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A look inside Faire Summer Market 2022

July 28, 2022 | Published by Faire

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Last week concluded our summer trade show event, Faire Summer Market 2022. We were thrilled to see retailers and brands from across the globe come together to create new connections. Today, we’re excited to share some key insights and trends from the event. 

Participation from around the world

An infographic showing the scale and reach of Faire Summer Market 2022

At this year’s Faire Summer Market, participants came from all around the globe, from Australia to Germany. About 1 in 3 participating brands at the event came from our European community, including the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. Nearly 25,000 brands in total participated in Faire Summer Market, and over 50,000 retailers made a purchase. This participation led to the formation of over 100,000 new relationships between brands and retailers around the world.

At this summer’s event, retailers placed around 270,000 total orders—about 45,000 more than at our last virtual trade show, Faire Winter Market 2022. In addition, about 2.5 million products were ordered at the eventaround 500,000 more than at Faire Winter Market 2022.

Finally, retailers saved almost $12 million in total at the event through brand discounts and promotion matching funded by Faire.  

Buying trends

Top search queries and products during during Faire Summer Market 2022

We took a look at the most popular searches and purchases across our retailer community at Faire Summer Market to get a better idea of emerging trends and themes across the globe. 

Retailers at Faire Summer Market purchased products from a wide range of categories, the most popular being candles, decorative objects, women’s shirts & blouses, drinkware, and kitchen & tabletop linens. The most purchased value tags globally were women-owned, made in USA, handmade, and not sold on Amazon.

The top-five purchased brand value tags during Faire Summer Market 2022

The top global searches at the market revealed that retailers are already looking for products for upcoming holidays and seasons like Halloween, Fall, and Christmas. Other popular search terms included customizable tumblers and candles. 

Market attendees also favored kid’s toys and accessories, with teething products and toys landing among the top 5 best-selling products globally. In addition, lip balms in flavors ranging from mint to coconut were among the top sellers globally at the event. Finally, we looked at the top products from various participating countries at Faire Summer Market. In the UK, retailers favored fragrance oils, bath bombs, and DIY craft kids, while customers in France opted for sparkling beverages. In Germany, retailers shopped for stoneware mugs and dog toys, and in the US and Canada, lip balms and kid’s teething accessories were most popular. Finally, our growing community of Australian retailers stocked up on natural plant oil and food.

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