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How to Market Your Eco-Friendly Line Ahead of Earth Day

March 4, 2020 | Published by Faire

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Photo courtesy of Zero Waste MVMT.

More than ever, consumers want to support businesses that align with their values. And don’t forget—as we shared a few months back, sustainability is big in retail this year (and decade). Many buyers are actively seeking brands that are environmentally conscious.

Earth Day is coming up next month on April 22, so now is a great time to promote your sustainable products to wholesale buyers. Today, we’re sharing a few ways that you can market your eco-friendly line.

Communicate your values

By buying your products, your customers are making a conscious decision to help the environment. Make sure they know!

Focus on telling your story. Why are you eco-friendly? How are your products made, and how does it make them sustainable? The more details you offer to prospective customers, the better they can connect with your brand. Plus, words like “eco-friendly” and “sustainable” mean different things to different people, so try to be as specific as possible around your commitment to the planet.

Then, be sure to highlight the eco-friendly nature of your products across all of your marketing channels. Use email, social, and your website to share your sustainability story ahead of Earth Day. On Faire, you can include your values—like eco-friendly, handmade, organic, and more—on your shop, which makes it easier for like-minded retailers to find you. Make sure you select your values in your shop profile on Faire. Further, try using the new campaigns tool on Faire to send your Earth Day email blast!

Photo courtesy of Among the Flowers.

Get involved

What better way to celebrate the earth than spending time with your community? Events and fundraisers are a great way to make a positive impact in your local area and create a buzz about your brand.

There are plenty of ways you can connect with your neighbors, and we have a few ideas:

  • Get a group together to volunteer with a local environmental organization
  • Create a fundraiser and donate proceeds to an environmental charity on Earth Day
  • Host an Earth Day event in your studio or workspace

Additionally, you can invite local retailers in your community to join your event. Showing potential customers that you are both a creator of eco-friendly products and committed to a cause goes a long way.

Photo courtesy of Curio Spice.

Commit to being green year-round

Being green extends beyond Earth Day. As an eco-friendly company, you know this all too well—so we challenge you to think of other ways you can make your business sustainable.

Try making small changes in your business to be environmentally-conscious all year, including:

  • Switch to recyclable packaging
  • Adopt eco-friendly fulfillment and logistics practices
  • Donate a portion of your Earth Day profits to an environmental group
  • Minimize your production waste

Plus, building a genuinely green business is excellent for the planet, and it solidifies your business values. Customers will come back again and again knowing you’re committed to leaving the Earth better than you found it.

Start today!

Login to your Faire account today to select your values and send an email campaign.

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