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Navigating Promotions at Faire Winter Market for Brands in Europe and the UK

December 9, 2021 | Published by Faire

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We’re excited to kick off the new year with our fourth virtual trade show event, Faire Winter Market, taking place January 31- February 4, 2022. Last year, we introduced Faire markets to our global community in Europe, and since then, our markets have become growing global events with thousands of brands and retailers participating worldwide. In fact, since our last Faire Winter Market, our active retailer community has grown by over 220%—and we expect this event to be our most exciting yet.

At this market, we’ll once again help our brand community connect with existing buyers through Faire’s popular discount-matching program. In addition, based on feedback from previous markets, we hope to strengthen our investment in helping our brands find new customers. 

To help you build new connections, we’re funding a new opening order discount, in addition to your promotion match. During Faire Winter Market, all orders from Europe will be matched up to 10% and customers placing opening orders on Faire will receive an additional 10% off.

With this new promotional structure, we aim to place our mission of fostering new connections among our retail community at the forefront of the event. Here, we’ll explain how to best leverage these promotions to build new relationships and maximize success at Faire Winter Market and beyond.

Creating new connections with opening order specials

The main question we receive from our brand community is how they can use Faire Markets to find more new customers. At least year’s Faire Summer Market, brands collectively made over 65,000 new retailer relationships—and we’re excited to see this number grow in future events. 

This is why we’ve evolved our promotion structure to make it easier for both brands and retailers to form new relationships. At Faire Winter Market, we’re funding an extra 10% off opening orders from Europe—on top of the existing match. Any market promotion you set will be automatically eligible for this special, at no additional cost to you.

With exposure to thousands of new retailers, our Faire Winter Market promotion will help grow your existing buyer network by incentivizing retailers to try products from new lines like yours. 

For more information on how discount matching works, see our help center guide

Growing existing relationships

In addition to forging new connections, Faire Winter Market promotions can also motivate existing buyers to reorder from you. At this year’s market, we’ll match your market promotion up to 10%. This means that a 10% discount that you set will automatically become 20%. This will help retailers lock in competitive pricing for products they love.  

​​Setting promotions and understanding taxes

You can set your brand promotion for Faire Winter Market starting today in the Brand Portal. To help you navigate how payouts and taxes will work when working with customers overseas, and how to access invoices, read our dedicated help center guide

For more information on selling internationally on Faire, visit the help center. 

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