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How to Maximize Your Sales After Trade Show Season Using Faire

February 19, 2020 | Published by Faire

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Photo courtesy of National Stationery Show.

The winter season for major retail trade shows just wrapped up. These markets give makers an opportunity to meet potential retailers and initiate new relationships, which can be a great way to get orders. And though the shows are over, there’s still work to do—it’s time to turn your trade show prospects into buyers!

Yes, we’re referring to that stack of business cards that you collected and stuffed away in your suitcase. Following up with these leads is an important step in making your trade show experience worth every last penny.

Whether you’re a trade show pro, a first-timer, or an aspiring attendee, we’re sharing three tips on how to maximize your sales after shows using Faire.

1. Bring your show strategy online

Before you start reaching out to your new prospects, make sure that you update your online presence based on your trade show strategy and learnings. Did you try a new merchandising strategy in your booth that worked well? Which products were most popular this season—was it your tried-and-true classics, or did you have an exciting new best seller? Take a moment to review your website and Faire catalog and make updates accordingly. On Faire, you’ll find options for merchandising your page on your Marketplace tab, found in the sales channels section.

Further, you can extend your show special online in order to 1) delight customers who didn’t attend trade shows this season, and 2) continue closing deals with retailers you met at trade shows. For example, if you offered $50 off opening orders at market, try extending that discount for a limited time online. Test out a promotion on Faire by visiting the Marketing tab of your account.

Photo courtesy of National Stationery Show.

2. Offer Faire’s terms to your prospects

Net payment terms are a powerful incentive to offer small retailers. Through Faire, you can offer net terms—along with easy online ordering, free returns, and sign-up deals—to your prospective retailers. Faire covers all of these benefits on your behalf, and there’s no commission taken on orders from customers you source yourself. We also handle the payment collection and guarantee your payout, so you’re not spending your time chasing down credit cards from retailers. It’s a free and seamless way to maximize your sales after trade shows.

The key to sharing Faire’s terms at no charge to you is your Faire Direct link. When your prospective buyer clicks your link, they’ll be prompted to either sign-up with Faire or login to their existing Faire account. If the retailer is new to Faire and creates an account through your link, they’ll receive $100 off and a year of free shipping to your line—covered by Faire! Then, they can browse your online catalog and checkout online.

You can find your Faire Direct link by visiting the Direct tab in your account, found in your sales channels section. From there, you can share your link by email with your list of leads.

3. Embed a Faire ordering widget on your website

Starting today, you can also embed your Faire wholesale portal within your brand’s website. This way, you ensure that the incentivizing Faire Direct terms are available whenever interested retailers come to browse your site.

Faire’s widget tool lets you offer easy wholesale ordering directly from your own website. To use the widget, you’ll simply copy and paste a block of code that we provide for you, and either add it to your website or send it to your developer. This will enable retailers who visit your website to gain access to Faire’s net 60 terms and free returns. And don’t forget, Faire still handles invoicing the retailer and collecting payment. Your payout is guaranteed and commission-free!

Ready to get started?

To maximize your post-trade show sales, login to your Faire account today to merchandise your shop page, run a promotion, and share Faire Direct benefits.

New to Faire? Sign up to shop, or apply to sell.

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