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Add some magic to your shelves: 13 spooky brands to stock this Halloween

23 August 2023 | Published by Faire

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The spooky season is nearly upon us. 

Trick-or-treaters will be out in full force, with people donning scary masks and fake blood for the most haunted day of the year. Now’s the time to stock your shelves with eerie sundries, from fun Halloween-inspired decorations to printed tote bags (perfect for hoarding the trick-or-treat haul) and sweet treats. 

According to eBay data, Halloween is the UK’s third biggest retail moment with consumer spending on the holiday more than doubling since 2013. The biggest Halloween spenders are parents with children under five – they account for 85% of the total spend. So, if you want to tap into this ever-lucrative holiday, now’s the time to get planning. 

Here are some of our favourite brands to stock this Halloween.

Ghoulish decor and haunted homeware 

Whether your customers are hosting a Halloween party or planning a quiet night in, these spooky decorations make for a memorable occasion. 

1. The Buub Project

The Buub Project

Boob home decor might not seem particularly Halloween-y at first glance, but The Buub Project’s Halloween versions of its fun boob-shaped ceramics put the “ooooo” in boob. Focusing on inclusivity and empowerment, the Black-owned, female-led brand designs and hand-sculpts everything in its Nottingham home studio. It’s a great way to bring Halloween into the home in a fun and cheeky way. 

2. Noord Candles

Noord Candles

The crackle of a candle paired with eerie shadows and dim lighting is crucial for a traditional Halloween ambience. Noord Candles’ hand-poured pumpkin-shaped candles will bring a haunting backdrop to any home this Halloween. Made from eco-friendly, nontoxic and vegan products, the candles produce a clean burn – and look great at the same time.

3. Gainsborough Giftware

Gainsborough Giftware

From ceramic pumpkin lights to cute ghost decorations, Gainsborough Giftware goes all out at Halloween. The brand specialises in selling unique gifts and homeware to florists, garden centres, craft fairs and tourist attractions around the UK, and its beautiful, premium Halloween collection is the perfect addition to your shelves this festive season. 

Shop Faire’s full range of home decor here.

Trick-or-treat sweets 

Halloween is a great excuse to fill up on chocolate and sweets under the guise of “trick-or-treating”. Out of all the money spent on Halloween, almost half (40%) goes toward sweet treats. These delicious Halloween-inspired flavours will fly off the shelves as people stock their homes for costume-clad visitors.

4. Popcorn Shed

Popcorn Shed

Popcorn Shed is on a mission to bring exciting and innovative flavour combinations to its classic popcorn treats (cream cheese and caramel or birthday cake, anyone?). Consider their colourful packaging and these snack packs make the perfect party-bowl filler.

5. Choc on Choc

Choc on Choc

Chocolate goes hand-in-hand with Halloween, and Choc on Choc knows it. Founded in 2003 in a village near Bath, the brand is the brainchild of a father-daughter duo who creates innovative layered chocolate designs. This Halloween, stock your shelves with realistic chocolate skulls or chocolate gravestones.

6. Fire & Wolf

Fire & Wolf

Pumpkin-spiced lattes and flavoured coffee syrups are synonymous with Halloween. As the days get colder and the nights draw in, people seek out comfort in their everyday activities. Fire & Wolf tap into this trend with its warming autumnal syrups. Made from eco-friendly ingredients, every product is created in the brand’s Essex-based studio warehouse. 

Shop Faire’s full range of sweet treats here.

Creepy costumes for the whole family

Capes, corsets, cloaks, and cobwebs. Whichever way you spin it, costumes are a big part of Halloween for all ages. In fact, the average family of three spends £122.55 on Halloween costumes. These Halloween-inspired outfits provide shoppers with trick-or-treating garms straight off the rack.

7. Illuminated Apparel

Illuminated Apparel

Stock something for the kids this Halloween with Illuminated Apparel’s fun and unique light-up T-shirts. Little ones can make their own designs that are invisible to the naked eye, being revealed only under the cover of darkness. The interactive clothing is perfect for a hands-on Halloween activity or for creating one-of-a-kind trick-or-treat outfits. 

8. Corset Story

Corset Story

And here’s one for the adults. Corset Story is on a mission to modernise the corset by blending traditional techniques with modern design and fabrics. Each handmade piece is uniquely designed and perfect for a Halloween party wardrobe. 

9. Metallimonsters


With the success of Netflix’s series Wednesday, it’s safe to assume that we’ll be seeing a lot of mini-Wednesdays walking around this Halloween. Kids’ clothing brand Metallimonsters is ahead of the game and already stocking variations of Wednesday’s iconic get-up. 

The brand was created by a new mum in 2013 after facing disappointment at the baby clothes available on the high street. From there, it’s evolved into a family-run alternative, gothic baby and childrenswear brand. 

Shop Faire’s full range of women’s apparel here and kids’ clothing here.

Eerie arts, crafts and accessories 

From patterned tote bags and black cat pin badges to crocheted pumpkin kits and cauldron bath bombs, this selection of arty accessories will add a dash of hocus-pocus to Halloween. 

10. Xander Kostroma

Xander Kostroma

Lisbon-based Xander Kostroma is renowned for creating semiprecious stones, crystal jewellery and skull accessories from his home studio. As well as high-end magical earrings, necklaces and bracelets, Xander creates printed tote bags (like this skull pattern) that are perfect for collecting and carrying trick-or-treat goodies.

11. Glitter Punk

Glitter Punk

Sarah Glitter’s aptly named brand, Glitter Punk, has a catalogue of beautifully intricate pins that are inspired by witchy-ness, feminism and animals. Her pieces often play with the concept of opposites, like day and night, or black and white, making them the perfect finishing touches to a Halloween outfit. 

12. Evie Mae Bath Co

Evie Mae Bath Co

The quirky cauldron-shaped bath bombs from Evie Mae Bath Co are a unique addition to bath time at Halloween. They turn the water green and add a splash of magic to an otherwise routine experience. 

The brand’s cute start in life also adds shelf appeal. Inspired by a four-year-old’s love of bath bombs, the brand now creates colourful designs in various shapes, from dinosaur faces and computer game characters to the Halloween witch’s cauldron. 

13. Wool Couture Company

Wool Couture Company

For homebody shoppers who would rather stay in this Halloween but still want to celebrate the holiday, the Wool Couture Company’s pumpkin crochet kits are the ideal item to stock. The brand uses luxury yarns to create DIY knitting, crochet and macramé kits that are innovative and creative – perfect for today’s committed crafter who wants to weave some spooky magic this Halloween. 

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Trick-or-treat: Ready for Halloween? 

The sun is setting on summer, and that means All Hallows’ Eve is just around the corner. Take inspiration from this curated list of innovative brands and make sure your shelves are well-stocked with Halloween-inspired gifts, accessories and clothing.

Shop Faire’s entire range of Halloween brands here. 

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