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10 eco-friendly home decor pieces your customers will love

10 August 2022 | Published by Faire

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Photo courtesy of xxy

Consumers in the UK are embracing sustainability more than ever before. In fact, as of 2021, 34% of shoppers had already chosen to purchase from a brand because they had environmentally sustainable practices. 

As a business, if you’re not offering environmentally friendly products, you risk falling behind. And on the human side, it’s always good to do our bit for the planet. There is so much you can do to minimise your environmental impact and appeal to customers’ appetite for sustainable produce. That could include reducing the number of single-use products on display, buying from UK brands to reduce your carbon footprint, and showcasing local, ethical, and sustainable brands where possible.

Ultimately, the products you choose to stock can help both you and your customers stay sustainable.To help you out, we’ve rounded up 10 eco-friendly home decor products that’ll have your customers feeling great about their purchase and impact on the planet:

1. Wooden Spoon, Cocobol   

Image courtesy of Cocobol

Made and shipped within the UK, Cocobol takes materials that would usually be discarded as waste and turns them into bowls, spoons, and other tableware. Perfect for soups, smoothie bowls, or nibbles, no two Cocobol products are the same, making it the perfect brand for customers looking to start their zero-waste tableware journey. 

2. Eos Diffuser, wxy

Image courtesy of wxy

Not only is this Eos Diffuser a great fragranced addition to any home, but it’s also environmentally-friendly. Each product from wxy is made in the UK in small batches, and products are made using 100% plant-based wax, luxury fragrances, and recyclable or reusable materials. No palm, no parabens, no plastics. 

3. Madagascar Giant Butterfly Frame, Curated Studio 

Image courtesy of Curated Studio

Looking for something eco-friendly and interesting to stand out on your shelves? This Madagascar Giant Swallowtail has been hand-set by expert entomologists and elegantly mounted in a museum-quality deep box frame. All of Curated Studio’s specimens are ethically sourced from conservation projects around the world, and each purchase helps support local communities and protect natural habitats.

4. Grow-your-own Kit, Bottle Farm 

Image courtesy of Bottle Farm

UK-based company Bottle Farm was founded in 2019 with a simple mission: Get more people growing and have a positive environmental impact. Supermarket produce is often wrapped in plastic and transported by plane, which comes with a large environmental impact. The more we can grow at home, the better. That’s why, Bottle Farm products like this Grow-your-own Kit allow your customers to upcycle everyday objects and use them to grow their own food at home. 

5. Bubble Candle, Emone 

Image courtesy of Emone

Made with an entirely natural blend of wax, Emone’s Bubble Candle is not only fully biodegradable, but vegan and cruelty free, making it the perfect option for your sustainable shoppers. Each candle is handmade in the UK and shipped directly from Manchester.

6. Dried Flower Vase, Kali Home

Image courtesy of Kali Home

Kali Home is a female-owned, eco-friendly brand that makes and ships all of its products within the UK. Each product, like this U-shape vase is handmade using a lightweight and eco-friendly concrete mix, making it the perfect choice for your environmentally conscious customers. 

7. Braided Natural Rug, Jord Home

Imager courtesy Jord Home

Jord Home rugs are not only made and shipped within the UK, operating on a lower carbon footprint than products shipped from abroad, but each one is woven by hand in braided jute—a highly renewable and sustainable natural fibre.

8. Hanging Plant Punch Needle Kit, Stitch Happy 

Image courtesy of Stitch Happy

The latest trend in the crafting world, punch needling, can be therapeutic and relaxing—like colouring in with thread. In this punch needle kit, your customer will find everything they need to start this addictive craft and create a decorative wall hoop to display in their home. Plus, Stitch Happy kits use only sustainable and ethical fabrics and packaging. 

9. Market Tote, Goldrick

Image courtesy of Goldrick

Based in London, the Goldrick team started with a desire to create natural living environments that support our wonderful planet. Our planet needs our help—we have to use less and move away from single-use plastic, and celebrate natural alternatives, just like this Palm Leaf Market Tote

10. Botany Plant Pot, Aaron Probyn

Image courtesy of Aaron Probyn

Aaron Probyn believes in designing products that last a lifetime, which is why all packaging used leaves no trace—like this eye-catching plant pot. The team uses raw materials wisely and hopes that whoever purchases the product will enjoy it for years to come. They also ensure the packaging of products has as little impact on the environment as possible. This means reducing box sizes, removing single use plastic from the process, and using unbleached recyclable cards.

To browse more UK eco-conscious brands, have a look here.

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