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The heat is on: 9 trending women’s apparel brands to stock this summer

27 July 2023 | Published by Faire

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Eighty-four per cent of shoppers consult at least one social media platform before making a purchase. They scroll Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and – more recently – Threads to find the latest brands that are filling up their feeds. With 71% of consumers preferring to buy from brands they recognise, we’ve compiled a selection of fashion brands customers will know from their feeds this summer.

1. Elsie and Fred

Elsie and Fred is the brainchild of three British siblings who wanted to combine mischievous designs with trending fashion pieces. 

The brand has over 175,000 followers on Instagram and is making waves on TikTok with short, viral clips about hot issues affecting young people. Each piece is designed in-house using planet-friendly materials – no single-use plastic in sight. If you want to bring a bit of bold colour to your shelves this summer, you can count on Elsie and Fred to bring the fun. 

Shop more fashion items from Elsie and Fred

2. The Knotty Ones

The Knotty Ones works on the ground with female artisans in rural Lithuania to produce beautiful knitted jumpers, dresses, skirts and summer tops. The brand has been called “a knitwear brand to know” in listicles by Sheerluxe and The Zoe Report but has positioned itself and its social media presence so that it’s still relevant during the summer months – hello knitted swimwear. 

There’s a pretty cool backstory behind The Knotty Ones, too. The three founding friends were keen fashionistas before travelling to Southeast Asia, where they discovered the dark side of the fashion industry. In an attempt to do better for the planet, they’re now on a mission to bring sustainability and contemporary fashion together. 

Shop more fashion items from The Knotty Ones.

3. Kali Shoes

Bring a bit of Texan glamour to your storefront this summer season with Kali Shoes

Handmade by local artisans in Italy, the cowgirl-inspired designs are created using age-old traditions to showcase the rich heritage of Italy. But don’t be fooled: Each boot takes on a trendy, modern shape to bring those traditions into the present day. The brand is run by an all-female team and is going from strength to strength – it was recently ranked in Italy’s top three boot shops and has a significant following on social media. 

Shop more fashion items from Kali Shoes.

4. LAUDE the Label

LAUDE the Label is a key player in the “slow fashion” world. With 10 years of experience backing its designs, the brand is tirelessly devoted to honouring the earth, the maker and the end consumer. It has been mentioned on CBS News for being a pioneer of slow fashion, something that has given the brand a competitive edge in a world known for fast fashion. 

As well as designing breezy linen jumpsuits and summer sets, LAUDE the Label empowers women around the world to find financial freedom through safe and meaningful employment. The high-end designs and elegant fabrics will bring a burst of class and freshness to your store this summer.  

Shop more fashion items from LAUDE the Label.

5. Touché Privé

Touché Privé

Touché Privé brings a new dimension to the world of women’s fashion, creating a beautiful mix of striking colours and classic design. Each piece features slick modern lines and great fabric quality for a long-lasting, timeless wardrobe. The brand has a range of lines suitable for work and weekends, but the floaty skirts and pastel kimonos are perfect for summer. 

The brand benefits from sourcing fabrics in-country for faster lead times and production, creating over 400 original designs each month. It has a rich online presence, featuring products on six proprietary channels, 11 marketplace channels and physical stores dotted around Turkey. 

Shop more fashion items from Touché Privé.

6. The New Society

The New Society

Spanish-based brand The New Society was born from the desire to combine the growing need for sustainable goods with the beauty of timeless aesthetics. The pieces feature rich pastel colour palettes, soft, organic materials and charming patterns that bring something different to shoppers’ summer wardrobes – perhaps a chunky knit cardigan in gemstone colours for those cooler summer nights or a floaty boho dress for a chic office look. 

The brand is renowned for producing slowly and on a smaller scale to create a feeling of exclusivity around its pieces. It even has its own magazine that generates engagement around the brand and its sustainable values. 

Shop more items from The New Society.

7. Heretic Nine

Heretic Nine was founded in the stylish folds of Shoreditch and inspired by the area’s gritty subcultures and streetwear trends. The aim of the brand’s quirky fashion line is to inspire self-expression for nonconformists and creative misfits. There are plenty of fresh takes on traditional office wear, including bold, asymmetrical blazers, oversize T-shirts and chunky accessories. 

The brand is always ahead of trends and runs a bold line of unisex fashion pieces.

Shop more fashion items from Heretic Nine.

8. Lacerf


Lacerf is a pioneer of eco-friendly fashion in the South of France and was founded by Franco-Moroccan graduate Halima. Its specialty is occasionwear and is renowned for its festival edits that create hype in the summer months. 

The brand’s tailor-made clothing is created in small quantities from fabric offcuts and sustainable materials found in and around its Moroccan workshop. Essentially, every product is upcycled, taking on a new lease of life and transforming the idea of ready-to-wear fast fashion. From unusual patterned trousers and bold swimsuits to lacy dresses and handmade shirts, Lacerf’s creations will add intrigue to your shelves. 

Shop more fashion items from Lacerf.

9. eikō ai

eikō ai

Eikō ai has evolved from its early days selling kimono-like dresses. Now, it’s become a full-fledged lifestyle brand that aims to inspire memories and evoke emotions through high-end, elevated fashion pieces. Its pieces are futuristic and sustainable, and they will stand out on your shelves this summer. 

The brand has been named one of the top three coolest small fashion brands by Sheerluxe and has seen incredible growth since its online launch during the COVID-19 pandemic. Eikō ai brought fashion to the masses during lockdown through interactive avatars (or digital ambassadors), a revamped website and a digital presentation of its collections. 

Shop more fashion items from eikō ai.

Stock your store with familiar labels this summer

Bring shoppers’ Instagram feeds to life this summer by stocking some of their favourite in-feed brands. From brands that have thousands of followers on social media to those that are innovating the world of online fashion, stocking familiar faces (or fabrics) will increase sales and attract new customers. 

Like any of the brands featured in this article? Add them to “My Brands” to stay up-to-date with their product and collection launches throughout the year. 

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