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Transform your store’s social media strategy with just four posts

June 20, 2024 | Published by Faire

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What if you could spend just 10 minutes a day on social media and see more sales?

CEO of Next Step Social Communications Katie Brinkley joined us at Indie Retail Fest in Denver to help explain how businesses can transform their social media marketing and achieve more growth—all while posting less. With two decades of expertise, Katie is well-versed in the social world, and her unique method makes it easy to connect with people who actually want to buy your products.

Katie zeroes in on the familiar feeling that we’re doing all the “right things” but can’t seem to get any traction on social media. It takes practice to decode the vast landscape of platforms, she says, and figure out the varying spectrum of strategies that work for each one (hint: They’re all different). In Katie’s session, which you can watch above, she shares how to:

  • Use Metricool to gain platform insights, track your competitors, see which hashtags are working, and more
  • Create content that will keep driving revenue even if you can’t post for a whole month 
  • Engage on social media as a complementary way to build community and generate business
  • Start the conversation with potential consumers and help them see you as human—and not just another person trying to sell them something

 Creating three to four posts a week using this strategy is going to allow you to maintain consistency, not get burnt out, and build a community around your business and your brand.

Katie Brinkley, CEO of Next Step Social Communications

Most people aren’t going to social media to shop, Katie explains, but you can use the algorithm in your favor to lead them on the journey toward becoming a customer. Learn more about her four-post framework—called The Awareness to Action Strategy—and start inspiring new and existing customers to come and buy your goods. 

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