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Now trending: Top products to stock this festive season (and when to buy them)

20 September 2023 | Published by Faire

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As summer comes to a close, retailers are once again turning their attention to Christmas shopping. According to a recent consumer survey, 50% of consumers expect to start their Christmas shopping before November this year. 

With so many new trends emerging this past year – from tinned fish to sustainable beauty products – it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what products customers will have their sights set on this festive season. That’s why we took a look at search and buying data from Faire to identify which trending items to stock your shop up with in the months ahead.

And, to help you decipher when to make your seasonal purchases, we’ve collected historical Faire search data to see when interest in each upcoming holiday peaks. See our 2023 holiday buying calendar below for more information.

From sugar-free drink syrups to hair clips and colourful glassware, here are some of the most popular products to consider for your Christmas buying.

1. Flavoured drink mixes

Image courtesy of Blossoms Syrup

Flavoured drink syrups have long been a staple for adding a splash of sweetness to coffee drinks or for creating cocktails. In the past decade, more and more flavoured syrup brands have emerged, many offering low-sugar or sugar-free alternatives to health-conscious consumers. But this past year has seen the popularity of these flavoured drink syrups skyrocket as consumers have added them to regular water to make it sweeter and more exciting.

“#WaterTok” began trending on TikTok this past spring when creators started mixing water with boldly flavoured syrups and powders in an effort to up their H20 intake. The social media trend led to a surge in flavoured syrup sales and, with so many opportunities for seasonal flavours right around the corner, we expect this trend to continue until the end of the year.

Today, videos using the hashtag #watertok have amassed over 700 million views on TikTok. We’ve seen this trend come to life on Faire as well where, in July 2023, six of the top 10 most purchased products on Faire across all categories were flavoured drink syrups. Plus, searches for “skinny syrup” also landed among the top 15 searches on Faire in June and July. Favourite syrup purveyors include Blossoms Syrup. and Sparkle Drops. Also popular is Skinny Mixes, the maker of Mermaid, a mix of tropical citrus, coconut and pineapple, and Unicorn Syrup, a blend of tart blue raspberry, candy floss and creamy frosting.

While many of those flavours might mix best with warm weather, flavoured syrup brands like Skinny Mixes are also releasing autumnal flavours like pumpkin toffee apple. “We’ve seen a lot of growth in the past three or four months alone,” says Kerry Marshall, consumer experience coordinator at Skinny Mixes. “We’ve had so many new customers come through who found us on TikTok or saw their favourite influencer was using our products.” 

Shop flavoured drink mixes on Faire

2. Hair clips and belt bags

Though hair clips rose to fame as a Nineties hair accessory, in the past few years they’ve been experiencing a comeback, with Women’s Health calling them “the ultimate hair hack”. Today, the hair accessory is seemingly everywhere, from TikTok – where views on videos using the hashtag #clawclip have gained over 240 million views to date – to retail shops. 

On Faire, half of the top 10 most popular products in the Women’s Accessories category in July were hair clips. In addition, searches for “claw clip” grew by about 42% between July 2022 and July 2023 and are currently at their highest ever. Popular styles include the jumbo classic hair clip from KITSCH that the Internet has deemed “unbreakable“, as well as bold and brightly coloured hair clips in pinks and checkers – inspired by this year’s “Barbiecore” trend – from Last True Angel and Heretic Nine. Hair clips in the shape of fruits and vegetables have even become popular, like broccoli hair clips from Jenny Lemons and strawberry and watermelon clips from Solar Eclipse.

Bum bags (also known as belt bags) are also experiencing a resurgence in popularity. First made popular in the Eighties, this practical bag has found its way back to the limelight, and Faire shoppers have taken notice. Between July 2022 and July 2023, searches for “belt bag” – like those from Assots London and Pom Pom London – increased by 132%. Searches grew by another 30% between June 2023 and July 2023 alone. Finally, in July 2023, three of the top 10 most popular products in the Bags and Backpacks category were belt bags. 

Shop hair clips and belt bags on Faire

3. Advent calendars 

Advent calendar from Popcorn Shed

Originally with religious roots and dating back to the fourth century, advent calendars have evolved over the years to include the full spectrum of agnostic gifts and start on the first day of December – recipients look forward to counting down each day that leads to Christmas with a small gift or token. As early as July of this year, “advent calendar Christmas” was in the top five search terms among Faire retailers in the UK, and global searches are at their highest ever – up by 500% between August 2022 and August 2023. These calendars are popular across many categories on Faire, from popcorn advent calendars by Popcorn Shed and jewellery calendars from MYC-Paris to calendars filled with chocolate and toys from PLAYin CHOC

Shop advent calendars on Faire

4. Vintage decor and colourful glassware

Colourful glassware in pinks, blues and reds has recently been popping up in homes and Instagram feeds across the country, and experts predict that these bright accents will top the list of home trends in the coming months. This type of glassware first became popular in the twentieth century, when “Depression glass” – low-cost glass that was mass-produced during the Great Depression – was found in many homes. 

