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Tinned fish, tea, and lots of nostalgia: What’s trending on Faire

February 14, 2023 | Published by Faire

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From the sober curious trend to the growing mushroom decor craze, consumers have already begun foraging for fresh and new finds in 2023. Now, as we turn from winter to spring, searches in the Faire marketplace are showing a new set of sprouting trends, proving that spring shopping is currently at the forefront of retailers’ minds. Searches for “spring” already reached almost 10,000 in January of this year, topping 2022’s record monthly high of 7,000. 

Like most years, Easter-related searches are currently topping the charts, and popular Easter products on Faire include bright and pastel-forward decor, greeting cards, and, of course, lots of candy and chocolate. (We’ve got a whole Easter collection you can shop here.)

But what are wholesale buyers stocking up on that’s out of the ordinary? We’ve been scouring global search and buying data from the Faire marketplace to uncover emerging trends for the coming season. Here, we’ve curated a list of five growing trends that are sure to captivate your customers this spring. 

Tinned fish

Dubbed the “hottest new extremely old trend” by Morning Brew, tinned fish products like canned sardines, tuna, anchovies, and more are soaring in popularity. Some credit this rise in interest to social media. On TikTok, videos using the hashtags #tinfishdatenight and #tinnedfish have raked in over 20 million views, and clips of charcuterie boards featuring artistic arrangements of crackers, cheese, and tinned fish abound. According to a report by Grand View Research in April 2022, the global canned seafood market is expected to reach over $50 billion by 2030.

On Faire, searches for “fish”—which largely yield results for canned fish products—have increased 110% year over year from early 2022 to early 2023. Tinned fish products have also landed among the top five most popular products in the Dairy & Meats category in the past two months. In addition, aside from candy (the most popular category across all of Faire in 2022), tinned fish was among the top 2% of most popular products in the Food & Drink category in December 2022 and January 2023. Finally, between January 2022 and January 2023, there’s been a 130% increase in the number of tinned fish products sold in the Dairy & Meats category.

“Tinned fish is very hot right now,” says chef Sara Hauman, founder of Tiny Fish Co. and self-proclaimed fish nerd. “Tiny Fish Co. has been growing steadily and organically over the past 12 months, and products are selling at a much more rapid pace. Within the past few months, interest in ‘fancy fish in a can’ has been surging, almost doubling from what it had been in previous months.”

Fill your shelves with tinned fish goodness from brands like Seed to Surf, the Tiny Fish Co., Fishwife, and more. 

Mindfulness journals and self-improvement books

This year, consumers have begun setting their sights on personal development and products that inspire deep thinking. Etsy predicted an emphasis on wellness products that will emerge in consumers in the early months of 2023, and Pinterest recently noted a 220% increase in searches for “journal writing prompts therapy” and a 3,755% increase in searches for “art journal therapy.” 

On Faire, January saw the highest number of orders for journals since the summer of 2022, and searches for “journals” reached around 5,500 monthly searches, almost doubling since the month prior. The most popular journals on Faire as of late aren’t just of the blank-page variety. In January, the top products in the Paper & Novelty category were self-improvement books, gratitude and reflection journals, and journals with writing prompts. Shop this trend from Intelligent Change, Blush and Gold, Sweet Water Decor, Habit Nest, and more. 

Sustainable kitchen supplies and refillable bath and body products 

Eco-friendly and sustainable products continue to be top of mind for modern-day consumers. In 2022, one of Faire’s top brand value tags was eco-friendly, and we predicted that interest in sustainable products would continue to increase in 2023. We’ve already seen this prediction come to life. Eco-friendly is among the most shopped brand values of the year thus far and searches for “reusable” reached almost 2,000 per month in January 2023. In addition, searches for “sustainable” have grown nearly 85% year over year between early 2022 and early 2023. Finally, products like reusable kitchen towels and eco-friendly, detergent-free laundry soap—like those from Euroscrubby and Magnolia Soap & Bath Co.—were among the top 10 products in the Household Supplies & DIY category in both December 2022 and January 2023. 

Also rising in popularity: refill shops. At these independent stores aimed at reducing plastic waste, customers can fill up their reusable bottles with essentials like laundry detergent and dish soap. In 2022, well-known beauty retail company The Body Shop launched refill stations in the US. 

On Faire, searches for “refill” have reached their highest in the past year, with a 100% year-over-year increase from 2022 to 2023. Shop products for refill stations from brands like Root and Splendor and Common Good.

Organic tea

Tea products are becoming more and more sought after on Faire, and January 2023 saw over 20,000 total searches for the word, making it a top search term of the month. Between January 2022 and January 2023, there was a 150% increase in searches for “tea.” What’s most notable, however, is the surge in interest in natural and organic teas. Whole Foods recently named one such tea called yaupon—an earthy, organic, herbal tea—as one of the top food trends to watch in 2023.  

“During my years in the tea industry, I’ve seen some major shifts in consumer consciousness,” says Lisa Govro, founder and CEO of Big Heart Tea Co. “Tea drinkers are getting more exploratory every year and their knowledge of the healing power of tea seems to be growing exponentially. I attribute this growth in knowledge to the use of social media for learning, increased concern for health and well-being, and the big power of the Gen Z consumer. Younger consumers are trending away from heavy, full-flavored beverages and reaching for all-natural, more subdued flavors.”

Faire customers are jumping on this trend, and in the past three months, the most popular brands in the Coffee & Tea category have consistently been brands offering organic, additive-free herbal teas.

Stock up on herbal teas from JusTea, Earth Mama Organics, Lake & Oak Tea Co., and Big Heart Tea Co.

In the past two months, searches for western-style apparel—clothing that draws inspiration from or celebrates the Wild West—have skyrocketed. In January, searches for “western” doubled from the previous month, reaching about 10,000. On Faire, popular western-style clothing includes ripped or flared jeans; cowboy hats; graphic tees featuring cowboys, horses, and horseshoes; and cowboy-print tops or pants. Shop these styles from Bailey Rose, Spirit + Tribe, and more.

In addition to western apparel, global trend forecasting agency WGSN predicts that bohemian silhouettes and hand-crafted looks will be popular this spring. On Faire, we’ve already seen an increased interest in these styles, with purchases of products like crocheted tops from AFRM and patchwork denim jeans from VERVET by Flying Monkey growing in the past three months. 

WGSN also expects shoppers to show a wistful affection for the ’90s and 2000s. “Consumers will look to the past for reference, altering our grasp of time, driving nostalgia, and giving rise to a renewed focus on an idealized past,” says WGSN in the Faire x WGSN Spring/Summer ‘23 trend toolkit

Indeed, halterneck tops, short skirts, and slip-on sneakers have risen in popularity on Faire this season, along with vintage flared jeans like those from ÉTICA Denim.

Shop these apparel trends and more from Showroom brands, and view the entire Faire x WGSN Spring/Summer ‘23 trend toolkit

Head to the Faire Forecast to read our predictions for 2023.

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