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Best Tips for Using Instagram This Holiday to Amp Sales

December 2, 2019 | Published by Faire

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No matter how resistant you are to social media, sometimes the stats speak for themselves. Based on recent data, it’s estimated one billion people use Instagram every month, and of those, 35 percent are adults with money to spend. In fact, 60 percent of those adults make more than six figures annually. Having a presence on Insta isn’t just an important part of remaining relevant in a digital landscape but it’s a huge vehicle to secure purchases that you could be missing out on. The holiday season is a great opportunity to double-down on your Instagram efforts to amp sales. 

Here, a few effective tips to get you started ASAP:

Make your profile festive.

Since you are pulling out decor to add cheer to your store, why not do the same online? Simply updating your image with a holiday-inspired watermark and changing your biography copy to highlight seasonal specials is a festive upgrade. This shows customers—both current and potential—that you’re tuned-in and active within Instagram. For those who are mega fans of the holidays, an updated profile with their favorite touches will keep their attention. As a bonus, it can foster trust, since customers know you are engaged within the digital community and will likely be readily available to answer questions. 

It’s also worth having a mini photoshoot—either via your iPhone or thanks to a friend with a fancy camera—of your holiday goods. Whether it’s a wreath on the front door of your brick-and-mortar store or your top sellers in their gift packaging, the vibe of the season is shifting, so should your styling via Instagram. 

Be personal with your Instagram stories.

Though it can be a little intimidating to update your followers on your real-time comings-and-goings, it’s also an effective way to make connections. People relate to people, and the more human you are within your social media presence, the more likely folks are to tune-in. They relate to you—and that’s a powerful, meaningful sales tactic. 

Whether you share anecdotes or stories via photos, text or video, think deeply about poignant moments you are comfortable sharing. Perhaps it is a special memory from your childhood, an ornament that has been passed down in your family for generations, a charity you always volunteer with to spread good cheer, and other rituals. Though it may not seem like it’s a direct link to sales, the more people who actually watch your stories, the more people who are tempted to make a purchase. And they’ll only keep watching if you’re interesting and genuine. 

Share your favorite products.

Along the same lines of personal but crossing into business territory, having your own gift guide via Instagram is a great way to promote sales. There are many ways to go about this tactic but one fun option is to reveal one product you love every day for 12 days. Your caption can give the backstory on the artisan who created the product, why you decided to sell it, and what you love about it. As you likely already know, shoppers are more likely to make a purchase based off of a recommendation, and your personal review speaks volumes. When you consistently share, your followers will look forward to the new product and seek out your page. This helps your placement on Instagram feeds, ultimately leading to more followers.

Surprise and delight.

One way to build your Instagram community is to give them the opportunity to win something. After all, free is good. And this is pretty much true across any medium—Facebook, newsletters or even gathering emails in-store—but with Insta, you can become a bit more creative. How so? You can require followers to comment, tag someone and follow the page to be eligible. This not only introduces new eyeballs to your page but it will boost your engagement, putting you in favor of Instagram’s algorithms. It’s recommended by industry experts to surprise and delight a few times throughout the holiday season, between Shop Local Saturday and the December celebrations, as those are times when online traffic is high. As always, make sure to check the regulations in your state so you stay on the right side of the law. (This typically means putting a disclaimer as a comment for every giveaway—easy, peasy!) 

Ask customers for feedback.

One of the beauties of Instagram is its ability to connect with followers. Many brands love the direct reach they have to their consumers, allowing them to collect data and feedback. By utilizing Instagram stories, you can ask followers questions, challenge them to vote between products, and more. You can also encourage discussions via comments if your caption has effective call-to-action text. And since you have a business Instagram account, you can also track how many people looked at your images and stories, as well as who forwarded them or took an action from the post. Use this information to guide and shape your strategy during the holidays—and beyond.

And finally…

Don’t forget to check out @faire_wholesale on Instagram for inspiration!

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