Today, consumers are turning their attention back towards vintage dining products like colourful glassware, and brands are capitalising on this resurgence by creating their own modern-day takes on the style. 

“Right now, sleek and elegant glassware in a variety of soft shades is a look we’re noticing everywhere,” Julie Robbins, a glassware product specialist told Better Homes & Gardens. “Non-clear drinkware has endured for over a century and continues to win over new collectors. There are colours and shapes for every style and taste.”

On Faire, searches for “coloured glass” grew by almost 50% between July 2022 and July 2023, and Etsy recently reported a 225% year-on-year increase in searches for “coloured-glass dishes”. Popular brands selling glassware in soft and bright hues include The Vintage List, Rinkit Ltd, and IVORE.GROUP.

Beyond just glassware, vintage decor in general is also trending this festive season. On Faire, searches for “vintage decor” were practically non-existent in July 2022, and by July 2023 they’d grown by 445%. Popular vintage decor ranges from rustic-looking wall signs, like those from The British Metal Signs Company, to vintage-style lanterns, like those from Paper High

Shop vintage decor and colourful glassware on Faire

5. Kids’ bamboo pyjamas and weighted plush toys

Pyjamas from Sleepy Doe

In the past few months, retailers on Faire have been more interested in children’s bamboo pyjamas than ever before. Between July 2022 and July 2023, searches for “bamboo pyjamas” on Faire grew by almost 600% – accelerating by 80% between June 2023 and July 2023 alone. In addition, “bamboo pajamas” has been one of the top five most-searched terms in the Kids & Baby category for the past several months. Popular kids’ pyjamas brands include The Bamboo Baby and Sleepy Doe.

Also trending in Kids & Baby: weighted plush toys. These stuffed animals are lightly weighted to encourage calm, relaxation and a feeling of safety for children. In July 2023, half of the top 10 products in the Kids & Baby category on Faire were weighted plush toys. Popular brands include Jomanda Soft Toys & Accessories and Noodol

Shop kids’ bamboo pyjamas and weidghted plush toys on Faire

6. Red clothes, maxi skirts and matching sets

Heading into the autumn and winter season, one colour is clearly popping off: red. From jackets and jumpers, like those from Cara & The Sky and Dusty Pink, to bold jumpsuits and dresses, like those from Vesper and Atom Label, red clothing is the clear trend of the season. On Faire, searches for “red dress” have increased by almost 80% between July 2022 and July 2023. 

Like hair clips and belt bags, maxi skirts are also making a comeback. Experts are predicting that denim maxi skirts in particular will be trending this autumn and winter, with Marie Claire calling the garment the “standout style of the season”. 

“Normcore [a style of dressing characterised by plain or ordinary clothing] is really trendy right now, and maxi skirts make you look a bit more put-together even if you’re not trying too hard,” fashion stylist Miso Dam told Elle. “I think that’s an aesthetic that a lot of girls are gravitating towards.” 

This trend is already coming to life on Faire, where searches for “maxi skirt” have increased by 70% between July 2022 and July 2023, and two of the top five most popular products in the Skirts category in July 2023 were denim maxi skirts. Favourite brands selling denim maxi skirts include The Ragged Priest and CUBIC

Finally, matching sets – the trend that “took over fashion” – are still immensely popular. On Faire, searches for “matching set”, like those from Pretty You London and Libbey Loves increased by almost 300% between July 2022 and July 2023. 

Shop women’s apparel trends on Faire

2023 holiday buying calendar

To help keep retailers informed on when to begin stocking up for the biggest seasonal shopping moments, we’ve created a holiday-specific version of our 2023 wholesale buying calendar

Using Faire’s 2022 global search data, we’re offering information on when demand for upcoming holidays begins and peaks. 

  • Thanksgiving shopping: Searches begin rising in September and peak in October
  • Christmas shopping: High search volume throughout the entire year, with particularly strong volume in September until November, peaking in October
  • Winter shopping: Searches begin rising in September, peaking in October
  • Holiday shopping: Searches start rising in August and peak in October
  • Hanukkah shopping: Searches rise in October, peaking in November
  • New Year’s shopping: Searches begin rising in November, peaking in December

Other seasonal keywords: Halloween peaks in August, Autumn peaks in August, and Kwanzaa peaks in October

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