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Five women-owned brands to know on Faire 

March 16, 2023 | Published by Faire

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Today we’re shining the spotlight on a handful of the thousands of women-owned brands on the Faire marketplace. There’s so much to admire from these talented and inspiring women, from their commitment to sustainability to their genuine will to make each day feel special and a bit more luxurious. 

Beyond these five brands below, we hope you’ll continue to celebrate the women entrepreneurs who make our community vibrant, strong, and endlessly shoppable. To find them, simply filter by “women-owned.” 

Nana + Livy

Nana + Livy’s founder Amelia had always been interested in soapmaking, but it wasn’t until 2018 that her hobby became her passion. Amelia launched Nana + Livy—(named after her two daughters, Natalia (Nana) and Olivianne (Livy)—to bridge the gap between skincare and healthy food ingredients. 

Nana + Livy offers skincare products that apply healthy food directly onto the skin for nutrient absorption. Amelia is passionate about the quality ingredients she handpicks, and she takes her time experimenting with the perfect way to enhance skin health. Everything from Nana + Livy—from its face masks to specialty soaps—is carefully crafted by hand, made from vegan ingredients and shipped in sustainable, plastic-free packaging. 

“Our goal from the very beginning was to create an eco-friendly, vegan, and handmade product,” says Amelia. “We want to introduce our consumers to our values. Every customer who buys from Nana + Livy shares the same passion for our values, so we consider each sale a success.”

Shop Nana + Livy on Faire 

Friendly Fire Paper

Queen Mom Card by Friendly Fire Paper

“Sense of humor is required” at Friendly Fire Paper, a letterpress stationery studio founded by sister team Denise Laborde and Mariana Picans in 2016. With their wise-cracking cards and paper goods, their goal is to help people stay connected, whether you want to send a shout-out to your favorite “Mama Jama” across the country or cheer up a friend with the note “You Make Everything Better.” 

Friendly Fire Paper has been a Louie Awards winner in 2018 and 2019—and it was a finalist in 2022. Each card is designed, produced, packaged, and shipped from its Connecticut studio. 

“Our mission is to help individuals stay on good terms with the people in their lives,” says Laborde. “We do this by designing products that help communicate feelings throughout all of life’s moments. Success in our stationery business means creating long-term partnerships with shops that are a good fit for our brand. Together, we make sure our products reach the right customer.”

Shop Friendly Fire Paper on Faire 

Birchrose & Co.

Aura Mist by Birchrose & Co.

Stop the clock. Relax. Breathe. These are the tenets espoused by Beckah Jackman’s Birchrose & Co. Jackman founded the business from her kitchen in early 2014 in hopes of having more flexibility in her professional life and in pursuit of turning her passion (and her knowledge of aromatherapy) into a career. Birchrose & Co. offers all-natural products—from bath soaks and hydrating mists to candles and face masks—aimed at elevating daily rituals and transforming any home into a spa. 

“Today, success looks like waking up inspired, continuing to find daily passion in creating intentional products, putting love into growing my company, and feeling fulfillment in my role,” says Jackman. “Ultimately, success in my business means having freedom—freedom to create and do what I love, freedom of a flexible schedule, freedom to work with a team I love, and freedom to live the life I work hard for.” 

Shop Birchrose & Co. on Faire 

Saint & Company

Daisy Temporary Tattoo by Saint & Company

Colorado-based artist Emma Mannino launched Saint & Company to bring her beautiful hand-painted temporary tattoos, cards, prints, and gifts to the masses. The art that began as a hobby in 2017 flourished into a full-time operation after five years spent learning the ins and outs of running a business. Today, Mannino sells temporary tattoos of everything from colorful planets and unicorns for kids to sophisticated designs of animals and nature for adults. Saint & Company also offers a range of nature prints and greeting cards. 

“I often find myself thinking, ‘What will I most regret when I turn 40, 50, 60, etc.,’ ” and then I do whatever it takes to combat it,” says Mannino. “After I had my second daughter at the end of 2021, I knew that if I stayed in my corporate career I’d regret not being home with her. I also knew that if I never pursued being an artist, or never pursued running my own business, I’d regret not trying. So I did just that. Being able to take a step back and reflect upon this business I’ve grown and also be able to watch my daughters grow beside it—that’s why I do what I do.”

Shop Saint & Company on Faire

Found My Animal

Cobalt Cotton Harness by Found My Animal

Founders and friends Bethany Obrecht and Anna Conway met while walking their rescue dogs in Brooklyn and quickly realized they shared a passion for animals, animal welfare, and design. They teamed up to produce their first product—a rope leash inspired by the fishermen in Obrecht’s family. The design was such a hit, it led them to officially begin Found My Animal in 2007, offering their chic and colorful leashes around the country. 

Each nautical-inspired leash includes a brass tag that says “FOUND”—a message that reflects their mission to help animals find the homes they deserve. These stylish, hand-dyed leashes have even been featured in the likes of Vogue and Vanity Fair. Today, Found My Animal has expanded from leashes to petwear, including adorable and colorful shirts and jackets for your favorite four-legged friends. 

Another thing to love: Part of the proceeds from their sales go to supporting animal welfare and rescue organizations. They even have a whole section of their site dedicated to facilitating pet adoptions. 

Shop Found My Animal on Faire

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