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Candles, bath bombs, and sweets: Celebrate Black-owned brands in these popular categories

February 1, 2023 | Published by Faire

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Image courtesy of Naked Bar Soap Co.

These days, more and more consumers are shopping with their values. This often means supporting smaller independent businesses or ones owned and operated by diverse communities. At Faire, we’re proud to work with entrepreneurs from communities all around the globe in all categories. Here, we’re sharing the work and stories of some of our Black-owned businesses on Faire that are selling in some of our most popular categories, including candles, bath and body, and candy. 


Image courtesy of The Calm Joy Candle Co.

On Faire, candles have ranked in the top five search terms of the year globally for the past several years—and last year, we saw over 245,000 total candle orders. The Calm Joy Candle Co., Creek Candle Shop, and Elevation Lifestyle are among the many talented makers on Faire specializing in this popular category.

The Calm Joy Candle Co.

Soothing and eco-friendly is how we’d characterize the delightful candles from The Calm Joy Candle Co. Founded in 2021 by Simone Maldonado—a mental health specialist who wanted to bring beautiful smells to the marketplace—The Calm Joy Candle Co. offers a variety of complex, sophisticated scents that are hand-poured with coconut wax. (The benefit of using vegan coconut wax is that it minimizes soot that often lands in and discolors the wax after burning.) Bringing the sustainability full circle, the brand also uses stylish, eco-conscious wooden wicks. Bestsellers include holiday-ready Peppermint Cocoa, Creamy Vanilla, and a Sweet-and-Smoky Bourbon. 

Shop The Calm Joy Candle Co. on Faire.

Creek Candle Shop

As a military spouse, there’s nothing more important to Creek Candle Shop’s founder Brittney Danyael than creating a sense of home wherever you are. This was the underlying concept for a café she always dreamed of opening. While the café is still in the works, what has come from this moving idea is a candle business based in Pensacola, Florida, that truly makes every space feel that much more cozy and serene. Each candle, whether you go for the Plush Plum or the Winter Blues, is hand-poured with 100 percent soy wax. You won’t find any color additives here. Just sleek, clean vessels and scents that’ll make your office, hotel room, or even café feel like home. 

Shop Creek Candle Shop on Faire.

Elevation Lifestyle

Elevation Lifestyle is a family-owned business run by mother and CEO Rhonda Smith and siblings Aaron Long (COO) and Aaliya Long (CFO). The company began as a blog but blossomed into a full-scale wholesale business in the spring of 2020 to provide solace and healing after Smith’s mother passed. Today, Elevation Lifestyle is dedicated to all-natural and handmade candles that can bring others that same healing. From the Boss Lady candle, which offers hints of citrus and Champagne, to the calming Weekend Reset candle, with scents of lemon, white tea, linen, and sandalwood, the crackling wooden wick and the simple but effective packaging allow Elevation Lifestyle’s candles to bring joy to any room they’re in. 

Shop Elevation Lifestyle on Faire.

Bath and body

Bath and body products like soaps and bath bombs were among the popular products on Faire in all countries in 2022, and “bath bombs” was one of the top five global search terms of the year. Motherland Essentials, Nath Soap Co., and Naked Bar Soap Co. have perfected the art of creating organic, natural, and memorable skincare, beauty, and bath and body products. 

Nath Soap Co. products
Image courtesy of Nath Soap Co.

Motherland Essentials

Motherland Essentials was founded by Andrea Davis out of the idea that everyone should have access to natural and organic skincare and beauty products, even if you’re on a budget. Every item from Motherland Essentials is handcrafted in Charleston, South Carolina, and made with healthy and responsibly sourced ingredients. From their lavender soap bars to their all-purpose oil and exfoliating clay, Davis hopes to spread her love of natural skin care to all and offer good-for-you products that don’t have to break the bank. 

Shop Motherland Essentials on Faire.

Nath Soap Co.

Nath Soap Co. was founded in 2019 by maker and owner Nataly, who hoped to bring natural and gentle skincare to her family. Out of its studio in Wallington, Connecticut, the company creates soaps from scratch using an earth-friendly cold-pressed process. Each enchanting option is formed from responsibly sourced oils and butters (and fragrances without any phthalates). Nath Soap’s products include an abundance of colorful options, from a pinkish ombré Cranberry Fig to a vibrant Orange and Clove and a delightfully speckled Pumpkin Pecan Waffle that smells like everyone’s favorite breakfast but looks like a work of art. 

Shop Nath Soap Co. on Faire.

Naked Bar Soap Co.

Natasha Byrd-Gaylon started making her own bath and body recipes when she struggled to find products that worked for her skin condition. It wasn’t until 2013, though, that Jennifer Peets helped Natasha bring her vision to life and launch Naked Bar Soap Co. Together, they’ve created a brand that offers natural beauty products that are bold, sexy, therapeutic, and holistic. Their soaps are made from olive oil, coconut oil, and sustainable palm oil, along with creamy shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter. For fragrances, they use pure essential oils. Everything from the Passion Berry Lip Balm to the Orange Sandalwood Sugar Scrub is made lovingly in small batches. 

Shop Naked Bar Soap Co. on Faire.

Candy and chocolates

Askanya Chocolate bars
Image courtesy of Askanya Chocolates

Not only were candy products among the most popular food products on Faire in 2022, but candy was also among the top two most popular products globally for two years in a row. In 2022, retailers purchased over 75,000 candy products across the globe, from sour gummies to rich chocolates. Midunu Chocolates, Askanya Chocolates, and Candy With Aa Twist are experts in bringing a unique touch to traditional candy and chocolate flavors. 

Midunu Chocolates

Founded by award-winning chef Selassie Atadika in Accra, Ghana, Midunu Chocolates serves as a sweet taste of Africa’s rich culinary heritage. Made with Ghanaian cocoa, the artisanal and handmade chocolates from Midunu are influenced by different parts of the African continent and named after inspirational women from each region. From dark chocolate bars studded with cacao nibs to intricately patterned truffles, each chocolate represents the patchwork of African cuisine and Atadika’s love for the continent. 

Shop Midunu Chocolates on Faire.

Askanya Chocolates

Askanya Chocolates was founded by Haitian American engineer Corinne Joachim-Sanon-Symietz in 2015 to bring the beauty of Haitian cacao to people everywhere. The company set out with a goal to create handcrafted, ethical, and gourmet chocolates using natural ingredients that Haitians could be proud of and to have a positive social impact. Today, the business generates revenue for Haitian farmers and provides full-time job opportunities for young women in the Haitian countryside. Askanya’s products include beautiful chocolate bars in a range of cacao percentages and flavors. From an orange-tinged Solèy bar to a Paradis milk chocolate option, each bar is as impactful for its tasters as it is for those who made it. 

Shop Askanya Chocolates on Faire.

Candy With A Twist

With marshmallows as its medium, Candy With A Twist proves that confections aren’t just for children (though kids would eat these up, too). Founded by Nila Nicholas and operated out of New Jersey, this one-of-a-kind sweets shop is as tasty as it is imaginative, with a paint-your-own-Valentine kit, Easter Bunny marshmallows, holiday-ready marshmallow snowflakes, and even colorful marshmallow pops. Perfect for group parties, work retreats, or a couples getaway, these treats will delight sugar fanatics in both style and substance. 

Shop Candy With A Twist on Faire.

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