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Expanding Faire’s Brand Tools to Help You Reach More Retailers

March 2, 2020 | Published by Faire

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Our goal at Faire is to empower each of our customers to build thriving businesses that they love. One way we do this is by constantly creating and releasing new features and products built with your goals in mind. This month we introduced two new tools to help you drive more traffic and grow overall sales through your Faire shop: custom email campaigns and an embeddable Faire Direct widget.

Promote new products and encourage reorders with custom email campaigns

Now you have the ability to create and send custom, content-rich email campaigns from within Faire. The campaign tool was built to streamline the process of email outreach and make it unbelievably simple to send shoppable emails that link directly to your products on Faire.

Emails are an effective way to market new lines and drive sales, but most makers tell us that it’s one of the most confusing, expensive, and time-consuming parts of the job. Campaigns let you create marketing emails tailored to your business. With this tool you can:

  • Design: Choose between customizable formats and pre-designed templates, 
  • Target your audience: Import audience lists from a spreadsheet or another email platform
  • Drive sales: Drag and drop images that link to products available in your Faire shop

Embed an ordering widget directly on your website

Now you can offer retailers net 60 terms and free returns directly from your existing website. Faire has introduced an HTML component that you can place on your brand website to make it easy for retailers to order your line through Faire. All orders through your widget are part of Faire Direct, meaning 0% commission, and, as always, Faire handles all payment collection.

Soon, you will also have access to analytics so you can gauge the success of your widget. You’ll gain insight into your widget views, clicks, sign-ups, and orders. We will be releasing this feature in the near future as part of our effort to provide data that helps you understand and grow your business.

Today, local retail is thriving by competing on curation, community, and experience. Previously, only large retailers and established ecommerce brands were able to make data-driven decisions or mobilize marketing teams to drive orders. Faire is building tools like these to level the playing field for our community of more than 70,000 local retailers and 9,000 brands so you can use the platform to grow your business. 

If you are a brand and would like to apply to the Faire marketplace, please visit to learn more.

Announcement highlights:

  • Two new tools released to increase sales on Faire
  • Brands on Faire can now send custom, content-rich emails with the new campaigns tool
  • The new Faire Direct widget allows makers to embed their online line-sheet on their site and drive retailers to place orders via Faire
  • To learn more, visit or click here.

New to Faire? Sign up to shop, or apply to sell.

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