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Crafty activities, coquette bows, and staying hydrated: Spring’s hottest wholesale trends

March 6, 2024 | Published by Faire

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From reducing sensory overload with offline activities to prioritizing radical transparency in beauty, our Faire Forecast trends are continuing to ring true as we make our way into 2024. And now, we have even more data to see how these trends are evolving. 

When you’re looking at spring trends, it’s important not to forget about the heavy hitters. Easter is on its way, and monthly retailer searches for “Easter” and “spring” on Faire have already surpassed 25,000 and 14,000, respectively, as shoppers are stocking up on pastel decor, greeting cards, candy, and chocolate.  

But consumers won’t be spending the whole season simply shopping for Easter goods—and that’s what we’re covering here: the trends that go beyond the expected calendar holidays. From viral tumblers to coquettish bows to the latest lip care, here are the hottest spring trends to help your shop meet the demands of the moment.

Hands-on creativity

As we put together our Faire Forecast, we saw that today’s consumers are suffering from sensory overload. To find some balance, they’re replacing hours of doom scrolling with offline activities, like board games and puzzles. And this spring, they’re searching for new activities to reduce screen time and engage the whole family, resulting in our first big trend: crafting.

“Hobbies and crafting can prove to be a form of unplugging from technology and stress in the very fast-paced world that we currently live in,” says Christine Schaaf, director of wholesale at Paper Source.

On Faire, searches for “yarn” and “embroidery” are at an all-time high, up 109% and 74% month over month, respectively. Of all products in the Crafts & Hobbies category in Q4, crochet sets topped the list, and searches for “crochet” skyrocketed 117% month over month in January. 

Not all popular crafts are yarn-related, though. In January, “watercolors” also saw a 71% jump, and four out of the five top Crafts & Hobbies products were watercolor-related. 

It’s clear that consumers are looking to do more with their hands, to find joy in simple pleasures like creating a piece of art or knitting a scarf for a friend. It’s activities like these that help them stay off their phones, connect with their family, and get back to basics.  

“We have seen our customers’ tastes evolve from total do-it-yourself projects, to more kit-based projects,” says Schaaf. “Rather than buying all of the supplies for one project, they prefer to buy projects that have all of the components included. Or, they prefer to do projects that require tools and products that they already have around the house.”

If you’re looking to stock your shelves with crafty options for beginners and experts alike, here are some Faire makers to fit the bill: 

  • The Woobles: ​​The Woobles is all about showing people that it’s not hard to learn something new. With its beginner crocheting kits, which come with video tutorials and all necessary materials, shoppers can easily create adorable bunnies, chickens, and unicorns—and gain some confidence in the process. 

  • Cozyblue handmade: For those interested in embroidery, cozyblue offers embroidery kits that can help anyone get started with this screen-free craft. Whether shoppers want to create a beautiful floral scene or a mandala-inspired pattern, they’ll have all the tools, instructions, and positivity they need to get stitching. 

  • Emily Lex Studio: This maker offers a selection of watercolor workbooks. With simple, step-by-step instructions and illustrated sketches, even amateur painters can create beautiful flowers, animals, and baking supplies (in the theme of The Great British Bake Off).

  • Paper Source: Founded in 1983, Paper Source has been, well, sourcing the finest crafting goods for beginners and experts for over 30 years. From paper flower kits, stamps, and stickers to the bags and ribbons to wrap them, Paper Source is a one-stop shop for creatives everywhere. 

Shop for colorful and creative crafts and art supplies on Faire.

Status hydration

You might expect that staying hydrated is top-of-mind for consumers during the warmer months, but now it’s a year-round phenomenon, thanks to viral, larger-than-life tumblers and influencer-beloved electrolyte powders. These days, shoppers want to be hydrated—and want others to know they’re staying hydrated too. 

“Self-care and taking care of our bodies has been trending over the years,” says Sadie Floding, owner of The Care Collective, a popular drinkware purveyor. “This made hydration a big trend, and that trend has become a lifestyle.”

On Faire, searches for “electrolytes” are up 151% year over year. Tumblers jumped 94% and became four out of the five top best-selling drinkware products in January (and name-brand searches for tumblers were even higher). What’s more, January searches for “hydration” were 59% higher than in July, their typical peak. In other words, it’s hot to be hydrated. 

All that said, Floding sees the drinkware side of the trend transcending H20. “The more recent increase in demand for [tumblers] comes from the aesthetic side of things,” she says. “Why would you drink an iced coffee, afternoon Diet Coke, or evening cocktail out of a basic kitchen glass when you can drink out of a glass that matches your personality and interests?” 

Christina Allen, vice president of sales at Cure Hydration, sees her brand’s hydrating products and reusable drinkware going hand in hand. “We’re going to start seeing powder drink mixes in new functional categories as consumers realize that powder stick packs are much more environmentally friendly and convenient than ready-to-drink bottles.”

To quench shoppers’ thirst, if you will, here are some of our most popular drinkware makers and electrolyte brands. 

  • Cure Hydration: Made from coconut water and pink Himalayan salt, Cure’s plant-based electrolyte powders keep users hydrated, in flavors like Ruby Riot Grapefruit and Main Squeeze Lemon. Without added sugar, they’re a better-for-you, science-backed alternative to sweetened sports drinks and promise to help with hangovers too. 

  • Beysis: Beysis’ water bottles for adults and children are built to stand the test of time. Each bottle is minimalist yet chic with soothing color tones and a satin finish. Made from double-walled stainless steel, they can keep water hot for 12 hours and cold for up to 24. Shoppers can even customize their bottle with initials or their names in a variety of fonts. 

