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Deliver (even) better customer service with the Faire app for brands

18 January 2023 | Published by Faire

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An independent business owner uses the Faire app for brands

Independent business owners care deeply about providing exceptional customer service, but sometimes it can be difficult to deliver. Many are balancing their personal life with work or a brand alongside a retail business, and time in front of a computer can be sporadic. Our community of entrepreneurs has shared how a mobile app – one that enables them to work from anywhere – would help them find balance and better support their customers. Guided by that feedback, we’re thrilled to introduce the Faire app for brands.

Messages in the Faire app for brands

This first version of the app includes our most requested features: the ability to keep in touch with buyers and manage orders – whether you’re at your office desk, the warehouse, home or somewhere in between.  
Download the iOS or Android app today. Once logged in, you’ll find your Faire order history and customer messages already synced up and ready to go.

Provide excellent customer service from anywhere

The hallmark of great customer service is great communication, and in wholesale that starts with quick, accurate answers to retailer inquiries. The Faire app for brands extends your availability to deliver these all-important messages. Use the app to:

  • Respond promptly. Get a notification on your phone for new messages and hop right into the app to answer questions in real time.
  • Share deal-making details. Select photos from your library or take a few on the fly to ensure your customers are getting exactly what they want from their order.
  • Follow-through. Say a question arises around customisation, and you simply don’t have the necessary information to answer right away. Star a message now and easily return to it later from any device.
A conversation between a brand and a retailer in the Faire app for brands

While quick responses are critical to a good customer experience, proactive communication after an order is placed can unlock customer loyalty. The Faire app for brands plays a key role here as well. Use it to:

  • Manage end-to-end orders. Instead of navigating back to your orders page, you can go straight from your chat to relevant order details. From the moment an order is placed up until it’s delivered, you can check the status of recent orders in seconds. Multiple orders? No problem. Simply swipe to view the status of each one.
  • Build customer rapport. A well-timed post-order message goes a long way to ensure they’re satisfied. Confirm that an order met (or exceeded) expectations or nudge a buyer to leave a positive, public-facing review.
The details of an order are viewed inside the Faire app for brands

Customers seem amazed that I often reply to their messages within minutes. Before using the app, it could take me several hours or even the next day to respond.

Marla Showfer, owner, The Winding Road

Never miss an order (and fulfil it faster)

A mobile notification from the Faire app for brands

When a retailer needs inventory, it’s universally understood that the quicker they can put it on their shelves, the better. The Faire app helps here, too:

  • Get real-time push notifications for new orders (and easily turn them on and off as needed).
  • Accept an order at a moment’s notice, right from the app. You can also set an expected ship date to help manage buyer expectations. 
  • Need to vet a new retailer before accepting their order? Hop to their website and Instagram right from the app.
  • View all active orders and see which ones might require a nudge to your team.

Now I can keep tabs on orders and messages virtually anywhere I go. I don’t have to be stuck at my desk to ensure my customers are getting top-notch customer service.

Shannon Scoggins, accounts partner, Rinse Bath & Body Co.

Of course, timeliness is just one of several factors that make up a smooth order experience. When communicating with retailers – be it from your phone or your desk – keep these tips in mind:

  • Be transparent with your lead times (often, retailers search for products with shorter ones). You can update this in your Faire brand portal.
  • Be as accurate as possible when sharing expected ship dates. 
  • Have an order that’s shipping late? Contact the customer as soon as possible.
  • Make your communication personal where possible. Be friendly, upbeat and informative.

Move seamlessly between your computer and phone

Though largely ubiquitous, the modern “work from anywhere” mentality is tricky for entrepreneurs, who are trying to find balance and fulfilment within their business and at home. The Faire app for brands gives independent business owners the flexibility to prioritise work tasks around their life schedule – no matter where that might take them. The app complements how brands use Faire on desktop today, so any order or conversation can be picked up just where it left off. And that’s a win for retailers, too, who receive quicker responses and faster fulfilment. 

Download the iOS or Android app today, and stay tuned as we continue updating the app with new features to help you run your business.

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