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How to write orders for all of your retailers using Faire

February 12, 2024 | Published by Faire

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Success in wholesale often boils down to two things: a great product and a top-flight customer experience. When a wholesale buyer is ready to restock or simply give your product a try, Faire tools make it simple to write an order on their behalf and send them an invoice—whether or not the retailer has a Faire account. This way, every customer gets an effortless order experience, and you’re able to manage all of your orders from one convenient place: Faire.

Here, we’re sharing insights and best practices for taking advantage of our order-writing tools—including how you can use the Faire app for brands to access these features on the go or from the trade-show floor. 

Offer all of your retailers a smooth, straightforward ordering experience

You likely do business with many different types of retailers. Some like to browse and shop online, while others might prefer more traditional methods. Using Faire’s existing order-writing tool, you can offer all of your customers—even those without a Faire account—multiple ways to place orders while maintaining an easy, streamlined experience on both sides. 

Whenever you receive a new order request from a retailer—whether through Faire, over the phone, by email, or even via fax—you can easily create an invoice and send it off to the customer. Retailers who are on Faire can approve the purchase in one click, while retailers who are not on Faire can choose guest checkout. 

In both cases, customers will benefit from a simple, secure way to pay. At the same time, writing an order is also easy for you. Just key in the products and send off the invoice. 

Write orders from anywhere using the Faire app for brands

If you’re in North America*, you can also write orders on the Faire app for brands. Use the app to write and manage end-to-end orders, respond promptly to customers, share important details, and capture leads right from your iOS or Android phone. (Or, if you prefer, you can download the brand app onto your iPad.) 

Have multiple teammates taking orders at your booth? Multiple people can use your brand’s login on the app to write orders from their phones at the same time. Reps can add their name in the order notes for attribution as needed.

*Order writing on the mobile app is available only to North American customers at this time, but we hope to roll it out more widely in the future.

Delight customers and grow sales by including product recommendations

You can also add product recommendations to invoices via Faire. This simple step adds a personalized touch that can delight your customers and help grow sales. 

Many brands use this feature to introduce customers to new products or recommend items that complement their order. Retailers can then add those recommended products to their order when checking out. This little touch can create a more customized experience that they likely won’t find elsewhere. 

Offer Faire’s benefits to customers for free

Retailers who already buy with Faire have access to their regular payment terms whenever they pay for an order from your shop. If a retailer chooses to sign up for Faire while paying an invoice, they’ll also gain access to Faire’s 60-day extended payment terms (for eligible retailers) and free returns on opening orders. Retailers with access to extended payment terms are able to place larger, more frequent orders with greater confidence—meaning more sales for you.

As always, you pay 0% commission on orders from Faire Direct customers. We only charge a commission on orders from retail accounts that originated through the Faire marketplace. Here are a few scenarios regarding commission when using our order-writing tools:

  • If it’s your first order from a brand-new customer, or if you’re writing an order for a non-Faire customer, you won’t pay Faire a commission.
  • If it’s a repeat order with one of your Faire Direct customers, you won’t pay Faire a commission.
  • If it’s a repeat order with a retailer who found you on the Faire marketplace, regular commission rates will apply.

Customers who sign up for Faire after receiving your invoice will instantly become one of your Faire Direct accounts.

Manage all of your orders in one place

With flexible order-writing options accessible from your desktop computer or mobile device, you can use Faire as your one-stop shop for processing orders. This allows you to review your open and past orders, and communicate with all of your customers, in the same place wherever you are. 

You can manage fulfillment and track payments through Faire as well. This includes purchasing shipping labels through Faire for invoiced orders, even if the customer doesn’t have a Faire account.

We’ll handle payment collection on all orders placed by Faire retailers. Orders from non-Faire customers won’t show as “ready to fulfill” until you or the retailer enter credit card information. This means you don’t have to chase down payments when you manage orders through Faire.

Start using the Faire app for brands and all of our order-writing tools today so you can spend less time managing invoices and more time on your craft.

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