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3 rules for sending an effective email (and how to do it using Faire)

11 October 2023 | Published by Faire

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  • Segment your contact list to create a more positive experience for retailers
  • Customise email content for specific audiences to make messaging more relevant to recipients
  • Adjust email frequency for different segments and automate delivery when possible

When brands do email marketing right, it can be an incredibly effective tool. However, when brands don’t segment their emails or personalise the content for different audiences, campaigns can have the opposite effect.

We’ve heard feedback from Faire retailers that too often they’re inundated with generic, one-size-fits-all emails from brands (particularly during peak seasons or during Faire Markets). As email fatigue sets in, retailers open fewer messages and engage less with campaigns – making it harder for brands to build strong customer relationships.

The difference between an effective email strategy and one that falls flat is audience consideration – emails sent to a targeted group of customers simply perform better. In fact, an analysis of emails sent via Faire shows that when brands target their outreach, conversion rates double.*

The good news for brands: Uplevelling your email strategy to identify and target specific retailers just got easier with our new CRM tool. We’ve put together this quick guide to ensure you’re able to reach the right buyers at the right time.

1. Slice your customer base into segments

Segmentation involves grouping people based on certain shared characteristics in order to customise your messages, and as any email guide will tell you, it’s the starting point for a sound CRM strategy. 

Based on feedback from our brand community, we’ve made it easier to filter and segment your contacts on Faire into highly specific, customised audiences. These include:

  • Suggested email segments: Quickly surface pre-populated lists of contacts who are tailor-made for timely email outreach, such as brands with an abandoned bag, brands whose last order was more than 60 days ago and brands with unused Faire Direct credit.
  • Order history filters: Sort your contact list for specific groups of customers based on specific products ordered, the date of their last order, total order volume and last order delivery date. (More on how to map these filters to exact messages in a bit.) 

We’ve also simplified the experience of creating a new segment of customers on Faire. You can mix and match criteria filters like: 

  • Amount in bag or when shopping bag was last modified
  • Shop type, location and/or language preferences
  • Whether a retailer has left your brand a review on Faire
  • Whether they have unused Faire Direct credit and/or credit that expires soon

Once you narrow down your list and understand which of your customers meet certain criteria, you can save this as a new segment in the brand portal. The more specific your segments, the more tailored and specific your messaging can be for each group. Make sure to clearly label each segment you create, such as “California retailers who made a purchase in 2023”, for easy reference moving forward.

New contacts who meet a particular segment’s criteria are added automatically. For example, if you create a segment for “California shops” and you receive an order from a new customer from California, they’ll automatically be added to that segment.

Coming soon: Custom tags in Faire for more targeted outreach

To help you create more granular segments of customers that map to your specific business, we’ll soon be rolling out the ability to manually “tag” contacts in Faire with custom data. For example, you might include custom tags for “Leads from NY Now 2023” or retailers who are “managed by a sales rep” in your contact list. Look for more information about this feature in the coming months.

2. Message retailers based on their behaviour

If you want your campaigns to inspire action from retailers, they have to be relevant to the recipient. Start by considering what you know about their past purchasing behaviour that might inspire them to shop with you again. To that end, brands are now able to filter their customer list on Faire and create segments based on any products they’ve purchased in the past. You can then use these segments to craft messages that encourage new purchases while calling back to a retailer’s past history with your brand. For example, you might segment based on: 

  • Products they have purchased, so you can send targeted announcements of new launches, restocks and product-level discounts
  • Products they haven’t purchased, so you can effectively cross-sell or up-sell your products based on potential retailer needs
  • Date of retailers’ most recent orders, so you can announce seasonal sales 

Mapping your segments to more personalised CTAs
Every email you send to retailers should have a clear call to action (CTA) to engage directly with your brand (and if you’re having trouble identifying one, reconsider if this email will be relevant to its intended audience).

If you’re utilising a segmentation strategy like those outlined above, try mapping your CTA to that segment’s characteristics for increased relevance. For example, a standard “Shop now” button could instead read “Restock your shelves” or “Try the new colour/flavour/scent”.

3. Tune your frequency to your audience

One of the more challenging aspects of email strategy is staying personal while avoiding email oversaturation as the volume of retailers in your database grows. Frequency is just as important as segmentation, but the right frequency is going to depend on the audience you’re reaching and the action you’re nudging them to take.

  • For prospects, frequent emails risk coming across as spam and may decrease your chances of converting recipients into customers. You might consider engaging these folks every couple of months.
  • For engaged customers, more frequent emails might work, but you’ll want to keep a close eye on your open and click-through rates. Be ready to pull back if engagement rates begin to drop.

Some campaigns, like a splashy email inviting customers to shop the newest additions to your line, are only relevant seasonally – you’ll send these just a few times a year. Or, if you’ve created a segment of buyers who’ve added an item to their shopping bag in the past week, you might message that group every Monday, since that list will refresh each week. (When you do, consider including a promo code and/or making sure they’re aware of Faire’s free returns on opening orders.)

When you find a campaign cadence that works, try to stay consistent. When a retailer knows they can expect a newsletter from your brand each month, or outreach about a sale each season, they’re not only less likely to unsubscribe from your campaigns, but they will ideally look forward to your offers and insights.

Scale personalised outreach with automation

In the case of a few common Faire customer segments, automation can help you keep your outreach consistent and personal. Automation triggers emails based on user activity – ensuring the right message also lands in a retailer’s inbox at the most opportune time, while also taking the manual lift of writing and scheduling out of your team’s hands.

Today, you have three automated reminder emails available to you on Faire:

  • Customers who’ve received Faire Direct emails but haven’t signed up: Reminder sends 9 days after initial email
  • Customers who have available Faire Direct credit and have not yet ordered: Reminder sends 3 days before credit expires
  • Customers who are due for a reorder: Reminder sends 60 days after last order was delivered

A better email experience for brands and retailers alike

With these tips in mind and Faire’s CRM tools at the ready, you’ll be well on your way to sending more effective emails that drive purchase behaviour and deepen retailer relationships. Good email segmentation practices make for a healthy ecosystem: Retailers have less cluttered inboxes and more time to spend discovering new products, while brands like yours can uplevel the customer experience.

Visit the brand portal to explore our new filters, start segmenting your customers and ultimately up your email engagement rates.

We’re committed to building even more tools to help brands like yours send more effective and targeted emails. Have an idea for a helpful feature? Leave us feedback in our Brand Community Facebook group so we can continue to improve Faire’s tools together.

1Based on brand-sent campaigns sent to <90% of audience in Q3’22

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  • Segment your contact list to create a more positive experience for retailers
  • Customise email content for specific audiences to make messaging more relevant to recipients
  • Adjust email frequency for different segments and automate delivery when possible

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