  • S’well: It’s easy to tell when someone is carrying a S’well water bottle. The 17-ounce, triple-insulated bottle has become an iconic accessory. Now shoppers can buy larger S’well bottles (up to 40 ounces) in a range of colors and patterns. What’s more, to further the brand’s sustainability efforts, the Explorer bottle is made from 92% recycled stainless steel. 

  • The Care Collective: From hulking tumblers to glass cans with wooden tops, The Care Collective offers a variety of ways for stylish consumers to stay hydrated. Many of the items come printed with fun patterns, and everything, critically, is lead-free, vinyl-free, and dishwasher-safe. 

Shop for trending drinkware and hydrating drink mixes on Faire.

Tied up in style: Bows are in and the ’90s are back

It’s time to get to know coquette-core, as flirty, feminine bows are the accessory of the moment. On TikTok, videos related to the coquette aesthetic have amassed 232 million views, and Pinterest reports that bows will be everywhere this year, as millennials and Gen Zers are adorning their jackets, headbands, necklines, and even shoes with this sweet little flourish. 

On Faire, searches for “bow” doubled in January, and searches for “coquette” are twice as high as all of 2023 combined. To stock your store with bows, look to accessories specialists Grace & Grandeur and Shop ANDi. From barrettes to ribbon hair bands, these brands have a lock on bow styling and will have shoppers ready for upcoming garden parties, spring soirees, and everything in between. 

As a continuation of the Concert Couture trend from our 2024 forecast, especially those dressing for Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts World Tour, we’re seeing lots of ’90s clothing trends making their way back to the mainstream. We’re talking the return of grunge (whose searches doubled month over month in January), iron-on patches, and streetwear. And Pinterest, too, is seeing this trend pop, with searches for customized denim jackets getting a bump of 355% year over year. 

For those grunge looks, check out Wandering Owl Designs, which offers a slew of edgy, washed-out tees, and for those looking to dive into streetwear, ADORA LA and BLUE AGE specialize in plaid and denim button-downs. 

Shop these apparel trends on Faire.

Lip love

From Laneige’s viral lip mask to Hailey Bieber’s glazed doughnut aesthetic, people are paying attention to lip care more than ever. On Faire, our top eight best-selling products in the Makeup category were lip tint and lip oil, searches for “lip oil” are up 196% since September, and searches for “lip balm” doubled from August to January. And we aren’t the only ones noticing this trend. 

According to Glamour, glossy lips—neutral lip liners topped with tinted balms and oils—which enhance your natural lip color, are in for 2024. Abbe Findley, founder of popular lip balm purveyor Zizia Botanicals, is noticing increased interest in floral and fruity flavors this spring. And Who What Wear reports that blurred lips are hot for the season, showing gradients of lip color with darker shades in the center and more diffused edges.

This all ties in to the customer-powered transparency trend we saw in our Faire Forecast. As consumers continue to look for lip care, they’re favoring brands that are clear and honest about their practices, ingredients, and supply chain.

“Shoppers are savvy,” says Findley. “They can read an ingredient deck and have a sense of which ingredients are doing what in the formula. Education is essential, and people nowadays expect this from a brand. They want to know what they are putting on their skin and where it’s coming from.”

Here are a few Faire wholesalers that are doing just that. 

  • Zizia Botanicals: Zizia is an L.A.-based herbal company whose formulas are made from sustainably sourced ingredients and organic botanicals wherever possible. For lip care that meets consumers’ desires for sustainable formulas, Zizia offers plumping lip balms with plant-derived essential oils, shea butter, rosehip seed, and more.

  • Among the Flowers: For multipurpose lip and cheek tints, look to Among the Flowers, a brand that prioritizes positive, generative beauty. Every item is made from a blend of botanicals, seed oils, and dried flowers. The Deep Beetroot lip tint, for example, is made from beetroot-infused rice bran oil, beeswax, iron oxide, frankincense, and lemon essential oils. It adds a luscious purple wherever you swipe. 

  • BITCHSTIX: BITCHSTIX’s goal is to help people live courageously, starting with their lips. Its line of cruelty-free lip and body balms comes in a range of scents. The lip oil is particularly popular in mixed berry and vanilla mint.

Shop for lip balms and all things skincare on Faire.

Silver jewelry and mixed metals get their shine 

On the heels of the sequined and chrome-adorned Eras and Renaissance tours, the next phase of sparkly Concert Couture is here in silver jewelry form. “The street-style set and runway collections have signaled a renaissance for silver tones,” reports Net-a-Porter. Marie Claire agrees saying that the “silver jewelry trend is back.”

After steadily rising through the latter half of 2023, searches for “silver jewelry” on Faire spiked 64% month over month in January and were up 44% year over year. Pinterest is seeing a similar trend: Searches for “silver layered necklaces” are up 50%.

For those who want to simply integrate silver jewelry into their everyday gold pieces, the advice is clear. Just mix and match. Here are a few Faire jewelry brands getting it right. 

  • Becoming: Tracey Graves is a self-taught jewelry designer based in Kennebunk, Maine. Her Becoming designs are delicate and sweet, like a friendship necklace with gold and silver rings. There are lots of layering styles for those who want to lean into the silver trend or mix metals. Many of her pieces come with a quote, adding an extra dose of meaning, whether shoppers buy for themselves or as a gift. 

  • Nina Designs: For substantial, chunkier jewelry, look to Nina Designs, whose process begins with hand-drawn sketches sent to silversmiths. There are cool charms and nature-inspired pendants and rings in the shape of a chanterelle mushroom. There are even brooches for those who want to accessorize a sweater or blouse. 

  • KBD Studio: KBD Studio’s handmade accessories are sophisticated and timeless—with just a little edge. There are mixed-metal cuffs, sparkly bobby pins, bejeweled drop earrings, and quartz pendants, each more statement-making than the last. 

Shop silver jewelry on Faire.

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