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Stock Beauty Products for Every Tone & Texture with AMP Beauty LA on Faire

December 8, 2020 | Published by Faire

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Photo courtesy of Kimberly Tran and AMP Beauty LA.

In September, we shared the inspiring story of AMP Beauty LA, an online retailer revolutionizing the shopping experience for Black women and women of color. Founded by Montré, Angel, and Phyllicia — three sorority sisters with 10 years of experience across editorial, luxury retail, legal, and tech — AMP Beauty LA carries products that are geared toward meeting the beauty needs of diverse shoppers with the goal of redefining beauty culture.

We’re proud to partner with the AMP founders and brands to bring an exciting new range of products to Faire.

Introducing the AMP collection

Today, we’re excited to share that the Curated by AMP Beauty LA collection is now available on Faire.

To start, the collection features specialized grooming for hair of all textures. Check out curl moisturizer from Curls Beauty Brands, shine serum from Scotch Porter, and beard oil from ILERA Apothecary. There are even pillowcases from Silked that protect against bed head!

Also included are all-natural bath and body products. Try scrubs from Spraise, cocktail themed soaps from Soap Distillery, and botanical deodorants from Beija-Flor Naturals.

Finally, don’t forget facial products! There are lip glosses from AJCRIMSON Beauty in shades for every skin tone and tinted sunscreen from UnSun Cosmetics

Picks from the editors

We caught up with the AMP founding team to get their insider picks for their current favorite products in the collection. 

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Tran and AMP Beauty LA.

At the moment, my favorite brand in the AMP collection is KAZMALEJE. I love the brand story and admire their evergreen sisterhood. The KAZMALEJE Paddle Comb is a beauty win. I fell in love the first time I used it! A true hero product that saves time styling hair, fits smooth in hand, and makes combing tangled tresses a pain-free experience.

Montré Moore

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Tran and AMP Beauty LA.

Sistine has become my ultimate skincare savior! I discovered the brand on Faire, and was instantly drawn to its emphasis on clean, sustainable beauty — an assurance that I appreciate as I work to find products made with my routine and the environment in mind. I use the Cherub eye masks several times a week, and recently added the ANTI*BLUE to my everyday. I used to think of UV protection as an outside-only need, but this product reminds me to take care of my skin in front of digital screens, too.

Angel Lenise

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Tran and AMP Beauty LA.

Vie Beauty’s 30Roses Hydrating Rose Water is so refreshing and is a great start to my day. The rose water’s design is luxurious and eye catching and you can see the rose petals floating in the bottle, which is a nice design touch. Pro tip: place your rose water in the fridge overnight and spray in conjunction with your morning skin care routine.

– Phyllicia Phillips

To view and shop brands featured by Montré, Angel, and Phyllicia, visit Faire’s new collection, Curated by AMP Beauty LA.

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