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11 back-to-school brands to stock this academic year

21 June 2023 | Published by Faire

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It’s almost time for busy parents to prep their kids for the next school year. There’s a lot on every household’s checklist, from new shoes and accessories to notebooks and stationery that make homework a little more bearable. This year, make it easier for parents by stocking a rich selection of independent local brands. 

Here, we’ve curated our favourite primary school picks for the season ahead, including solar-system-inspired pencil cases, sustainable crafts and bold lunch boxes. 

Apparel: Fresh looks for the little ones

The start of a new year means a new wardrobe. Might we recommend stocking these beautifully designed clothes for kids?

1. Billy Loves Audrey

Billy Loves Audrey makes playful accessories for everyday wear and special occasions. The brand’s goal is to accompany kids on their adventures and help them nurture and grow their own unique personalities. Products are made from sustainably sourced materials and cover a range of categories, including hair accessories, jewellery and tutus.

2. Lilly and Sid

Award-winning brand Lilly and Sid creates organic clothing for children up to eight years old. Each item is made from premium organic cotton fabrics designed to be kind to the planet, while the timeless aesthetic of the clothing makes them perfect for all seasons. The clean lines and simple graphics were made to be signature pieces. 

3. Orangenkinder

Tucked away in a cosy factory in the depths of Bavaria, Orangenkinder is on a mission to reimagine kids’ footwear. The brand hand-makes every product with the aim of creating a shoe that feels like you’re walking barefoot. Each charming design uses sustainable products for healthy feet and a healthy environment.

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Accessories: Add a special touch to the first day back

Help parents make their kids’ first day back at school extra special with cute, quirky bottles and lunch boxes. 

4. Eatsleepdoodle

Bring some fun to the book-bag scene with Eatsleepdoodle, a brand that creates vibrant, educational textile gifts and crafts that kids can personalise with their own colouring and doodles. There’s a range of products to choose from, including backpacks, book bags and pencil cases, all of which are reusable and feature inspiring designs. Even better, each piece is accompanied by additional learning materials, and the crafty colouring-in element is a great way to channel distracted minds into something educational. 

5. Carl Oscar

Carl Oscar was born from a real-life juice-spilling scenario. The incident led to the founders creating a smart squeeze-proof juice box holder and things escalated from there. Now, the brand has a colourful range of bento boxes, drinks bottles and vacuum products for kids who are constantly on the go – perfect for back-to-school lunch boxes. Every item is made using BPA-free, nontoxic materials and is built to last. 

6. Pango Productions

Pango Productions was the brainchild of founder Cindy when she was a child herself. Today, her simple illustrations and bold characters have made their way onto backpacks and accessories and have even been turned into plushies. The brand is on a mission to make people smile, and the PVC backpacks are a fun addition to the back-to-school grind. 

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Paper & Novelty: Make homework feel a little more fun

These stationery brands can help kids actually get excited to do their homework. 

7. The Completist

Help busy parents get organised with The Completist’s range of beautifully bold stationery, including to-do lists, notebooks and washi tape. Perfect for both adults and children, the products will bring a bit of life to back-to-school backpacks. The brand has built a name for itself through its eclectic combinations of prints and colours. All goods are made from FSC-certified paper and come packaged in biodegradable film bags.

8. The Natural Crayon Company

Crayons are a staple of every child’s school backpack, and The Natural Crayon Company knows it. The brand creates beautifully unique natural wax crayons that come in various shapes and sizes, from dinosaur designs to seashell crayons and unicorn heads. Each product is handmade using sustainably sourced, plant-based waxes and food-grade pigments and all carry the UKCA mark ensuring they’re safe for tiny hands. 

The brand doesn’t use any plastic in its packaging, instead using product boxes and wraps made from 70% recycled materials. 

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Activities: For keeping kids occupied

Help parents keep their kids occupied after school hours with these educational games and crafts. 

9. Eggnogg Colour-In

Founded by Kate Edmunds in 2009, Eggnogg Colour-In is focused on creating fun and educational colouring projects for children. Straight out of the studio in Bristol, the products are made using local materials, FSC-accredited papers and vegetable-based inks – all of which are recyclable. 

10. The Crush Series

The Crush Series was the culmination of three creative entrepreneurs joining forces in 2019. The amusing books are packed full of beautiful illustrations, important morals and fascinating stories that connect parents with their children and inspire young minds. There’s now a whole range of products in the Crush universe, including jigsaws, quiz cards and colouring books, all of which are great for entertaining and educating little ones at the same time.  

11. Cotton Twist

Cotton Twist creates crafty activities and gifts perfect for parents to dish out at parties or to keep small minds busy while dinner is cooking. Each piece is nostalgic and simple and is made using a palette of raw, found materials, from lolly sticks and boxes to twine and felt. 

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Get back-to-school ready

The summer holidays aren’t in full swing yet, but before we know it, August will be over and busy parents will be getting their kids ready to go back to school. Prepare in advance by stocking your shelves with some of these sustainable, kid-friendly products from independent brands. 

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