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Celebrating 500,000 retailers on Faire

June 14, 2022 | Published by Faire

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This week, we’re excited to announce that there are now more than 500,000 retailers active on the Faire marketplace. It’s also been one year since we launched Open with Faire in the US, our program designed to provide new retailers with the necessary capital to source inventory for a new business.

We’re continuously impressed by the strength and resilience of our retailer community, and we’re thrilled to watch this community thrive and grow worldwide.

Today, we’re celebrating our retailer community by taking a look back at customer stories of perseverance, passion, and connection over the years.

Building community 

The Silver Room, Chicago, Illinois

“I want to have a space at the intersection of entrepreneurship and arts and culture. We are focused on helping people, being honest with people, and making sure we are inclusive. You have to be able to talk to everybody and understand that everyone is just interested in being themselves and also connecting.” Eric Williams, The Silver Room

Visit The Silver Room online


“There was a huge need after the pandemic, especially in the queer community, to connect in person. It’s been incredible to be a facilitator of these gatherings. Becoming a pillar within the queer community here in Austin is really rewarding. It’s also been so inspiring to see 12 to 16-year-olds being unapologetically themselves, having such confidence in their identities, and using their allowance money to buy things like pronoun pins.” Justin Galicz, The Little Gay Shop

Visit The Little Gay Shop online


“What I’m seeing with people is that they really want connection. They really want to care more, they want people to care about them, and I find people supporting my local businesses and deciding to choose me over a huge store like Amazon. I feel like that’s so intentional right now, and it just feels like the whole community wants to support each other.”  Keri Travis, Wild Child

Visit Wild Child online

Resilience amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

Emily Grey at her retail store The Flourish Market in Raleigh, North Carolina

“The biggest thing we did to survive 2020 was to listen and listen well to our customers. The things they suggested were really successful for us. They made very specific asks and we turned around and showed them that not only were we listening, but we were taking action.” Emily Grey, The Flourish Market

Visit The Flourish Market online


“I thought the path away from retail was the path of least resistance. But the pandemic made me pivot and rethink. I’m really thankful for that. For brick-and-mortars in this post-pandemic climate, we’re kind of at the forefront of the rebirth of retail. I’m excited about learning together with the community. We’re saying ‘we’re in this together and we’ll figure it out together.’” Amy Navarro, Savor Charcuterie 

Visit Savor Charcuterie online

A passion for retail

Adrienne Lee Wiley at her store Covet in Palm Springs, Calfiornia

I am of the mindset that there’s a huge set of the population that loves the experience of retail shopping — the thrill of walking through a store and discovering something new. So I am optimistic that there’s always going to be a space for local retail.Mat Pond, Epicurean Trader

Visit the Epicurean Trader online


My businesses are very personal to me. They reflect my aesthetic, my politics, and my community. I think I’m most proud that after seven years I still love them and want to be there all the time. I love what I do and I recognize that is such a rare blessing. But it also wasn’t accidental. I make choices in merchandise and business relationships that prioritize what is in the best interest of both myself and my staff. I try and make it a happy, comforting, and supportive space for all of us to grow, learn, and feel excited to come to work each day.” Claire Tibbs, The Humboldt House

Visit The Humboldt House online


I love that my business can grow and evolve as I do. I look back on my business 13 years ago, and it looks so different today. It’s evolved in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I love growing and curating the shop offerings and refining my branding.Adrienne Lee Wiley, Covet 

Visit Covet online

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