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The biggest buying trends at Faire Market

July 27, 2023 | Published by Faire

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Faire Market—our free virtual trade show event of the summer—concluded last week after several days of shopping, exclusive discounts, and new brand discovery. Brands and retailers from around the world participated in the event from July 18 to 20, with Insider early access on July 17. Now, we’re taking a look at the biggest insights and buying trends that emerged at the event. 

Global participation 

Brands and retailers from around the world joined us to participate in our biggest market yet, with about 26,000 brands and 53,000 retailers participating. Roughly 20% of brands that received orders were part of our European community—from brands in France and Germany to the UK—and about 5,600 of the almost 53,000 participating retailers were also located in Europe. This participation led to the formation of more than 90,000 new relationships between brands and retailers across the globe. 

Retailers placed around 290,000 total orders at the virtual trade show, and almost 900,000 products were ordered. Retailers discovered new and unique brands for their stores, with the average retailer ordering from five different brands.

Buying trends

We took a look at the most popular searches and products across our retailer community at Faire Market to give you insights into emerging trends and themes from the event. 

Retailers purchased from a range of categories, the most popular of which included Lip Balms, Cocktail Mixers, and Kids’ Stuffed Toys. In the US and France, retailers favored Cocktail Mixers, while UK buyers turned their sights toward Dog Treats. In Germany, handmade mugs proved popular.

Retailers once again shopped by their values, and the most purchased value tags globally were Women-owned, made in the USA, Not on Amazon, Eco-friendly, and Handmade.

Finally, the top global searches saw buyers looking for Halloween, Barbie, and back to school products. Other popular search terms included fall, freeze-dried candy, and Christmas. In France, retailers were also seeking candles and stainless-steel jewelry, and in Germany, searches for candles, gin, and socks topped the charts.

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