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8 Wholesale Accessories and Products to Stock for Your Store in Fall 2021

July 23, 2021 | Published by Faire

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Discover trending wholesale accessories and new styles

As the fall 2021 shopping season quickly approaches, we’re thinking about new and emerging trends that will define the coming months. With an eye on ever changing consumer behavior and the help of search data from the Faire marketplace, we’ve compiled some trending products that are sure to catch the eye of your customers. From wholesale accessories like enamel pins to back-to-school supplies, here are eight popular products to stock in your boutique store for fall 2021 and beyond.

1. “Vaccinated” pins

Shop wholesale accessories like vaccination pins this fall
Photo courtesy of 5 Eye Studio

The topic of vaccinations is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and as more and more adults get vaccinated and group gatherings slowly resume, people are beginning to quite literally wear their vaccination status on their sleeves. Much like the political pins that gained popularity leading up to the 2020 election, vaccination pins also serve as a statement of support for the COVID-19 vaccine. Faire wholesale accessories brands 5 Eye Studio and WORD FOR WORD Factory both offer colorful “vaccinated” pins to adorn any outfit or bag. Pin and jewelry brand Dissent Pins offer a pro-vaccination collection that includes enamel pins and keychains with phrases like, “Thanks, science,” “I’m vaccinated,” and “Your vaccination protects me.” 

2. Fall 2021 fashion trends

This autumn will look a bit different than last, with many people returning to work and school part or full time. As consumers shed their work-from-home sweatpants and athletic wear, they’re looking for new styles for the upcoming season. Trending products in fall 2021 apparel collections include vests, dresses, and cutouts.  

2020 saw the rise of loungewear styles due to the vast majority of people staying indoors and working from home. As many return to in-person work, a new hybrid of style is emerging that combines the comfortability of loungewear with the elegance of professional attire. Pieces like flowy pants, casual jumpsuits, and oversized clothing—like those showcased by U.S. brands Pol Clothing and LAUDE the Label—are rising in popularity for fall 2021.

For more inspiration, check out our fall styles collection

3. Natural bath and body products

natural bath and beauty products are trending for fall 2021
Photo courtesy of Tabitha Eve

The past year has shown a notable shift in consumer values, with eco-friendly and organic products rising in popularity. In the skincare and beauty realm, customers are becoming increasingly conscious of shopping for products made without harmful chemicals and with a low carbon footprint. Natural soaps with organic ingredients—like those sold in biodegradable packing by the artisans at Soap Distillery—continue to gain traction. Brands like cruelty-free and sustainable skincare line Earth Harbor Naturals are welcoming the synthetic-free approach to moisturizers, face serums, and face masks. U.K. brand Tabitha Eve also offers high demand reusable beauty products like zero-waste makeup pads, loofahs, and bath sponges. 

Shop wholesale goods from Tabitha Eve year-round on Faire, and meet the makers behind the brand at Faire Summer Market, July 27-29, 2021.

4. Pop culture accessories

Pop culture memorabilia remains a long-standing trend, and with the increasing popularity of enamel pins and screen-printed tote bags, more consumers are proudly representing their favorite icons and television shows through apparel and accessories. Recently, Faire has seen an increase in searches for “Schitt’s Creek” and “Free Britney” products in particular. 

Faire brand Citizen Ruth has a wide array of “Schitt’s Creek” themed items like coffee mugs and stickers, as well as wall decor featuring popular historical figures like Ruth Bader Ginsberg. BOBBYK Boutique also offers wholesale accessories for the pop culture loving customer, from “Free Britney” t-shirts and hats to “Schitt’s Creek” tote bags and celebrity-themed candles. See both brands at Faire Summer Market, taking place July 27-29, 2021, and shop year-round on Faire.

5. 90’s hair clips 

Wholesale accessories like 90's hair clips are currently rising in popularity.
Photo courtesy of Space 46

Last winter, we saw an increase in searches on Faire for hair accessories like tortoise-shell clips and scrunchies. In fall 2021, the hair accessory trend will continue to prevail, with 90’s style claw clips rising to the forefront of popularity. Stock your shop with wholesale accessories like the stylish and colorful claw clips from U.S. brand Typology. Space 46 is another Faire brand embracing the claw clip trend, with several unique clip options available in their fall 2021 collection. 

6. Back-to-school supplies

Back-to-school supplies are popular for fall 2021
Photo courtesy of Talking Out of Turn

With the return of in-person learning comes the excitement of back-to-school shopping. Customers will be shopping for new planners, notebooks, writing supplies, and more essential back-to-school supplies. Brands like Talking Out of Turn and Effie’s Paper are celebrating the new school year with collections of stationery, backpacks, and agendas in vibrant colors and patterns. 

Backpacks in particular have been a frequently searched item on Faire in the past month. Wholesale accessories and lifestyle brand Itzy Ritzy offer roomy and stylish backpacks for many ages, and European brand Lefrik has excellent fashionable backpacks for adults. 

Finally, as adults are updating their wardrobe to return to offices, kids are also looking for new styles for the return to in-person learning. Trending products in children’s apparel include graphic tees, coats, sneakers, and more with our Back to School Styles collection.

Shop wholesale goods from Effie’s Paper year-round on Faire, and meet the makers behind the brand at Faire Summer Market, July 27-29, 2021.

7. Charcuterie boards

Charcuterie boards are a trending product for fall 2021
Photo courtesy of Scents and Feel

Elaborate charcuterie boards first became popular on social media in 2020. TikTok and Instagram were filled with images and videos of delicately assembled meats and cheeses on expensive-looking wooden boards. Now that people are beginning to host guests in their homes again, the charcuterie board trend is here to stay. Fill your shelves with handcrafted wooden boards from brands like Scents and Feel, and delight your customers with high-quality hosting products from a variety of kitchenware brands.

8. Water bottles

As many consumers resume their lives on the go, those hoping to reduce waste are once again turning to reusable coffee mugs and stainless steel water bottles. U.K. brand Huski Home offers colorful travel mugs and water bottles made from non-toxic materials, while W&P leans into this trend with reusable tumblers and drinkware in playful terrazzo patterns. They also offer reusable straws and to-go utensil packs in silicone carrying cases. 

Finally, Well Told is a wholesale glassware brand that makes unique insulated wine tumblers and hydration bottles engraved with detailed maps of U.S. cities. 

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