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How retailers in Europe can get the best savings for their store with Faire’s Insider programme

25 April 2023 | Published by Faire

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At Faire, we’re here to support small business owners on every step of their journey, from stocking your store with unique products to helping your business grow with the best savings and deals. We want to help our community of retailers shop new brands close to home and around the world without worrying about additional costs—like shipping and import duties—that take money out of your business, instead of putting it back in.

That’s why we launched Insider, our monthly membership programme for all retailers in Europe. With an Insider membership, you’ll get free shipping and free duties on thousands of brands—helping you get the best possible savings, whether you’re shopping for international or local products. 

Read on to learn how Insider can help you save an average of €48/£42 per order on Faire.

Put more money back into your business with free shipping and duties

As a member of Insider, you’ll enjoy free shipping on thousands of brands on Faire, with no order minimum required. This means you can shop local and European brands without worrying about shipping, which costs an average of €26 per order. Plus, by expanding your inventory of brands, you can fill your shelves with one-of-a-kind products that will set your store apart. 

With an Insider membership, you’ll also get free import duties on a wide range of international brands, saving you an average of €22 per order. Aside from the financial costs, calculating and accounting for import duties can be complex and time-consuming. With free duties, you can easily buy from international brands, without the hassle. 

To find brands or products covered by Insider free shipping and import duties, look for the Insider key icon while shopping or use the “Insider” filter.

Why retailers love Insider

Thousands of retailers across the UK and Europe have joined the program, and they’ve shared with us how Insider helps them unlock the best savings when they shop on Faire. Here’s what a few of them have to say.

“Insider is incredibly cost-effective. We love not having to pay shipping and import duties fees, which allows us to pass our savings on to our clients.”

-Funmi Wilkes, owner of Conscious Craft in East Sussex, UK

Insider takes the stress out of ordering from brands outside the UK. The program’s free shipping and import duties have allowed us to add so many amazing new brands to our product collection for our customers.


“With the Insider program, we have saved so much in costs that have definitely boosted our margins on these products.”

-Kim Rait, company director at Black Orchid in Alness, Scotland, UK

Insider & Cozy Glow

One of our Insider users, Cozy Glow, has shared their success story with Faire. They are a retailer based in Brighton that provides a range of home décor and fragrance products, from scented soy candles to essential oils and room sprays. Cozy Glow joined the Insider in 2022 and since joining they have saved over 2,000 £ in shipping and duties. 

“Our journey on Faire has been nothing short of amazing,” says co-owner Ashley Baruti-Cooke. The Insider program allowed Cozy Glow to connect with a wider audience, which helped them to grow their business and reach new heights. They were able to use the data provided by Faire to identify what products were selling the most and what their customers were looking for to make more informed decisions.

As a result Cozy Glow has changed the way they stock their shop. ‘’We now focus on creating more curated collections that are tailored to our customers’ needs.’’ They have also gained valuable insights into how to build a strong brand that resonates with their customers. For other retailers just starting out, Cozy Glow advises focusing on understanding your customers’ needs and preferences and always being willing to learn and adapt to changing market trends.

Try Insider and see how your membership pays for itself

To unlock the best possible savings for your store, you can sign up for Insider in just a couple steps, and get 3 months of all these benefits, free! Once your free trial is over, Insider is only  €19.99/£14.99 per month, and you can cancel anytime, without fees or penalties. With Insider members saving over €100 per month with the programme, you’ll quickly see how your membership pays for itself!


For more information on Insider, read our help centre article.

New to Faire? Sign up to shop, or apply to sell.

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