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7 Ways To Show Customer Appreciation This Holiday Season and Beyond

November 18, 2021 | Published by Faire

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Show customer appreciation this holiday season
How to show customer appreciation this holiday season.

The holiday season is a time for reflecting on all we’re thankful for and expressing gratitude to those around us. With the holidays right around the corner—including Thanksgiving in the U.S.—now is the perfect time to show customer appreciation to your loyal and supportive community. From heartfelt thank you cards to exclusive discounts, we’re sharing seven ways you can show your customers they’re valued this year. 

Reward loyalty with discounts

A popular and easy way to give back to your loyal customers is to offer discounts or coupons to repeat buyers. You can offer a one-time discount available immediately, or you can offer a post-purchase coupon to encourage customers to revisit your business in the new year. Another option is to implement a loyalty program that allows customers to build towards a reward with each purchase. 

To connect with local customers, consider offering a discount for repeat buyers who can pick up their products directly from you. Finally, reward loyalty by offering exclusive access to new products. Make your regular customers feel valued by giving them the first opportunity to shop a new line of products or early access to any holiday deals

Surprise customers with a free gift or sample

This season of giving, delight your customers with a small gift as a token of appreciation. You can either include a free gift with purchase or send out small standalone gifts to your loyal customers alongside a thank you note. Meaningful gifts can take on all forms, from holiday ornaments and sweets to a gift card or one of your products. This can also be a good way to use up any extra inventory you may have at the end of the year.

Including a free sample of one of your products is also a great option for a gift to add to a purchase. Offering customers the chance to try out another one of your products at no extra cost will not only make them feel valued, but increase the chances of them returning. 

Invite customers to celebrate major milestones with you

To show customer appreciation beyond the holiday season, invite your community to celebrate big milestones with you, from anniversaries to expansions or exciting collaborations. By including them in these moments, they’ll feel like they’re truly a part of your business and your success. For example, you may choose to offer a special sale during an anniversary week or run a giveaway to celebrate the occasion. Regardless of the occasion, even a simple celebratory email to your customers acknowledging the achievement and expressing your gratitude can go a long way.

Pay it forward

Another great way to show customer appreciation during the holiday season is by giving back to social causes that matter to your community. Consider donating to a charity or local initiative that you know resonates with your customers, or ask for their feedback on where they’d like you to donate this year. 

In addition to donating yourself, you can also offer a discount or free gift with purchase to shoppers who bring in proof of donation to your selected cause. Giving back by paying it forward is a memorable way to show your appreciation for your customers, your staff, and your community.

Include unique package inserts with your orders

Thoughtfully curated package inserts can be used year-round and help take your customer experience to the next level. Take some time to design a package insert to thank customers for their business, whether it’s a sticker, postcard, pin, or branded card. This type of careful product packaging will make you more memorable to customers and make them feel appreciated. 

Send a thank you card

A simple thank you can go a long way, especially during the holidays. A meaningful way to show customer appreciation is to send handwritten cards expressing your gratitude. You can choose to include one with each holiday purchase or send them to your most loyal customers independently. If you’re short on time, you can also send a heartfelt email to your community to give thanks for their support. 

Run a social media giveaway

To give a special thanks to your community of social media followers, try running an exclusive giveaway. You can share a coupon or discount on social media that only your followers will have access to, or you can engage your community through a contest. For example, ask your followers to share photos of them either using your products or gifting them to a loved one, and select the best entry as a winner. This is a great way to get customers excited about their purchase, make them feel valued, and allow you to continue interacting with your community online. 

For more holiday success tips, read our guide to preparing your brand for the busy season, discover insider advice on navigating peak retail months, and learn how to manage this year’s supply chain and shipping disruptions. 

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