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Insights from Faire Winter Market 2022, the global virtual trade show event

February 16, 2022 | Published by Faire

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We recently concluded our global trade show event, Faire Winter Market 2022. We were inspired to see thousands of retailers and brands from around the world come together to form new connections and celebrate local retail. Today, we’re excited to share some key insights and trends from the event. 

Global participation

Faire Winter Market 2022 saw participation from around the globe, with nearly 1 in 5 participating brands coming from our European community including the UK, France, and Germany. In total, retailers placed around 225,000 orders, resulting in almost 2 million products ordered at the event—about 8x the number of products purchased at our last Faire Winter Market in 2021.

In addition, over 18,000 brands participated in the event and around 47,000 retailers made a purchase. This participation led to the formation of nearly 112,000 new relationships between brands and retailers around the world.

Finally, retailers saved over $12 million in total at the event through brand discounts and promotion matching funded by Faire. 

Buying trends

To get a better idea of global trends and themes at this year’s Faire Winter Market, we took a look at the most popular searches and purchases across our entire retailer community.

Retailers at Faire Winter Market purchased products from a wide range of categories, from bath and body products and accessories to candy and kid’s toys. The most popular value tags globally were women owned, made in USA, and handmade

The top global searches at Faire Winter Market revealed that retailers are preparing for the upcoming holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter—and that they’re keeping an eye on trends for Spring 2022 with searches for bath bombs and tea. 

This winter’s attendees were also on the hunt for sweet treats, with sour candies, gummies, and other confections landing among the top 5 best-selling products globally. Finally, kid’s toys and bath and body products proved popular at the event, with retailers around the world favoring items like plush stuffed animals and hand and body cream.

Finally, we looked at the top products from each participating country at Faire Winter Market. In Germany, retailers favored greeting cards and stationery products, while customers in France opted for organic body scrubs and fragrant oils. In the UK, retailers shopped for nail care and wax melts.

Our next virtual trade show event, Faire Fashion Week, is coming up from March 7-11, 2022. To learn more about shopping preorders risk-free at Faire Fashion Week, click here.

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