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How HomArt uses a modern wholesale approach to grow its 30-year-old home decor business

December 13, 2023 | Published by Faire

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Simple and beautiful in an unhurried way, the California aesthetic is often duplicated but never perfected. That is, unless it’s done carefully and thoughtfully by those who know it best—which is exactly the case for HomArt, the epitome of West Coast home elegance from Laguna Beach locals Kevin Mundt and Dave Thomas. Inspired by California living and architecture, HomArt’s hand-finished pieces are contemporary but timeless. Meant to enhance every day at home and complement any decor, each product is made with a mix of all-natural, recycled, and new materials. 

HomArt began 30 years ago as the wholesale arm of AREO, a local shop founded by Kevin and Dave. They started with a small booth at the L.A. Convention Center and showcased mostly forged metal and recycled glass pieces, immediately grabbing and holding the attention of buyers. HomArt has since built a reputation as a dedicated and reliable partner that offers stunning pieces and provides “service without hesitation.” 

It was these existing vendors who brought Faire to the attention of HomArt senior manager Allan Anthonysamy. “We heard such positive reviews from our customers about Faire that we decided to get on board too,” he says. To bring their products to even more stores the world over, they joined the online wholesale marketplace in February of 2021—and have already seen a tremendous increase in sales from thousands of unique retailers.

Reaching new customers and tapping into digital efficiencies

A regular at in-person trade shows, Allan knew he needed to make Faire a priority after all the positive feedback he heard—and he wasn’t disappointed in the results. “We immediately started getting a good volume of orders on Faire,” he says. “The platform was easy to use, and it was simple and intuitive to get products onboarded.”

Allan onboards all new items onto Faire each season, with a grand catalog total that’s upward of 4,500 products. “We typically add 250 to 300 new items twice a year, and Faire’s product template makes it straightforward,” Allan says.

Faire empowers us to reach customers we wouldn’t normally be aware of, which drives more order volume.

Allan Anthonysamy, Senior Manager, HomArt

Faire also helps HomArt reach new kinds of retailers, from boutiques and gift shops in towns big and small to indie retailers and “second spaces” like coffee shops and salons that are looking to add retail items to their core business. “From a marketing perspective, Faire empowers us to reach customers that we would not normally be aware of, which drives more order volume,” Allan says.

In addition to selling on the Faire marketplace, all Faire brands have a unique Faire Direct link: When retailers order through the link, commission is waived, and retailers receive all the benefits of shopping risk-free on Faire. So far, HomArt has earned over $1 million in sales through Faire Direct, establishing high-quality relationships at 0% commission.

“Faire’s markets and promotions also help supplement our marketing costs,” says Allan. During the July 2023 Faire Market, for example, Faire matched brands’ promotions up to 5% off, along with offering retailers an additional 10% on opening orders to help brands create new connections. “If it was not for Faire, it’d be difficult for us to reach the same customers,” he says. “Faire definitely opens up more opportunities for HomArt and gets our brand so much more exposure.” 

Growing retailer relationships, one campaign at a time

Once these new vendors are on Faire, they’re happy with the seamless experience it provides. “Our Faire vendors love how easy it is to place orders and take advantage of the benefits the platform offers, like free shipping, which is a huge incentive,” Allan says. If for some reason they need to change or return their first order, “Faire offers a pretty straightforward, easy return process.”

 We like tapping into our sales reps and Faire. It’s great to give customers that choice while reaping the benefits of both.

Allan Anthonysamy, Senior Manager, HomArt

Using Faire’s customer relationship management (CRM) tools, HomArt segments its accounts by using filters like, “last ordered 60 days ago,” or “abandoned cart” to better target campaigns. And by coupling new products or updates with incentives like 60-day payment terms on Faire, they’re able to re-engage these customers. “We started sending campaigns through Faire to share when things are back in stock or season-specific products,” Allan says. 

A range of impactful data—including open and click-through rates, number of orders, and how much revenue each campaign drives—helps shape future strategies. And if they ever have a question, their brand success manager is there to help. “Faire customer service is excellent,” says Allan. We always get prompt responses and follow-ups.”

By complementing decades-long relationships with newer digital connections, HomArt is able to harness the power of both traditional wholesale methods and the efficiencies and global reach of Faire. “We like tapping into both our in-person reps and a digital platform like Faire,” says Allan. “It’s great to give customers that choice while reaping the benefits of both and staying true to our brand.”

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