is made up of 15,000 brands and 170,000 retailers who’ve turned their passion into a living. They know how to delight their customers through carefully making products and building community in their stores. Like us, our customers believe that the future of retail is local.

That’s why we’re excited to finally bring Faire to independent retailers in France and Germany, at a time when businesses are starting to reopen.

What brands should know

We know that for brands, selling in new countries may seem daunting. Our aim is to make selling in France, Germany, and additional E.U. countries as seamless and successful as possible. Here are some of the steps we’re taking to help set you up:

  • For a limited time, we’re funding free shipping to European retailers. This will encourage retailers to order from new brands without having to worry about shipping costs, which means you can build new relationships more easily.
  • You can offer benefits to European retailers, covered by Faire. We’re just getting started in Europe, so retailers you work with in Europe may not be using Faire yet. Offer new retailers €100 and free international shipping for a year on your line through Faire Direct—plus, you’ll pay 0% commission those orders.
  • For U.S. brands, we’re handling shipping logistics through Ship with Faire. We’ll automatically create a shipping label and all of the required forms for customs. We hope this small step makes selling to European retailers even easier.
  • We’re offering cash for any Europe-based brands you refer to Faire. Invite European brands to join Faire, and you’ll get $500 (USD) for each brand that starts selling on the marketplace.
  • We’ve built a support guide for selling internationally. From VAT to tariffs and customs to import regulations, we’ve curated comprehensive guides to answer your most pressing questions about selling in new markets.
  • We’ve launched a new European Union toggle in your Shop Settings. Here, you can set European-specific pricing and order minimums. Please note that you’ll need to adjust your settings for all of Europe, rather than individual countries in the E.U.

Let us know what you think

We aim to be a partner as your brand grows in new markets. We’ve launched this form where you can leave feedback about your international selling experience, or you can reach us via If you’re not ready to sell in Europe at this time, you can simply opt out.

We’re excited for you to join us on our mission to make the future local—wherever “local” may be to you.

New to Faire? Sign up to shop, or apply to sell.

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