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Day Two of Faire Summer Market 2021: Highlights From The Day

July 28, 2021 | Published by Faire

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Faire Summer Market 2021 is in full swing, and day two brought livestream sessions on digital marketing strategies, live selling, and introductions to some of our new European brands. In case you missed it, read our recap of day one of Faire Summer Market 2021. 

Articulating the full picture with Cee Smith

In her educational session, serial entrepreneur and angel investor Cee Smith shared how business owners can better articulate and grow their brands by seeking partnerships, collaborations, and focusing on profit. Cee advised viewing collaboration as necessary information sharing, rather than competition. “Entrepreneurs flourish from the participation of the community. It allows you to gain diverse views,” she said.

Finally, Cee shared the value in narrowing your focus. “The riches are in the niches,” she said. “You may assume you’re limiting your customer base, but the customers you are appealing to will pay top dollar for a product that perfectly meets their needs.”

Brand building for CPG with David Greenfeld

David Greenfeld—Co-founder and CEO of Dream Pops and Forbes 30 under 30 honoree—shared advice for CPG founders, including the importance of a digital-first omnichannel marketing strategy. In his livestream session, he provided tips on how brands can use various online channels and techniques to spread awareness and appeal to customers. 

David suggested new and emerging brands utilize a range of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. Investing in a unique product design, he said, can help brands gain traction on these social platforms and increase discoverability. Finally, he shared how Dream Pops used low-cost guerilla marketing techniques like reaching out to potential collaborative partners via email or phone. “One exchange could change your business.”

Live selling and social commerce with CommentSold

Jason Stoker, Director of Outbound Sales at e-commerce selling platform CommentSold, shared best practices for live selling. After his wife’s boutique leveraged this modern way of online selling, sales increased by 250% after hosting consistent live selling sessions via Instagram and Facebook. 

Among his top strategies were keeping viewers engaged in conversation, building community, directly inviting top customers, and staying consistent with live selling sessions. Finally, Jason noted that live selling doesn’t need to replace a brick-and-mortar location, but rather it can help add an additional sales channel. “It’s about asking; could we add this as a piece of what we do to help increase revenue and be resilient to the changes we face in retail.”

Spotlight on our European brands

  • Tabitha Eve—an eco-friendly U.K. brand with a mission to replace single-use plastic in homes—hosted a session led by founder Debbie Rees. Debbie discussed the brand’s history and showcased some of top products, like reusable face cloths made from organic cotton and plastic-free hair ties.
  • The founders of German brand Pink Stories shared the inspiration behind their candle and stationery brand and how they produce their dip-dyed candles with sustainable materials.
  • Lisa Beaumont, founder of Scottish accessories brand Powder Design discussed top-selling tips and the design inspiration behind the brand’s products with Head of Marketing, Hannah Graham.
  • Huski Home, a U.K. reusable housewares brand, discussed their implementation of zero waste ordering and how they create natural and eco-friendly goods.

New products from the Faire community

  • Kate Lubensky, president of food and drinkware brand W&P, presented new products available for preorder like cube trays for freezing broth or soup and a collapsable and reusable popcorn bowl. 
  • Finally, Well Told—a gift brand known for their glassware engraved with custom maps—closed out the day with a virtual happy hour. They introduced members of their team, shared the origins of the company, and gave a sneak peek of upcoming products.

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